CloudWays Review Future Of Cloud Hosting 2021

In General, most of us are not very attractive to cloud hosting.

We know Cloud hosting Like Amazon Web Services Or Google Cloud Computing is Great because Many Big Companies such as AirBnB and Adobe are using Cloud Hosting.

How Cloud Hosting Works

So, What Stoping us?

One of the main reason We avoid Cloud or VPS hosting is the Complex Configurations, need to look after the server and its security, etc.

Cloud Hosting is not like another hosting, where you can Install WordPress or any other application with just 1 click. If you don’t know how to manage server You better avoid it.

Wait… What If I tell You,

That You can Enjoy the Power of Cloud hosting without managing your server or Advance IT Knowledge.

If You don’t Know Cloudways Yet, You better Check them Now

What Is Cloudways

The biggest difference between Cloudways and the major cloud hosting platforms out there, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Compute Engine (GCE), is that Cloudways is the bridge between the major hosts.

Normally, if you wanted to set up your site on AWS or GCE or Digital Ocean it would take a lot of time and technical know-how, and not just the amount of effort it takes to set up a WordPress site on a traditional server. No, I’m talking about the kind of effort that makes even pro developers squeamish and anxious at the thought of having to set up a cluster in the cloud.

However, Cloudways is different.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting service where you can select different plans from different cloud hosting services like Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon, Google Cloud Platform, and Kyup.

Fun Part is, you don’t need to have any sort of knowledge to manage your server.

As I mention earlier,

CloudWays is managed Cloud computing means they will take care of all the technical stuff you just choose your plan and Application and Enjoy.

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Cloudways Platform provides an ideal platform for independent bloggers, designers, developers, web agencies and small businesses to host their websites—on the cloud quickly, effectively, and with the best possible performance. Click&Go is extremely easy to use and they strive to make it the most convenient hosting platform.

As you can see, with Cloudways, you are not limited to one cloud service. For instance, you can create a $7 Digital Ocean server for your main WordPress blog or $30 Google Server for eCommerce Site.

Let us find out the pros and cons in this Cloudways review.

Set Up:

Sign up process is super easy. All you need to do is choose your server size with your desired application(WordPress, Magento, etc.)

In 2 minutes your site will be ready.

The dashboard is broadly divided into two tabs: Server Management | Application Management.

In Server Management tab, you can control your server (Start/Stop/Restart, etc.). View a large number of monitoring items. Interact with the different services in your server (Start/Stop/Restart/Purge). Configure basic settings (upload size, memory limit, error reporting, timezone, etc).  Backup the server, and few other server related features.

In the Application Management tab, They have packed all functionalities related to your apps. You can choose from the different apps installed on a server through a drop-down menu. Check URLs and credentials for it. domain management. Instal SSL certificate. Restore Backups and other application-related features.

Free SSL

You will get free SSL certificate with CoudWays it has a lot of benefits. Especially if you are running e-commerce it helps build trust with your customers and they are more likely to make a purchase. I personally never shop if a site is not using HTTPS or SSL certificate.

How I suppose to know if my Credit Card and other information are secured.

With CloudWays you can Install SSL certificate with just one click it made it easy to manage SSL via the unique built-in tool that allows you to easily configure SSL.

Get Free Trial On Managed Cloud Hosting via Cloudways



Technically, Server is just a piece of hardware. No matter which hosting company you choose it’s gonna be the same piece of hardware.

How your  Hosting Manage that piece of hardware with the latest technology that is what makes difference.

With Cloudways All your applications are deployed over an exceptionally optimised stack of services (Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, and Apache) and make full use of these caching technologies that are essential for optimal performance in the Cloud.

No Limits

Unlike traditional hosting companies where you are only allowed to have 1 website on their basic plan.

Cloudways don’t limit the number of websites or application you can Install.

Though You need to consider how busy these applications are to decide how many you can safely host on the same server. You can monitor the server performance parameters and metrics in the console to know when you are reaching the limits of a server.


No Domain Registration Option

This is little odd but not a big deal, You have to register your domain somewhere else like GoDaddy or NameCheap.

You need to keep in mind that CloudWays don’t have any DNS management System means you will not get any nameserver to change your Point your domain to server Instead You need to add AName with your server IP address to point your domain to Your website.

Charge Extra for Email Service

CloudWays do not provide servers for email hosting.

However, They do provide different email solutions through Cloudways Email Addons. If you are interested in having your own email inboxes, then you can use the Rackspace Email Hosting add-on which will cost you $1 for each email address for your domain.

CloudWays Hosting in a Nutshell – 

To sum it all up, Cloudways offer web hosting like no other company, providing user-friendly cloud hosting. This is fast, completely scalable hosting on a cloud server managed for you. It’s unique and a great alternative to regular VPS plans. And yes we do recommend Cloudways!

Sign up for a free trial – no credit card required – and take the service for a test drive. Trial accounts are good for three days. If you decide you want to purchase hosting. (which starts at $7 per month, no contracts required) from Cloudways, they will migrate your existing account for free.

Cloudways Free 1 Month Discount Offer

Faster WordPress Hosting


  1. Hello Jiiva,

    Thanks for such an excellent review. I’m Mustaasam from Cloudways. Just one thing to notice, it is always suggested to keep hosting and emails separate. Google can answer the WHY factor 😉
    For transactional emails, one can easily create an account on ElasticEmail for free and then configure SMTP. And for email inboxes, we have had a deal with Rackspace – one of the most reliable email hosting provider. If a user gets an account directly from Rackspace, he will be charged as $2/mail/month, but, if a user gets Rackspace via Cloudways. The price will be reduced to $1/mail/month.

    Alternatively, if a customer do not want to pay for email inboxes, he can easily create an account on Zoho Mail for free and then configure it with Cloudways.

    Once again, thanks for the review.

    • We will surely look into it. But after 3 month of usage the servers provided from Cloudways are top notch. They are excellent in turn of performance and reliability

      Durai Jiiva.


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