Best N64 Emulator For Windows, Android and MacOS 2018


Nintendo 64 is a well-known gaming setup. It is developed by Japanese Technology & if you are a tech geek or probably a gamer, you might be definitely aware of the term “NINTENDO”. The most recent console who has used cartridges & featured a few of the best legendary games like Perfect Dark, Pokemon, Ocarina of Time, etc. Well, everyone doesn’t want to spend money on Nintendo device even though it’s a great one. However, we wish to play games on it. There’s only 1 way to get Nintendo64 on your Personal Computer that is “Emulators”. Yes! N64 Emulators are the solution for your wish. Emulators are worth using but you may select the best one for you. We are here with few of the best N64 Emulator that won’t drain your pocket. So, without wasting much time let’s tune to the intro.

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Best N64 Emulator of 2018!

1. ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy has considered one of the best multi-system supported emulator. The emulator supports NEW, SNK NeoGeo, Playstation & N64. However, each platform works separately but you don’t need to get multiple emulators for each platform. In short “A Compact Emulator”. Features offered by the emulator includes gesture control, sensor support, save/load, etc. This Emulator faces some sort of Stability issues sometimes. So, you may try it for free once before buying it.

2. MegaN64:

MegaN64 is also a well-known best N64 Emulator that is available on Google PlayStore for free. The emulator uses Mupen64 open source emulator & that’s a basic thing. MegaN64 isn’t updated since 1 year but it’s absolutely free with a few advertisements that you need to deal with. Also, there are few stability & compatibility issues in this Emulator, however, the chances are low. Best for people who want to just play Nintendo games for free.

3. Mupen64:

A paid yet affordable open source emulator with multiple features & decent looks. Mupen64 is referred to as base of N64 Emulators, so you must understand what powers this emulator might possess. However, there are no updates available. Even though it isn’t updated, you can search it on PlayStore & find numerous N64 Emulator’s which are made on Mupen64 code basis. However, the emulator is affordable & you just need to pay $0.99 as an optional donation to support development. It’s optional to pay, but if you like this N64 you must support them. Overall a great conceptual emulator.

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4. Mupen64 PlusFZ:

Mupen64 Plus FZ is one of the latest and best N64 Emulator so far. FZ isn’t that simple & easy to use. There are hundreds of files, tones, videos & etc stuff in the game. It’s an unpredictable application because few games work on profile setups & few don’t. The app is descriptive & features plugins, usual emulator stuff. We would recommend you this because this emulator gets updated regularly.

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5. RetroArch:

RetroArch is also a complicated one but can result in the best for you if you get to know how to use it. Supports a numerous different system & players can download cores (for system emulator). RetroArch auto scans your file library saves/loads, remap controls & can even load cheat codes. Really an impressive emulator which is absolutely free & open source. RetroArch can perform more 80+ things but you need to keep patience to learn everything.

6. Project64:

Project64 is a Best N64 Emulator developed on C programming language for Windows. The emulator uses plugins to allow a 3rd party to use their own plugins for implementation of files. Few people faced malware issues after downloading Project64 from external links. However, the issue was resolved later on & the latest one is completely safe.

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6. UltraHLE:

UltraHLE is a Best N64 Emulator that was a great step towards Emulation world whiles the 1999 release. The emulator was developed by RealityMan Epsilon. UltraHLE was discontinued because of legal issues claims by Nintendo.

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So these were few of the best available Nintendo 64 Emulator of 2018. However, few were paid ones but maximum are free ones. We have listed emulators that are available. However, if we have missed anyone let us know via the Comment Section. If you have any doubt or query regarding today’s post just drop a comment. We will try to reach you as soon as possible.


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