How To Download Movies In Direct link Without Torrent

Following ways To Download Movies In Direct link Without Torrent, it is completely free, with no special code even without using torrent or special software, great again you do not need to register and become a member, the only thing you have to prepare is the Internet network access pretty fast. because if access could slow so you’ll wait all day just finished downloading one movie, because the average size of HD quality movies ranging from 700 mb – 2 gb.

Download free movies without a torrent is just a trick for my friends who also want to enjoy movies box office with HD quality, but has less budget. we suggest if you have enough money please buy the original DVD

But usually the films shown here are films that have been running in theaters, the new movie is probably not yet available, not just a movie theater or the big screen, but also television series is what you get. do the same with free movie downloads without this torrent. you need only the title of the film alone.

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How To Download Movies In Direct link Without Torrent:

1) Go to google search

2)   Now searching using a combination of the following: Title of the movie +Quality + RIP + intext: index-of
[sociallocker] Example: spiderman 720p BRrip intext: index-of [/sociallocker]

Check Below Picture for more Info

google-search (1)

3) Select The Link in google search results that display the index of name / name2 /

4)  Go to the link and find the movie to be downloaded

5)  Click on the link that will be downloaded, you can watch live (streaming) or download the selected movie

6)Rotate the movie to be downloaded and then right click on your screen

7)  Select Save the file, and select where to save your movie file

8)  Enjoy Downloading Movie Without Any Torrent Or From Cloud storage

Simple enough right way and not complicated, please continue your movie collection, if your hard drive capacity is not enough simply add an external hard drive.Be careful of your quota swell, wise in using quotas.

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  1. Is this more private than torrenting? For example is your ISP less likely to send you a warning about Copyright confliction?


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