How to Make uTorrent Download Faster In Slow Connection

Are you new to torrent? Or have used uTorrent previously? You might have found that the download speed for several files is damn low, even IDM would be fast. However, the torrent files are usually large in size & take hours to complete. Torrent’s speed depends on seed factor & internet speed. Well increasing or making changes to these 2 things can Make uTorrent Download Faster. Today we will discuss a few of the best ways to make uTorrent download faster.

Today we will discuss a few basic things you need to check or change in order to get speed. Keep calm & stick to the post, you will surely increase download speed. So, without wasting much time let’s get started!

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Back 2 Basics:

Peer: A computer system that takes part in uploading or downloading of a torrent file. There are 2 types of peers: Leecher & Seeder. Leecher is a peer having some pieces or partial file & Seeder is a peer having the whole file. However, a Leecher becomes a seed when it receives the whole file.

Tracker: Server that acts as an interface or coordinates between leechers & seeders.

Torrent Client: Usually Operating Systems aren’t capable of downloading torrent files using default apps. So for such activities, you need to download Torrent Clients like uTorrent, Bit Torrent, Transmission or Vuze.

.torrent file: These .torrent files aren’t the actual whole file. They just have information related to seeders & seeders. A small file probably around few KB’s. In simple words, pointer-like thing for downloading things. Just open this file in Torrent client & the embedded data would download your content according to your internet speed.

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These are few of the basic things in a Torrent file & even client software.

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Make uTorrent Download Faster as much as possible!

Select a Healthy Torrent:

If you are thinking to download a file via Torrent then this is an essential step. You need to select & download torrent with maximum seeds available as compared to leechers. More the seeders, you may select that one. Let’s consider an example, a torrent has 100 seeds & 200 leeches, meanwhile, there’s a torrent with 500 seeds & 2000 leeches, then you must go for the first one. Because in 1st one the stats are 33% but in 2nd it’s just 20% seeds. Also, things depend on the quality of seeders.

Torrent file with higher seed and leeches

Add more Trackers:

Finding a torrent file with a high percentage of seeds is difficult. And few times we don’t get such files. But we need to increase torrent speed. Just use this method & you can boost up torrent speed up to some extent. Here you need to just copy paste hash code of torrent file you are downloading. Go to uTorrent or torrent client you are using. Select Info tab which will at the lower side. Here you will get the hash code for the required torrent file. Copy it & google the hash code.

Download the same torrent file but from different webpage/website. Add this torrent file to your uTorrent. You will get a pop-up saying “The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?”. Just click on Yes! You won’t notice a rapid change in speed, just keep calm & wait for few minutes. The speed will surely be increased!

Download & Upload Speed:

This is a basic way & nowhere a rocket science. Every torrent client allows you to set download & upload speed. For making changes you need to check your initial speed. For that, you may go for Ookla or or any speed testing website. Note down your download & upload speed.

Just follow the below-giving rules:

Download: Set the speed to 100% if you want to download the file & no internet surfing in between. However, you may go for 90% if you wish to surf the internet & download file in the background.

Upload: 10-80% of the maximum speed would be enough & appropriate. Do not set it as unlimited as it might indulge in other tasks too.


Task Initial Calculation Final
Download 500 kbps 500 x 0.90 450 kbps
Upload 256 kbps 256 x 0.80 205 kbps


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Maximum Connected peers per torrent:

Another important & crucial setting. Just apply the following rule & set accordingly.

Upload Speed x 1.4 = Maximum number of connected peers per torrent.

Eg: Your upload speed is 276, then just 276 x 1.4 =386.4


Change the Upload rate to 5 in every torrent you download to reduce the data usage.

Change upload rate in torrent file

Right Click on download file => Click on Properties Menu.

Change the Maximum Upload Rate = 5

Click Ok after changing the value.

Automatic Settings:

uTorrent & Bit Torrent have got a new tool for automatic speeding & connections. Just tap Ctrl + G or setup guide from options. Always select speed that’s nearest to your internet upload speed to get best results. Also, never select higher options because they won’t give speed.

These are 5 methods that result to Make uTorrent Download Faster. However, there are a few more methods but we haven’t found that working with a great success rate. So we have just included a few yet effective methods. So you can count on us!

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Here are a few settings you can do in “Preferences” in order to Make uTorrent Download Faster. However, we don’t guarantee because this setting might not work for every file. But you must have a try on it.

  • Maximum Upload Rate = 5-10
  • Maximum Download Rate = 1800
  • Global Maximum Number of Connections = 2329
  • Maximum number of connected peers per torrent = Upto 257
  • Upload Slots per torrent = 14

Make uTorrent download faster in slow connection


So these were few of the best & working methods to Make uTorrent Download Faster. We don’t guarantee that this method will definitely work but we say “Probably Yes!”. However, these are the most successful ways. There were a few more but they were a bit complicated & we weren’t sure enough about them. So the only ones we think works have been included.

If you are having any method that has worked for you, let us know via the Comment Section. So that more people get to know about it. Also, if you have any doubts or query, feel free to ask. We keep on posting tech related stuff regularly, so cherish your tech knowledge just by following us. STAY TUNED!


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