Best Sites To Download Cracked iOS Apps For iPhone, iPad and Mac

There are a lot of websites which are there on the internet but they just fake there users by typing HACK & MOD In their title. But I Have Been searching the internet from 3 months regarding the same topic and I found out many websites And these website is just a miracle to every life. Here are some best sites to download cracked iOS apps which might be really helpful.

I Highly recommend you to visit this website if you are looking for paid/modded iOS apps or games for free And All The Content is illegal to download and use. But if your looking for apps without paying this will be a great idea. So Why waiting check out the Best Sites To Download Cracked iOS Apps For iPhone, iPad, Mac OS and iPad touch phones.

Best Sites To Download Cracked iOS Apps For iPhone, iPad and Mac

There are lots of website available over internet to download cracked iOS apps, premium iOS apps, and many more. I am a blogger and I have a websites PremiumInfo you will get will Premium tricks like this for free.

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Best Sites To Download Cracked iOS Apps For iPhone, iPad, Mac OS and iPad Touch

Well, gathering cracked iOS apps is not that easier, Because iOS is considered to be the best secured platform. Breaking such iOS apps are much difficult, So we have planned to research and post best sites to Download Cracked iOS apps for iPhone, Mac OS, iPad and iPad touch mobiles.

Here are the Sites To Download Cracked iOS Apps.

1. iPhonecake

appcake ios

iPhoneCake is one of the best site to download cracked iOS apps, They also provide app store installer app called AppCake. Few iOS apps required jailbreaking and few works without jail breaking. So why waiting just follow the below link to download.

You might find many sites to download Cracked iOS apps, But iPhoneCake one of the best site with regular update. There might be 5 best sites but this will provide maximum apps that are available in the market.


  • Unlimited free access to any apps.
  • Active Forum for app request.
  • Updated Apps in real time.
  • Complete Guide provided to install any apps.

iPhone Cake

2. iOS Ninja

iOS Ninja

iOS Ninja is also best site to download cracked iOS apps like iPhonecake, Where you can also iOS firmware rom from this site. Where iOS app has the IPA extension. So by following IPA library you can download the cracked iOS apps from iOS Ninja site.

It is also one of the best 3rd Party app stores for iOS. It can be easily installed with Safari browser. The main advantage of Ninja is you can install any app without Jailbreak access.


  • Completely Ad-free.
  • Highly Secure App Store.
  • Fast and reliable with App update.

iOS Ninja

3. AppDB


Download Cracked iOS Games and Apps for Free Without Jailbreak. Cracked macOS Games, Apps. Books for iPhone, iPad and macOS, daily updates. For jailbroken and not jailbroken devices. The bestApp Database on Internet!

App DB

4. Appaddict

Appaddict ios

It is also best site if your looking for Cracked iOS and OS X Apps and you can also download Books for Free, New Apps and Books Updated Daily. iOS App included. NO Jailbreak Required.


5. Cydiabuzz


Websites to download Cracked iPAS for iOS Apps This is my favorite and the first one in this list because, you can find any cracked iPAS apps for your iDevices whether latest or earlier one here.


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Like with any product, an app requires the developers’ time, effort and money (cost) which he spends for the sake of making money (in some cases it is the primary or only source of livelihood for them).

If everyone starts using pirated apps, the developers will run out of business (most of them already make very little money) and you won’t find innovation going forward.

Most paid apps are already very cheap. It would be nice if you spend your time trying to do productive things and buy the apps that will help with your requirements, instead of hunting for stolen products on the internet (which can also potentially harm your device).

 Downloading cracked apps is both illegal and unethical. All the effort a developer puts on an app only pays off by the users buying it and that’s all. If you don’t buy it means no revenue for them.

So Above Mentioned sites are not owned by us. We just share for educational purpose . We are not responsible for any kind of risk happened from above mentioned site.

How To Install Cracked Apps On iOS

  1. Cydia Impactor and download the appropriate version of Impactor for your OS.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip to wherever you want (assuming you use Windows).
  3. Now go to the AppCake website or any website mentioned above you could found the right one earlier – and then search for whatever app you want, ie. Final Fantasy.
  4. Click the one you want then scroll down a bit til you find the download links. Try get the latest version and ideally download from “” if you can – in my experience that’s the most usable site (the rest handicap speeds without account etc).
  5. Once you’ve got the file, plug in your iDevice and then open Impactor via the .exe inside the folder we made earlier.
  6. Ensure your iDevice is selected inside Impactor.
  7. Now navigate in Explorer to the IPA file you just downloaded and drag and drop it into Impactor.
  8. You’ll be prompted for your Apple ID – fill this out and Impactor should do the rest.
  9. Once it says “Complete” or goes back to the screen with the device-selector-etc.
  10. Open up your iDevice and navigate to Settings > Profiles and Device Management/something similar > your Apple ID. Click “Trust” (you won’t have to do this for future apps).
  11. Repeat as you need!

If you still have any issue to downloading and installing cracked iOS apps in your iPhone or any apple device . Just comment below so that we could help further. Don’t forget to Like and Share our page.


  1. the reason we use cracked apps is because of the over use of advertisements and microtransactions by cracking them we can play without restrictions limiting us for monetary reasons alone.


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