10 Fastest and Best Download Managers For Android Phones

Questioning the affairs of download, the downloading speed using your PC or laptop is more qualified. Because it’s supported by faster WiFi connection and advanced software such as IDM that can increase download speed significantly.

10 fastest and best android download managers for android

The progress of 4G LTE technology has been keep rising in India with Jio everywhere, makes you not to download using computer. The default download manager on the android device is almost useless, but there are plenty of best third party download managers available on the google play store.

And I’m here to help you to find out the best and fastest android download manager and you can choose any downloader that suits you.

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Benefits of Third Party Download Managers

  • Default android download manager doesn’t do well in higher file sizes and you can’t even resume the download.
  • Third party download managers are very useful in pausing and resuming the download files due to it’s reliability.
  • It uses multiple connections to bypass the given speed limit.
  • Features like auto downloading, scheduling, speed limiting, data saving and much more

10 Fastest and Best Download Managers For Android Phones

The list of 10 fastest and best download manager available in the market. And you will be surprised by the power of download managers for android.

1. Advance Download Manager (ADM)

  • Price: Free / ₹190 (for pro version)
  • Downloads: 50M+

ADM is one of the best android download manager out there and personally I’m using this download manager for quite a long time. Why? Because it has so many features that people want in every download manager.

It automatically detects the download link when you copy download link from any browser and ask your permission to start the process. It even lets simultaneous downloads upto 3 files.

adm download manager for android

Also ADM allows user to set the number of multithreading instances upto 9 to increase the download speed. Another cool feature is that you can pause and resume your download file anytime, also there is smart download option which let’s ADM to automatically download when connected to wifi.


  • Detects download link from browsers and clipboard.
  • Suitable for larger downloads.
  • Parallel downloads upto 3 files.
  • Built-in browser.
  • Dark theme is available.
Note: Best all rounder for the perfect downloader for android.

[appbox googleplay com.dv.adm]

[appbox googleplay com.dv.adm.pay]

2. Download Manager for Android

  • Price: Free
  • Downloads: 10M+

By using this Download Managers for Android , claimed to increase download speeds by up to three times that of normal speed. Even for all file types, such as video files, apk, rar, zip and other files.

best download manager for android

Other interesting features include the ability to download a file with an unrecognized format and size are unknown , and support built-in media player. So you can efficiently download and manage all types of files via smartphone.

And this download manager has the best user interface than others, yes pretty unique and neat.


  • Selectable buffer size.
  • Best UI for the lite users.
  • Simple but again powerful download manager.
  • Multi download, auto resume, smart download.

[appbox googleplay com.tt.android.dm.view]

3. Fast Download Manager

  • Price: Free (contains ads)
  • Downloads: 5M+

If you want a simple download manager that can download any link in one click, then this app is for you. Also you can download torrent links with this download manager, so you don’t need an separate torrent app.

fast download manager

Features like built-in file manager, browser and there no limit in number files you download. This app contains ads and also it prevents ads from web page when you use the  browser.


  • Free and fast downloader.
  • Block any unwanted malicious files.
  • Multithreading and simultaneous download.
  • If you want simple downloader just go for it.

[appbox googleplay com.tt.android.dm.view]

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4. IDM

  • Price: Free / $3 (IDM+)
  • Downloads: 1M+

Yes, the famous IDM for pc is now available for android too. Pretty much all the features of IDM pc can be found here and even more additional features.

idm download manager for android

This is not the official IDM version, but the developer who made this app as good as IDM. And it has powerful algorithm to overclock the speed of the internet, and it’s nearly twice efficient that the advance download manager.

IDM supports almost five simultaneous downloads and 16 threads and it makes the download speed twice as faster. IDM also have the paid version that contains no ads and other features.

Also check other versions


  • Supports upto 32 parts to accelerate downloads.
  • No ads in the plus version.
  • Lite version is available for low end android devices.
  • Auto download musics, images, and videos from any social media website.

[appbox googleplay idm.internet.download.manager]

[appbox googleplay idm.internet.download.manager.adm.lite]

[appbox googleplay idm.internet.download.manager.plus]

5. Turbo Download Manager

  • Price: Free
  • Downloads: 5M+

As the name suggests turbo download manager is fully dedicated to download speed. Yes, it’s clean and provide very fast download speed even in lower bandwidth.

turbo download manager

And it has the best built-in browser so far, since it blocks all the ads and loads the web page a lot faster than chrome. Speed optimization can be done through settings menu.

It brings quite a lot of features, essentially allowing users to download any file faster by increasing the maximum speed provided by the operator. The downloaded files can be managed easily, paused, scheduled, and worked in the background.


  • Super turbo mode for faster download speed.
  • Lite weight UI and hence feels butter smooth.
  • Auto rename and work in background.

[appbox googleplay com.okythoos.android.tdmpro]

6. Download Blazer

  • Price: Free
  • Downloads: 5M+

Like other download manager apps, Download Blazer also promises faster download speeds. You can pause downloads, resume interrupted downloads, manage file queues and integrate almost with all browsers.

download blazer

There is also a pro version available which contains zero ads and uninterrupted download. Just long click the link you want to download and share it to download Blazer, boom the download starts right now.


  • Pause and continue disconnected downloads.
  • Fast and higher bandwidth.
  • Download all types of files.
  • Easily organize your downloads.

[appbox googleplay com.mdjsoftware.download]

7. Loader Droid Download Manager

  • Price: Free / ₹135 (for license key)
  • Downloads: 5M+

Loader Droid Download Manager is a download manager application that can download files with any format easily and efficiently. Such as video, images, music, applications, documents and other files.

loader droid

This app is very small and offers a simple interface with a dark or light theme. Featured feature that is accompanied by a progress bar display to find out the ongoing download process, automatic pause when the internet connection broke up, resume automatic download when the internet back connected, schedule download time and much more.

Also you can get additional features like no ads, premium account etc, when you buy the license


  • Auto pause and resume when connection fluctuates.
  • Set what connection allowed for each link (4g,wifi).
  • Schedule downloads and remote download.
  • Link replacement feature for expired links.

[appbox googleplay org.zloy.android.downloader]

[appbox googleplay com.zloy.android.downloader.activator]

8. Download All Files

  • Price: Free
  • Downloads: 10M+

Download All Files is an application that works like a browser plugin , which allows you to download all types of files and instantly save them to a memory card. This app also integrates with Gmail so you can easily store all attachments.

download all filess

You can expect reliable download speed and prioritize your downloads with download queue. By using this download manager it becomes very easy to download any links withing seconds.


  • It’s free and easy to use.
  • Also has built-in lite browser.
  • Very simple downloader with size of less than 3mb.

[appbox googleplay com.hwkrbbt.downloadall]

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9. Download Accelerator Plus

  • Price: Free
  • Downloads: 10M+

Commonly known as DAP, it is one of the best download manager for android and yes it contains ads but it can compromised by the experience it gives.

dap plus apk


Everything in this app is so simple, you just open the side menu and use the features it offers there like auto resume, auto download, auto cache links and multi threading download.

DAP is now officially not available in google play store but you can use our link to download the DAP apk and manually install it on your android device.


  • Minimal looking download manager.
  • Also it’s free and contains less ads.
  • Set default name for the downloaded files.

Since it’s not available in playstore you can use the mediafire link below to download the DAP apk file.

Download DAP Apk

10. Download Manager

  • Price: Free
  • Downloads: 10M+

Download Manager promises to download files faster and better than any other browser or downloader.

download manager

Features include concurrent downloads of up to 10 files, full controls for downloading files in the background, shutting down or restarting downloads at any time and so on. Also it’s possible to select the buffer size to optimize the data transfer.

Well, if you need a quick app to download the files you want by just using the download link, then Download Manager is the right app for you.


  • Parallel download is possible.
  • Easily download the social media photos or videos.
  • Advance notification system.

[appbox googleplay com.acr.androiddownloadmanager ]

Final thoughts

That’s the 10 fastest and best download managers for Android devices, and it combines with 4g or wifi connection to make your downloads faster and reliable.


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