All Android users certainly friendly with the Google Play Store. With Google’s app store you can download millions of best Android apps that have been rated by Google. Not just because it is free, apps from the Google Play Store is also claimed to be safe.

Best Android Apps not available in playstore

But, it turns out not all the cool apps successful entry into the Google Play Store. There are some cool Android app forbidden, and could not get into the Google Play Store.

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Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

Some cool app does not pass the curation of Google Play Store due to be assessed against the applicable regulations. Android applications such as the following.

1. Mobdro

Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

Like watching TV? If so, the application Mobdro you can access all the cool TV channels abroad for free, such as HBO, CWN, or ESPN. So no need to subscribe to pay TV in Indonesia. Because of this reason Mobro applications can not enter the Google Play Store.

2. OG Instagram

Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

Those who loves sharing photos on Instagram , you do not ever feel upset because it can not save photos from Instagram? If so, then OG Instagram is the solution.

Not only can save photos and videos from Instagram, OG instagram also equipped with cool features that are not flyer by Instagram. As mute video sound , the zoom feature photos on Instagram easier, and much more.

3. Y Music

Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

One feature that is present in the much anticipated YouTube is the ability to play music in the background. Unfortunately, this feature is only present on YouTube Red and must subscribe. But you can play music from YouTube in the background with Y Music!

Unlike the other music player application, Y Music lets you stream all the music available on YouTube. In addition to playing in the background, the music that you like also can be downloaded easily. Seeing all of the features, not surprisingly, then could not get in the Google Play Store.

4. Popcorn Time

Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

Arguably Popcorn Time is the application Netflix free version . Android app forbidden in this cool you can watch thousands of movie box office, anime, or a TV series for free without a subscription.

5. Fildo

Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

If the Netflix Popcorn Time is a free version, then Fildo is an application Spotify Premium free. Yes, with Fildo you can access and download millions of songs available from a variety of music content providers on the Internet. Free!

6. Ad Guard

Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

Already know that the ads could siphon internet quota by 80 percent? Well, with Adguard you can remove the ads on Android easily without root. Not just saving quota, Adguard also useful to protect Android smartphone you from malware.

So, why Google blocked Adguard from the Play Store? Android apps have become off-limits due to conflict with Google AdSense which became Google’s own ad media.

7. Lucky Patcher

Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

For those of you that smartphones are already rooted, surely familiar with Lucky Patcher. This application allows you to get a patch from the various applications installed on the smartphone.

With Lucky Patcher, you can hack in-app purchase an app or game. Even create clones of applications and edit the contents of the application at will.

8. WiFi Kill

Best Android Apps Not Available in Google Play Store

For you who often hunt free WiFi, WiFi Kill is an Android application that required you got banned. Kill WiFi allows you to turn off the WiFi connection of others who are connected to the same network that your internet speeds become more stable and faster.

3, TubeMate

TubeMate is a very popular YouTube downloader app which is obviously not allowed on the Play Store due to Google restrictions. It also supports downloading video from other websites such as Facebook, Vimeo, and DailyMotion among others. While the interface is a little clunky and riddled with ads, it works very well for what it’s worth and allows you to download videos in a variety of formats and resolutions.


  1. I guess you should have also mentioned about Showbox app. It’s a great app to stream movies and the latest TV shows.


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