1. Nope. I tried and Facebook said that I need to write a valid email address. Apparently Facebook knows it’s a tempmail address.

  2. Thank you very much .
    This tutorial helped me to create a new fake account , but i can keep this account alive ?
    you know i just created facebook account before this new one and facebook asked me to a personal photo of me to review , i uploaded anything photo which i know will not accept ! then after they told me they will review and i cant use facebook untill they finish review it seems like they blocked the account

  3. For me, it still asked for a phone number to send a verification code from an SMS.

    Until an actual good service for disposable phone numbers appears to receive SMSes, it doesn’t work.

    On the other hand, has anyone realized how FB, Google, Yahoo and others have recently strengthened up their security or 2fa so that new accounts must automatically offer a phone number?
    Very strange & too abrasive. Facebook has buffed up this type of verification since August, I think, that’s when I couldn’t make another account.

  4. You cant skip the phone verification anymore. And it does not allow temporary emails. Its really scary how smart the facebook algorithm is. Even if you do somehow manange to get through youll be asked to provide a photo of yourself with a timestamp. They then take that photo and run it through google to see if its original so you cant just steal a random picture of someone, or even edit a random face out of a picture of crowd. I tried it.

  5. FB, google, etc are forcing people to give them their personel phone numbers and picture id in exchange for using their services…seems borderline identity theft at best. and you can be sure they are selling all this data to marketers for targeted ads and the like. use tor, and protonmail, its safer.


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