7 Best Sleep Tracker App for Apple Watch 2023

Since ages goes by, Technology is growing bigger and bigger. Modern Tech and Scientists creating huge consolidation on the Health related Technologies. Because Health is our Primary importance to our living. Some days earlier Smartphones plays the main role and nowadays Technology goes more further, by introducing SmartWatches. Here are some best Sleep Tracker Apps for Apple Watch.


Apple Watch is a wearable Watch like any other normal Watch with a Touchscreen. It just looks like a normal watch, but it has Mini Portable Smartphone like Features in it. Also it can connects with your iPhone, so that you can call someone via your Watch and get notified when notification arrived on your Smartphone and even has some Apps to run on it.


  • Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi

Since all the important Sensors are present in Apple Watch, it can easily track our Daily Activities.

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Using those sensors, it can analyze how we sleep, when we sleep and even it evaluate whether we are snoring or not. By applying some Technical algorithm it can monitor our Sleep daily without any worries and wake you up in the morning. So that we can keep an eye on our Health even when we are asleep.


Here I’m going to list some of the coolest Sleep tracking applications for Apple Watch with unique features. There are both Paid and Free apps included in this list, so stay tuned.

7 Best Sleep Tracker Apps for Apple Watch 2023

1. Pillow

It looks really good since it has the best User Interface in this segment. But not only it is good with looks, also it has some unique features. It can run on the Apple Watch alone without iPhone, iPod. It records how long you slept and shows the result when you wake up in the morning. Very simple and clean looking app for Sleep Monitoring.


  • Graph shows Awake Time, Sleep Time, Deep Sleep etc,.
  • Available for iPhone, iPad also.
  • Smart Wakeup feature can Wake you gently when your sleep cycle is over.
  • It can even tells the difference whether you’re in Light sleep and Deep sleep.
  • It analyzes the Heart Beat to find the Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Sync with Apple Health securely.
  • Different Nap modes available (Power nap, Full nap, Light nap)
  • Premium Feature is also available for $4.99.

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You can either search your appstore for Pillow Smart Sleep Tracking or you can go to the link given down here.


2. Sleep++

The most used Sleep Tracker app in the Apple Watch. The main feature of this app is very simple, it just have Start, Stop, and a Button to view the details, it’s that simple. But it more powerful than you thought. Because it uses your iPhone to track your motions and analyzes the Quality of your Sleep.


  • Available for iPhone, iMessage also.
  • It can detect your motion by proximity sensor in your iPhone.
  • Both Automatic mode and Manual mode available.
  • Simple and compact.
  • Sync with Apple Health.
  • You can also create your Goal by setting the time you want to sleep.
  • It shows the Best Time you have slept.
  • Premium Version available if you do not like ads $1.99.


You can either search your appstore for Sleep++ or you can go to the link given down here.


3. Sleep Watch

Another Sleep Tracker apps, but it enables user to edit the previous record in the log data, that’s a unique feature right!. It even differentiates sleeping variations by Restless and Restfull by using the Heart Rate Sensor. All you have to do is just wear your watch to bed and let the SLEEPWATCH watches over you while you are asleep.


  • Only app is available for iPhone and AppleWatch.
  • Automatic Tracking.
  • Some sleep tips to improve your sleep.
  • Auto Sync with Apple Health.
  • Better battery life.
  • Premium Version available for $2.99 per month.

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You can either search your appstore for Sleep Watch by Bodymatter or you can go to the link given down here.

Sleep Watch

4. Beddit

Another Free app for the Apple Watch. The speciality of this app is, this does not require you to wear the watch when you sleep, because the idea here is simple as plane. All the heavy algorithms are taken from your iPhone and then it syncs those data with this app and then it creates a chart to see the sleeping time.


  • Available for iPhone and Apple Watch only.
  • Calculate the Sleep Patterns.
  • No need to wear the watch.
  • It even calculates the Heart Rate, Snoring, Humidity.
  • Automatically sync with Apple Health.
  • No Premium Version available.


You can either search your appstore for Beddit or you can go to the link given down here.


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Paid Sleep Tracker Apps! 

5. AutoSleep

Most used paid app for the Apple Watch. Because it offers some niche features that others can’t able to offer at this price range. You don’t need to press any button at all, all you have to do is just sleep. It compares the Heart Rate, Time you slept, Time you wake up at night and your Noise all at once and generates a brief graph using some algorithm. Then in the morning it shows you a neat Graph on your iPhone with Notification.


  • Fully Automatic.
  • Accuracy is pretty good with this one.
  • Auto sync with Apple Health.
  • Have to pay $2.99.
  • Also sleep without wearing watch.


You can either search your appstore for AutoSleep Tracker for Watch or you can go to the link given down here.


6. HeartWatch

Another paid best app for Sleep Tracking in Apple Watch. It prefers to analyze the Heart Rate data to produce some awesome calculations about your health. It calculates the Waking Heart Rate and Sleeping Heart Rate to compare with the average data and creates a beautiful graph. While we Workout it also can predict how much Calories we lost, Pretty cool right!.


  • Easy to use.
  • Auto sync with Apple Health.
  • Have to pay $2.99.
  • Differentiate between workout, jogging, sleeping.
  • Also it checks the Blood Pressure.
  • Notifications are instantaneous.


You can either search your appstore for HeartWatch or you can go to the link given down here.


7. Sleep Pulse 3

It’s a pretty neat app since it combines motion data and heart data to create some awesome Graphs filled with health details. Also when you woke up in the middle of the night, this app can show you why you woke up and the heart rate recordings for the night, and even it can predict how long you sleep next. Also it can even record your sleep talk.


  • Fully automatic
  • Sleep View is available.
  • Different types of Nap Modes are available.
  • Detailed charts with accurate listings.
  • Auto sync with Apple Health.
  • Have to pay $3.99.


You can either search your appstore for SleepPulse 3 or you can go to the link given down here.

Sleep Pulse 3


These are the TOP BEST SLEEP TRACKER APPS FOR THE APPLE WATCH so far until 2023. We will update this post if any future Sleep Tracking app is awesome and cool and useful. Always try to use the Free Version of the app, if you like the app then you can go for Premium Version. OK that’s all for today, see you guys in the next post.



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