Best Sites To Download Cracked Apps For Android

There are a lot of websites available on the internet but they just fake their users by typing HACK & MOD In their title. But I Have Been searching the internet for 3 months regarding the same topic and I found out many websites And this website is just a miracle to every life. I highly recommend you visit this website if you are looking for paid/modded apps or games for free. So Why waiting checks out the Best Sites To Download Cracked Apps For Android.

Best Sites To Download Cracked Apps For Android

These sites we are adding are highly active and genuine so you can expect regular updates in real-time. Which is really awesome to get cracked apps online.

There are lots of websites available over the internet to download cracked apps, premium apps,  and many more. I am a blogger and I have a websites PremiumInfo you will get will Premium tricks like this for free.

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Best Sites To Download Cracked Apps For Android 2023

We have gathered the best sites to download cracked apps for android. We are not responsible if you misuse the below provided site apps.

1. RevDL

revdl cracked apk


RevDL is one of the top-rated site to download premium cracked apps for android. They have hosted the site with Blogspot and a Complete data server over a cloud hosting server. Where you can download the cracked apps without any issues directly by this site.

If the site is not working you can try to access the site with Any Free VPN available in the playstore. Because most of the site is blocked on a regular basis.

RevDL Website

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2. Rexdl { Best } 

We can find many sites to download apps, But while checking the current status of those sites rexdl came 1st with an updated version of apps. If you’re looking for some perfect site to download cracked apps.

Rexdl Cracked Apk Download

Rexdl is also another best site to download cracked modded Android apps and games. Most of the sites provide modded android application without any chargers. Same way here is the site where you can download free android pro apps.

Rexdl Site

3. Apk Pure

Few best thing about this website are:-

  1. Simple and catchy design.
  2. QR code service for each and every application download.
  3. Fast file release for updates.
  4. A good secure line for download.
  5. Less spam, Sorry correction, No spam at all.
  6. A wide range of apps including old files ( Old apk’s of the application )
  7. Simple and perfect application description.
  8. Responding comment section.

Apk Pure

4. Apk4Free

This can also help students to obtain premium versions of Android applications. To mention only a few, practically a Google search can prove the piracy vulnerabilities of Android applications.

There might be many sites, But Apk4free has been there for a very long time as they update the apps in regular intervals. So you won’t have any issue in getting the latest updated application.


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5. iHackedit is your best source for downloading Android Games, Apps, Hacks (Mods) for free. They stepped into Android cracking/hacking, they are also releasing iOS cracked/hacked apps, games since 2010. So you can also check this site to download cracked and modded apps.


6. Cracked Apk

best cracked apk

This is one of the best sites where you can search for many of the current trending and easily downloadable online APK files for free of cost. So you need not spend or waste your money to buy/purchase or pay for any app that is provided there in the store.

Modded Apk


acmarket cracked apps download

ACMARKET has been one of best site with a greater user interface. We have been looking for sites with a great modded android application where we found this with repeated analysis. If you want to download cracked apk directly this site is better and best with an inbuilt application.



APKmb™ Is Specially Designed For Sharing Every Apps & Games Android Fully Free. In This Site, You Can Direct Download All Type Android Mobile Apps, Games, Launcher Etc To Your Mobile Without Any Ads.

How To Download From APKMB:

download cracked apk

Download From (Recommended)

  1. Untick “Download with Add-ons” from 1st page.
  2. Click on “Download
  3. You will be taken to the 2nd page
  4. Click on “Download” from 2nd page
  5. your files should start downloading.

APKMB Website Link

9. GetApk

install getapk

Amazing Features OF GetApk Market

  • Simple to use, nothing complicated or in which you will any issue.
  • Directly download apps you want to use, and keep it and you can install it later.
  • A variety of categories are available in the Apk Market and can select the app as per your categories.
  • The latest update will be sent to the app.
  • Directly share the app with anyone without Bluetooth or any other third party app.

GetApk Site

10. Apk Real

Apkreal Cracked APk site

We have been constantly updating this list from time to time for providing a better-cracked site for downloading a modded application. Next to the list, we have added the Apkreal site. You can also check this site to download cracked apk without paying. It has a bigger fan page and ranking over google page.

Apk Real

11. On HAX

Best Sites To Download Cracked Apps For Android

On HAX is the top best site to download cracked apps for android. It can be used to download any apk premium files. The site doesn’t charge any amount to download cracked application. It’s completely free to download. If you need more information about this site just visit the below Link.

On HAX Site

12. Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Cracked apps download

Blackmart Alpha is a market alternative to the Google Play Store for tablets and smartphones with an Android operating system, from Blackmart you can download many applications, without the need to have an account and Google without the need for any kind of registration. Here you can download many apps like Mx player pro apk, Vivo Video Pro, Lucky patcher etc.

Key Features Of Blackmart 

  • All the applications and games on Blackmart Alpha can be download much quicker.
  • All the applications are full version and they’re not trial versions.
  • Never says the Blackmark Alpha, “your device doesn’t support this app.” Instead of you can Simply download and install those apps which may later not run.
  • But the then Blackmart Alpha is a solution by providing multiple versions of the same application available, and you can upgrade your applications with own choices version.
  • It supports Multilingual function show it uses worldwide.
  • Download Premium version apk For free.
  • Fast in downloading and installation of ‘application
  • Save apps and game file on your Sd card.
  • Not Required Sign up which means no need any Google account or email.
  • It contains ton apps and chooses them browsing by category wise.
  • Blackmart Alpha is Continuously updating, So you can enjoy the updated app.


Like with any product, an app requires the developers’ time, effort and money (cost) which he spends for the sake of making money (in some cases it is the primary or only source of livelihood for them).

If everyone starts using pirated apps, the developers will run out of business (most of them already make very little money) and you won’t find innovation going forward.

Most paid apps are already very cheap. It would be nice if you spend your time trying to do productive things and buy the apps that will help with your requirements, instead of hunting for stolen products on the internet (which can also potentially harm your device).

Downloading cracked apps is both illegal and unethical. All the effort a developer puts on an app-only pays off by the users buying it and that’s all. If you don’t buy it means no revenue for them.

So Above Mentioned sites are not owned by us. We just share for educational purpose. We are not responsible for any kind of risk happened from the above-mentioned site.


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  4. Hey thanks for sharing Top websites to download cracked Apps and games. This website Also provides Mod Games and cracked Apps for free. You can download Them very easily

  5. apksecured is the best site for downloading dit doesnt has boring ads that dont let you download your moded games or apps

  6. My favorite market is missing here. Its
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  7. I will choose Blackmart, apkpure, apknite and apk4free. My top favs. BTW, thanks for sharing. I’m your site’s fan

      • NEED ANYONE’S HELP I’ve been using express vpn modified (unlimited free trials) that’s no longer working anywhere if someone has a working version please send me the info.Also if you can recommend a different modified VPN that allows torrenting without having to make a account. Need one easy to use as im no expert so let’s complicated the better desperately need. Please send me any links to download 😫😭🤯

        • There are many modded apk for VPN, You can search into the sites that I have mentioned above, if you still having trouble contact us via mail. We will be sending the premium apk directly, But have a check in above sites before proceeding.

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  11. There is one more website Who provide Cracked Apps And Modded games You should also mention that in the list.
    Check it out here :

  12. Thanks for all the great and & links for all of us to enjoy using. I cannot get the blackalpha one to work & once I attempt a web search for it or a Apk for it the responses I get are all garbage and thus rendered useless. Could you update anything about it that we need to know in order for us to access it? If it’s down indefinitely or what not that would be useful info to share aswel. Thanks Durai!!!

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