How to View and Download Instagram Stories in Computer

To make users still exist in social media, Instagram has a variety of excellent features that can be used. Ranging from uploading photos, videos, Instagram stories to live stories.

One feature that is favored by many people is Instagram Stories. Launched in August 2016 and then, Stories now has a variety of new features that are favored by many people.

Even so, Instagram Stories currently can only be Viewed using a smartphone by

To see someone’s story, tap their profile picture at the top of Feed or on their profile. When you view stories, they automatically scroll from one person’s to the next. You can tap the screen to skip to the next photo or video, or swipe right or left to skip between people’s stories

If you wish to view Stories using PC / laptop, you can try the following ways.

How To View Instagram Stories on Computer

In addition to Instagram Stories can Be Viewed directly from your computer browser, you can also download photos or video of the Stories Instagram quickly and easily. Here are the steps.

Instagram Stories in Computer

  1. Make sure you’re using the browser Google Chrome
  2. Log in to and login using your Instagram account
  3. By default, Stories will not appear in your browser.
  4. To bring it up, install the Chrome Extension following: Chrome IG StoryHow to View and Download Instagram Stories in Computer
  5. Once installed, refresh the page Instagram you. Will automatically appear Stories and Live in Instagram.

How To Download Instagram Stories in Computer

  1. Click the Chrome extension IG Story is in the upper right (next to the address bar ).
  2. Search Stories you want to download.How to View and Download Instagram Stories in Computer
  3. Click the menu button (point 3) and select Download.
  4. Automatically you can download the Instagram Stories.

The final word

That’s an easy way to View and download Instagram Stories directly from the computer. If you have any other way, do not forget to share in the comments yes! Good luck!


  1. Hey, i am having a problem on my IG Stories on my laptop I keeping seeing the eye icon on my, what does it mean, how can I fix it please if you help me out because i am lost, i don’t know what to do…


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