Hulu is an on-demand movie and video service that enables their customers to watch and stream online, popular movies and T.V show in Japan and the United State. It is co-owned by the 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, and Comcast. Hulu initially focused on streaming, popular live T.V shows and original content over documentaries and movies. Also offers many paid content to customize your streaming experience. There are many ways to view Hulu without ads, Here we will discuss some methods to Skip or Block Hulu Ads.

block Hulu ads

Unlike other platforms such as Amazon Video and Netflix, Hulu allows their customers to early stream popular T.V series. In Hulu, you will only have to wait a week or even sometimes a day to watch your favorite T.V series after they aired. Unlike T.V cable operators, there is no extra charge, other than Hulu plus subscription to stream the series. You can even watch your favorite T.V series, on the go, at your own convenience of home and while roaming. There are many award-winning series, such as America with Sarah Silverman, I Love You and The Handmaid’s Tale, which is exclusively available only on Hulu.

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Everything you streamed on Hulu is in full HD, ranging from 720p to 4K Ultra HD. Hulu allows their customers to watch a full series of kids shows, Hulu originals and hit movies with a minimal monthly subscription price starting from 11.99 dollars. Many of the people asking and searching on the internet about, how to block or skip ads while streaming any videos. So, I have researched a lot on the internet and by using my technical mind, find 5 ways to get rid of these commercial ads.

Instant Trick to Skip or Block Hulu Ads Guide:

Before I share my ideas to get rid of these ads, you all have to believe a fact that you will not completely block these ads and streams the videos uninterrupted. As these ads Are the revenue system for the Hulu and they will not let you stream without paying anything to him. The tricks and tips, I am going to tell you to be 100% safe to try.

While Searching you might get tons of tips and tricks to skip Hulu commercial ads, Which are completely annoying. So we have gathered a few methods that could really help you to skip those ads.

1. Using Ad-block to Skip Ads:

The most common method used in every site to skip ads is Adblockers. You might come across this method in many sites. We still recommend this method to every user, might be the easiest and perfect way to skip an ad.

Which Ad-Blocker to Choose:

You might have confusion in choosing an Ad-Blocker. That’s not the case here, We have made a perfect guide to choosing the best ad-blocker in Market.


Try out the method and comment below.

Note: While using adblockers even the video that you watch are blocked, Hulu made those ads i to appear in video script. So you might face this issue even after removing adblockers. For that you just need to update the Flash Player.

Alternate Way Might Work For Some Users:

1. Open Hulu and Select any program to stream.
2. Open Hulu again in the new tab and open the same program.
3. After that in the 2nd tab, mute the volume and fast forward the program, a just few seconds before the first commercial ad.
4. After that move to the 1st tab and watch the show.
5. When the show streamed until the 1st commercial ad in the 1st tab, move to the second tab, un-mute the volume and return to the show to the 1st commercial ad.
6. As you already watched that ad, the show will instantly play at that point. In this way, you skip the ads.
7. Just repeat this trick between two instances and watch the full program without interruption.
This is the trick that always works and lasts till now.

If your facing issue with Hulu here is some other platforms to watch movies online.

2. Reload Hulu Program Page:

As you all know that, Hulu revenue stream system is from the subscriptions and commercial ads. But you also agree that watching 3 to 4 minutes of ads between the program is so annoying and ruin completely, the enjoyment of watching the program. Try the trick which is explained below, I believe you won’t regret.

Hulu gets all his revenue from the page views and from these commercial ads. So, when you start streaming any program, they initially show you the short duration ads and gradually increases the timing of the ad to 3 to 4 minutes ads.

A trick to Skip Long Ads: Whenever you come across any long duration ads, simply relish the whole tab by pressing the reload button above the page. After the page has been successfully reloaded, you will have to see only two short ads, one is 2 seconds ad (the program you are watching) and second is the 30 seconds commercial ad. After that, your program will resume at that point of reloading your page. In this way, you will skip long ads (which is of 3 to 4 minutes duration) and it replaces long ad with a shorter 30 seconds ads.

3. Upgrading to Hulu Plus (No Commercial Ads):

A very easy and an excellent way to almost get rid of these commercials ads in whatever program you streamed on. Hulu is to upgrade your current subscription to the Hulu Plus for just 11.99 dollars which is only 4 dollars more than your normal plan. In this way, you will skip almost all commercial ads from any program except that program which is exclusive. Hulu Plus still shows you ads (to keep the subscription charge as low as possible).

Hulu 1 Month Free Trial

Though there are still the ads. But this is the far better than the normal plan which shows ads on every program.

4. By Using Enounce MySpeed to fast forward Hulu Ads:


By using Enounce MySpeed, you will able to fast forward these commercial ads so that. You will not have to watch these annoying short and long ads to watch your favorite programs. For this, you just have to do 2 two things, first of all. Download Enounce MySpeed Software from this page and try it free for 7 days.

Download Enounce

5. Block Hulu Ads By Using Ad Block Plus:

If you are thinking that this will going to block or skip the commercial ads of Hulu, then this is an impossible task because we are not creating this Hulu and didn’t know the back end scripts that they use. All we can do is that, alter the front end scripts by using some kind of tools.

Adblock to block hulu ads

There is a Google Chrome extension know an as Ad Block Plus (which you can get from Chrome extension store). You can download it and use it to block ads. This extension does not exactly block the commercial ads, instead of that, it will show you a black screen. You will have to wait at that time until the ad timer ends. But this is better than watching those ads.

Note: You might not be able to watch some videos by using this extension.


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