5 Reasons Why You Should Use Third Party DNS Service

DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that is charge of storing information. Which associated with host and domain name in the form of database distributed in a network. This control can be regarded as phone book which will translate the address of a website into an IP address. Eg: number and vice versa.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Third Party DNS Service

Generally, people will more easily remember the web address of a website rather than remember the IP address of a website. Generally, most of the Internet users are reluctant to set up a DNS server they use. They prefer to surrender completely domain settings on the provider that is automatically forwards your access point to the DNS server provider itself.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Third Party DNS Service

For your information, in addition to the DNS server belonging to the provider, there are variety of third-party DNS server that arguably offers certain advantages. Those advantages especially in terms of security.

Surely it will be better than the provider’s DNS server. So here are the advantages of using third party DNS.

1. DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions)

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Third Party DNS Service

Basically, the DNS technology is very vulnerable to various attacks. For example, spoofing and DoS, which can cause users affected by the attackers where this may cause a number of problems. Call it a cache poisoning and or preventing users cannot get service from the server.

However, such problems can be overcome with DNSSEC which is used by many third-party DNS server such as OpenDNS and Google DNS. Technology DNSSEC takes a toll on device or computer to avoid attacks by hackers. DNSSEC will add digital signature for each request received from the access of the site as marker.


5 Reasons Why You Should Use Third Party DNS Service

In addition to DNSSEC technology, third-party DNS server such as OpenDNS and Google DNS also has a technology called DNS over HTTPS. In most queries DNS sent unencrypted through the UDP and TCP, then the DNS technology. HTTPS allows DNS queries which sent you to encrypted HTTPS path. DNS technology over HTTPS can reduce your risk of attacks such as spoofing and tampering.

3. Protection From Phishing

Phishing is a crime in the virtual world is done by stealing important information and secrets such as usernames, passwords, bank account information and much more. Phishing is very dangerous because it can cause harm, whether it be personal or material loss information. such as if the bank account information you used to drain the contents of your savings.

Fortunately, third-party DNS also offers protection from phishing. certainly with better ability, especially for guys who rarely perform the update version of the browser. As for you who use a modern browser, although modern browser that you are using has been equipped with an anti-phishing. You still can use third-party DNS as additional protection.

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4. Parental Control

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Third Party DNS (3)

Some third-party DNS servers like OpenDNS also offers Parental Control features that allow you to configure access to certain sites via their own website. You can also do block sites by category.

For example, you wish to block on websites with content categories mature and violence. Which can’t be accessed by children, or block site of social media that often disrupt the timing of children to learn.

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5. Access Content Without Area Restrictions

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Third Party DNS (3)

For those who frequently access the sites in other regions. But often encounter problems because the site has a restriction of access, you can try using a third-party DNS service.

For example, by changing your DNS server to Smart DNS as Unlocator. This will make you able to access the contents on Netflix or Hulu. In this case, a third party DNS service will do some sort of ‘digging’ to create a service provider. If you are in a restriction of access to them and eventually you will get access to the content provided.

That was 5 reasons why you should start using a third-party DNS Service, may be useful. Premiuminfo message this time to help you to use a third party DNS service like OpenDNS and Google DNS. Third-party DNS service generally offers security features and the ability to access the site better. Finally, bye and do not forget to leave your comments and share all of your friends yes.


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