Instagram released new Instagram Stories features. Some of the features are face filter , rewind camera , hashtag sticker, and eraser brush . Here we will see how to use it.

New Instagram Stories Features

Facebook is not half-hearted to beat Snapchat. In addition to providing story formats on various platforms it has (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp), Facebook is also diligent to add new features.

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How to Use Rewind, Eraser Brush, and New Instagram

Stories Features

1. Face Filter

This feature is a mask effect  like the one in Snapchat, MSQRD, or some other selfie video app . Face filter will follow the motion of our head or facial expression.

New Instagram Stories Features

How to use Face Filter in Instagram Stories is quite easy.

  1. Open Instagram Stories,
  2. Tap the face icon at the bottom right of the screen,
  3. Select the filter you want,
  4. Press the camera button to take a photo, or long press to record video.

Face filters also work with Boomerang. In addition to sending to Stories, you can also send them with Instagram Direct.

2. Rewind Camera

This feature is a reverse video effect. Like the Boomerang, but not back and forth.

New Instagram Stories Features

To use Rewind Camera Instagram Stories:

  1. Open Instagram Stories,
  2. Slide the camera menu at the bottom of the screen, Rewind will be after Boomerang,
  3. Record video as usual, and see the results.

3. Eraser Brush

This feature provides a kind of inverse effect in photos. Namely the photo just shows up in the place we brush ( brush ). Pretty cool as a design effect.

New Instagram Stories Features

To use the Eraser Brush effect in Instagram Stories:

  1. Open Instagram Stories,
  2. Take a photo or record a video,
  3. Select drawing tool ,
  4. Tap the old mobile phone screen to fill the entire field of the screen,
  5. Use the eraser brush to bring up the image as you wish.

4. Hashtag Stickers

This feature is the same as when you mention your friend’s username . People who see your story can hit the hashtag, and see similar content.

New Instagram Stories Features

How to use hashtag sticker in Instagram Stories:

  1. Open Instagram Stories,
  2. After taking a picture or recording a video, tap the sticker icon on the top right of the screen,
  3. Choose stickers, type, and organize as you wish,
  4. Publish Instagram Story with your flagship hashtag.

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Instagram Stories is now very successful. Active users have more than Snapchat. But Facebook does not seem to want to remain silent.

Instagram Stories users seem to be able to expect new features to come in the future. Well it must be admitted, whether to make or watch, Instagram Stories is indeed exciting.

Please check and update your Instagram app. Features face filter, rewind camera, eraser brush, and hashtag sticker is present in the application Instagram version 10.21.

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