How To Convert EXE to APK in just 5 Minutes!

Are you an Android gamer? Do you love to play Android games over PC games? Are there any PC games you wish to play on PC? If Yes, then this post might be the best solution for you. There are several types of people with different games as their favorites. People tend to use different accessories for the gaming, few like playing on PC, few like on Phone, etc. Different people love playing games with their comfortable consoles. Here are the ways to convert exe to apk in just 5 minutes.

Well if you are an Android gamer then you might also like few of the best PC Games too. PC Games are really best. However not every PC game is available on the Android platform. Games like Call of Duty or battlefield, people wish them to come on Android but they aren’t available. You might be aware that PC games are usually in exe format but Android ones are in apk. What if we tell you that there’s a method to play or get PC stuff on Android working.

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We aren’t kidding, actually, there’s a method to convert EXE to APK file for Android. You can use this trick to convert games as well as other things. In today’s post, we will show you how to convert exe to apk file in Android.

About EXE & APK:

EXE File or executable file are set of exe codes for Windows OS. Every game or software has an exe file that installs the software. You can normally get to see those things.

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Just like exe is for Windows OS, APK files are also a file for installing things on Android device. Android phones also want APK files to install software. No other type/set of files can install an app in Android except APK. You can never use EXE file on Android & APK file on Windows. However, for doing so, we need 3rd party software.

Why do we need conversion?

Android & Windows are the Operating Systems that are mostly used by people. People usually don’t go for Mac or iOS because they are quite expensive. So the best option for providing maximum features at a low price remains Android & Windows. However, both the platforms are different & their files won’t work on each other. Being not interchangeable makes us convert them. Well, there are a few ways & internet apps that might assist you in converting exe to apk.

Change My Software to Convert EXE to APK?

You might find a few online converters for such tasks but they might not work properly or would just change the extension. You can convert EXE file to APK file to make it compatible for Android. Name of the software is “EXE to APK Converter (Change My Software). The official website was named “Change My Software” & EXE to APK Converter is the main converter’s name. However, the website was shut down & you won’t find their software. But external links have made it available. We have got you the software, just click on the below DOWNLOAD button.

Change My Software


Converter Software


  • We hope you have downloaded the APK file. Moving on we will discuss conversion steps & how to use this software. Here are basic steps how to convert exe to apk using the converter:
  • Once you have downloaded the software, unzip the file in 1 specific folder.

  • Run the converter tool by double-clicking on “EXE to APK Converter Tool.exe”

  • 1st Install from a setup file & 2nd From a portable version. Select the 2nd Option.
  • Now, you need to load the exe file you want to convert to APK. Just browse & locate the file.
  • Wait till the file loads. After the file is loaded, click on Convert Button. The process of conversion will start now.

  • You will be notified when the conversion is done.

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You will be able to convert EXE to APK file if you follow our Conversion Guide. Well just pay attention to our 2 major points that we need to tell you. Always remember that when you run the tool & you get 2 options. Always go for the 2nd one “Portable Version”. However, you can convert using the 1st one too but that might consume a lot of RAM & Disk space. So we recommend you to go for Portable because that will result as light-weighted. You can even delete the exe files & converted apk file anytime.

Secondly, we recommend you to stick to this software. There are a few more software & online converters but they aren’t much powerful. You might just waste your time searching such things & few might be malicious too. So for security reasons, we would recommend you this software. However, you are free to select a converter for yourself.


This was the best way to convert exe file to apk file. We hope you liked today’s post. If you face any trouble or have any doubt, feel free to ask us via the Comment Section. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media pages. Get daily tech-related things & enrich your knowledge. STAY TUNED!


  1. I don’t own a PC.
    Is there a way I can convert a .EXE to .APK on my Tablet, please find a solution, I’d appreciate it.


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