How to Spoof or Change Wifi MAC Address in Android

Replacing or change Wifi mac address in Android device. It is intended to be our identity when connected to wifi corner to be safe. This is because we use the MAC address other than the MAC address of the default android device we use. Usually we use wifi corner to save packet data that we have. Also offers a WiFi wireless connection is very fast and reliable, and has been used around the world. Before changing the MAC address of the WiFi in Android, we should Backup our Previous Wifi mac address for Safety Purpose.
For those of you using your computer or laptop. Certainly has a lot of guys who often change Wifi Mac Address of laptop or computer and you must know how to change it? . Then how to change Mac address of your smartphone? Can it?? the answer is certainly can. before we follow the steps to replace the Mac Address in Android, it helps if we know what and purpose replace the Mac Address.
Usually many people replace the Mac Address is to be able to go to a specific network, after successfully joining the network, then you can easily and freely use such networks either share data or on the Internet, well the good news android users also now can we replace Mac Address.
How to Spoof or Change Wifi MAC Address in Android
About the requirements.
  • You need to root your device.Check this To root your device How to Root All Android Mobile with KingoApp [Jellybean ,Kitkat, Lollipop, Mashmellow, Nougat
  • Busybox installed.
  • Mac address that need’s to be changed.

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How to Spoof or Change Wifi MAC Address in Android

Backup Old Wifi Mac Address For Safety:

Step 1. Go to Settings, Then press the WiFi.

Step 2. Then view the advanced settings

Step 3. Scroll down and see IP used, and WiFi MAC address.

Step 4. Screenshot wifi mac address for precaution(Safety).

How to change wifi MAC address slightly complicated, follow the steps below. Before making sure first android device has diroot, if not diroot it will not be able to change the MAC address wifi.

Changing WiFi MAC address in Any Android Device.

Step 1. Install Busybox advance, download From Playstore [appbox googleplay com.jrummy.busybox.installer]

Step 2. Install terminal emulator, using a terminal emulator will help later to run a command that will be used on android devices [appbox googleplay jackpal.androidterm]

Step 3. Open the Terminal application and type the following command

  • $ Su [ENTER]
  • $ Busybox iplink show eth0 [ENTER] (to see wifi mac address)

Step 4. Then enter the following command.

  • $ Busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX  [ENTER]. (article  XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX  above, the contents of such 76-D0-2D-42-9E-83 , up to want to change the mac address her as anything)

Note: Exclude *[Enter]* While typing in terminal

Now we have succeeded in changing the MAC address WIFI the old with the new.


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