How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription in 2024

So you have signed up for a Twitch Prime subscription in the past, but now you’re looking to cancel it. It may be because you don’t want to pay monthly, or you were just checking it out. 

twitch prime cancel

Just like YouTube, Twitch Prime offers video and gaming streaming services to its subscribers, plus they are also eligible for monthly rewards (for e.g one-month free subscription). 

But basically what is twitch prime, what services it offers, and how to unlink the subscription from Amazon Prime, all those things are clarified in this article. So without any further let’s dive into the topic. 

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What is Twitch Prime? 

In 2014, Amazon bought Twitch Interactive for $970 million dollars. And just after two years, Twitch has announced Twitch Prime which has provided great features like a free subscription to streamer’s channel once per month, in-game loots, etc. 

twitch prime pack

Subscribing to Amazon Prime simply qualifies you to Twitch Prime subscription without paying any extra fees. Plus they offer you free games as a reward, so if you downloaded Twitch App on your PC, make sure to claim these games for free. 

The main motive behind Twitch subscription is to provide financial support to streamers on their platform and deliver amazing video streaming experience to its subscribers such as limited emotes, game badges, and more which we have discussed below. 

What Benefits You’ll Get With Twitch Prime Membership? 

There are more advantages to Twitch Prime membership than you think.

Storage for past broadcasts: You’ll get 60 days to store past broadcasts on your account instead of only 14 with the standard plan. 

Members on game content: So videos and games are only available for members only which normal viewers can’t watch. 

Channel subscription: Subscribe to gaming channels and get access to badges, emoticons, and other exclusive perks. 

Chat colors: Stand out among normal viewers with chat color options. You can change the colors in the prime settings option. 

Prime chat badge: Anyone on twitch can identify you as a member with a Prime chat badge. Just like chat colors, you can also choose your favorite prime badge. 

Other benefits: No Ads while watching the stream, unlimited streaming, free game content means you play games for free, Kappa HD, and more. 

How To Get Free Twitch Prime Subscription

In the normal scenarios, it costs you $4.99 to subscribe to a channel for the next 30 days but with Twitch Prime subscription you get a free 30 days subscription to one channel each month. 

But you should know that there is no free Twitch subscription as long as your 30-day trial is going on. Means if you are on trial-period just to check extra Twitch features you cannot avail free Twitch Prime subscription. 

You’ll only get it once you are a paid member and started to pay monthly fees. But again, you have to manually start the free subscription. 

Here’s how to do that: 

  1. Go to Twitch Prime on your computer, and to any Channel, you want to subscribe to. 
  2. Open any video of that channel, now as you are paying a monthly fee, you’ll see the Subscribe button at the bottom of the video. 
  3. Now, several subscription options will pop up, choose Subscribe Free. 

Now, you’re done with availing a free subscription for the next 30 days, you must remember that the free subscription plan will not auto-renew, you have to manually subscribe it again. 

This means you have to go to the user’s channel on your browser and subscribe to it again just like you did for the first time. In the meantime, if you wish to cancel the free Twitch Prime subscription, you have to wait till the 30-day subscription ends. 

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How To Cancel Paid Twitch Prime Subscription 

Now, if you wish not to use a paid Twitch Prime subscription, you can simply cancel it and switch to a free Twitch plan. 

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open the Twitch website, and go to Subscriptions.
  2. At the right of the screen, click Payment Info. 
  3. Now, choose Don’t Renew, this will cancel the auto-renew process after your current subscription period ends. 

Now you have successfully switched from paid Twitch Prime subscription to free one. 

There is also one more way to end Twitch Prime subscription since Twitch Prime is connected with Amazon Prime, you can also deactivate it from there. 

Cancel Twitch Subscription To Amazon Prime 

Cancelling your Amazon Prime membership will automatically cancel Twitch Prime subscription. Let’s see how to do that. 

twitch amazon prime cancel

  1. Navigate to your Amazon account on a web browser.
  2. Click on my accounts
  3. Now, you’ll see accounts and lists options, simply click on that. 
  4. Choose your prime membership option.
  5. Then go to member management. 
  6. Now, click on the end trial and benefits. 
  7. Now, a pop will show up asking for the confirmation of previous actions, simply click continue to cancel.
  8. At last, click End Now

end twitch prime membership

Now, this will cancel your Amazon Prime membership along with Twitch Prime subscription. 

Some FAQs Related To Twitch Prime

Here are some general questions regarding twitch prime. 

Countries where Twitch Prime is available? 

Twitch Prime is available for almost all countries in the world except China, as they have blocked the service in 2018. 

Can I get a Twitch Prime subscription through Prime Video?

Yes, since it is available for more than 200 countries, you can get Twitch Prime through Prime Video but in countries where Prime is available, you need Prime Membership. 

How many Twitch Accounts can be connected with Amazon Prime? 

Amazon Prime has allowed you to like a maximum of 4 Twitch accounts. But there’s still a catch as if you subscribe through one twitch account that is linked you have to wait for all of them to renew. 

Can I use VPN to subscribe to Twitch Prime through Amazon Prime? 

No, it’s not recommended, you should not use any kind of proxies to manipulate your IP address. To avoid any errors in subscription, please do not do that. 


So these are the different ways to cancel paid Twitch Prime Subscription. You can either cancel it through the Twitch Prime Website or by deactivating Amazon Prime Membership. 

So did it help you?


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