There are many advantages if we have a Google account.Because Google provides many services products with unified sign-in system for free and large capacity. Create Gmail Account which allows users to access various Google products such as email  Gmail , social communities  Google+ , sharing videos on  YouTube , including iGoogle , Google Groups , Picasa , Web History , Google Drive , Blogger (for making the blog) and more. Google Accounts include address email Gmail and Google Profile, which will help users get more experience and more personalized across Google products.

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How to create a Google Account

You can create Gmail Account to simply open the site page , or by clicking the Create Account button in the upper right corner of any Google sign-in page. More details, follow the steps in the tutorial create google account the following:
  1. In the browser search box, type in or or click  here to go to the main page of google.
  2. Open the Google page, click the Sign In button  located on the right.
  3. Then click the button Create Account . You will be given a registration form google account.
  4. Just like making ID cards or driver’s license, – Google – will ask for some information about the user identification such as full name, date of birth, gender and more. It is advisable to provide original identity data.

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Explanation To Create Gmail Account in Google

How To Easily Create Gmail Account in Google

  1. Enter the First name , for example: Kalai.
  2. Enter your Second name , for example: Vani.
  3. User name , user name is a name as an identity (ID) account. (address or name or account number), for example: jiivadurai2 . Only letters, numbers and punctuation point that allowed for a user name and no spaces. Username you entered may be rejected by Google due to the username you entered is already used by others. If that happens, simply type the name of other users, or use a user name that has been provided Google under the username box.
  4. Create Password : Type in your password. Password at least 8 characters long and should mix of letters, numbers, symbols or characters (! ~ # @ $% ^ * () _ +] [., /). Create passwords with words as unique as possible, easy to remember, and others do not know. Do not use your birth date as a password, unless the date of birth of your great-grandma .. xzxzxzxzx …
  5. Confirm your password : Type in your password again as in point number 4 (four) as confirmation.
  6. Year of birth : Type the numbers of your birth year (4 digits, eg, 1990 ) Month of birth : Choose your birth month by clicking on the box the month of birth. Date of birth : Enter your date of birth
  7. Gender : Select your gender; Men, women, or other
  8. Mobile : Enter your phone number (optional, not required fine)
  9. Your current email address : Provide If any or leave it empty.
  10. Location : Select the name of the country where you reside.
  11. Double-check your form data from the beginning to the end and make sure there are no red lettering (warning from Google). If all data is correct, the next step please click on the button next step .
  12. To use Google services, of course, you must adhere and agree to Google’s terms of service. Instead of complicated, click on the small box service requirements google until you see a check mark.
  13. (If Required) Prove that you are not a robot : To ensure that you are not a robot (to avoid automatic account registration), and then try to read the type in the captcha code (separated by spaces) shown on the box. If you have trouble reading the code, click the reload icon or click on the icon to listen.

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