Best Anime Torrent Download sites – Complete List Of Anime

Anime is loved by kids and adults equally in most of the parts of the world. They are attention seekers. They pull the audience to them with the attractive stories and graphics or whatever, just kids love them. Elders too, like anime, but due to work commitments, they are unable to watch them during the telecast time. But don’t you worry, here we are to provide you with the best anime torrent download sites.

Best Anime Torrent Sites

Are you a diehard fan of anime? Do you like streaming them online or do you wish to wish to download them? If you are one of those who would stream, you should check out sites such as but in order to download anime torrents from some of the biggest anime torrent websites, look no further!

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Best Anime Torrent sites – Download Anime Free

Here are some of the best anime torrent sites that can be used to download best anime series without any issues, Most of the sites illegal always try to use VPN while downloading from torrents.

1. Bakabt

The Bakabt is one of the most favorite and popular anime website among the anime lovers who want to watch them over and over. All you need is just sign up with them and continue searching from their huge library for your favorite anime and download it to watch later. The site UI is super cool and easy to navigate between the options. If you are not able to get the language the anime speak, no problem they provide subtitles for every anime available. Also, you can find, dubbed anime, though not every file is dubbed to the most popular languages.

[eafl id=”5267″ name=”Bakabt” text=”Visit Bakabt”]

2. Ani Rena

Ani Rena does not ask for sign up. Just browse through your favorite Japanese anime and download them straight away and enjoy them. Navigate between various options like RAW, anime, manga, music, AMW, hentai-game and many others easily.

[eafl id=”5268″ name=”Anirena” text=”Visit Anirena”]

3. Shana Project

The Shana project anime website can download for you even without asking it to download. Just register and alert it, your job is done. Set the remainder and let your computer download them for you when you are busy with working on other tasks. Almost all the files are of high resolution to make your content more user watchable friendly.

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4. Anime layer

In anime layer torrent website, you find all the animes you would like to catch up in the easiest way. The list of the available files are displayed along with the description of the story, duration, director and all related information regarding it to make a choice easily. You can get all the series of one anime with a single click.

[eafl id=”5270″ name=”Animelayer” text=”Visit Animelayer”]

5. Project-gxs

best anime torrent sites

You can search for your favorite anime content based on the projects like Blu-ray, ongoing and completed. If you are not able to find the specific content, write them at the request page. So that they will work on your request based on the number of requests they get. Register with them to get the latest updates and participate in the forums for discussions.

[eafl id=”5271″ name=”Project-GXS” text=”Visit Project-GXS”]

6. 9 anime

Though it has many ads which distract you from the main work, you are into that site, just concentrate and you will get what you want in a single click. Based on the user reviews and ratings the anime is shortlisted to let you choose the best among its peers. The filter option allows you to choose the type of files you are looking for to bring convenience to the user. The files are described about the story to let you know whether to choose or not.

[eafl id=”5272″ name=”9anime” text=”Visit 9anime”]

7. Nyaa

The website provides you with many search options. Search through the website by the date they are uploaded or based on the file size or based on the seeds and leeches. Just click on the download option to get the file directly into your device with a single click. Make sure you install torrents executable file to make your work better and more convenient.

[eafl id=”5273″ name=”nyaa” text=”Visit Nyaa”]

8. Anime World (BD)

anime world best anime torrent sites

The user can download straight away the file to their devices or can catch them up there by streaming it to watch online. Get all the anime related files in a much simpler way possible through this anime world website. You can show them your support by donating them the amount you like, it is optional though.

[eafl id=”5274″ name=”animeworldbd” text=”Visit Anime World (BD)”]

9. Anime Tosho

This website offers numerous anime videos and files with a single click and the choice of downloading through possible links. Filter the search options to make it easier to look for the content you are looking for. It is legal torrenting site, so what are you waiting for, catch up your favorite anime here to be on a safer side.

[eafl id=”5275″ name=”Anime Tosho” text=”Visit Anime Tosho”]

10. Anime Ultime

You can get the ultimate anime from the website in the most appealing UI page. The user can get the files episode wise to make you download what exactly you are looking for. This way, allowing you to don’t end up downloading the entire series.

[eafl id=”5276″ name=”Anime Ultime” text=”Visit Anime Ultime”]

All the above mentioned are some of the best anime torrents which are legal and illegal. Make sure you browse using VPN to don’t fall into the trap. Always make sure to download the good file to rescue your device from unwanted crap and virus attacking your files.


  1. Anime WorldBD allows you to download legal anime torrents from the web. So, you don’t run the risk of downloading legally protected anime torrent and get penalized for it. Though the main menu is quite simple, the site goes haywire every now and then. You can find all the available anime torrents, TV shows titles, movies, and size specifications by browsing the ‘Index’ section under the ‘Categories’ page. Few of the torrents are directly downloadable for your convenience.


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