Type Words Upside Down on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Other Social Media

Yes, we already know that writing on WhatsApp can be varied bold, italic, or pre-formatted. But here its much more exciting? For example type words upside down on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media?

Type Words Upside Down on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Other Social Media


Creating variations of this kind of writing is enough to make a chat exclamation. At least it can make your Friends feel annoyed while viewing it here is a great example “oɟuıɯnıɯǝɹd oʇ ǝɯoɔlǝʍ ıɥ“.

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Apparently not difficult and does not require special skills. Simply use a particular website service, and copy and paste the message you want to post with inverted writing. That is all. Let’s look further.

Type Words Upside Down on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Other Social Media

There are many websites that provide tools to type words upside down. Some of them are:

Maybe there are many more. But I think those four websites are enough to play games.

How to Type Words Upside Down

  • Go to one of the websites mentioned above.
  • Type the message you want to send in the first box.
  • In the second box (below) will see the result. Select (selection) the text, and copy .
  • Paste in WhatsApp message columns, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Have fun.

Just a note, not all websites have a choice how the writing is reversed. On average only flipped the writing from top to bottom only. But Fliptext.net gives the option to flip the writing from front to back, top to bottom, or both (the result is 180 ° rotated.

Type Words Upside Down

Then, it is worth mentioning that not all can turn capital letters and numbers. If it can, the shape of the font and the reversing process, can be different from the original form.

As mentioned above, in addition to typing words upside down on WhatsApp, this way can also be used in various other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter. I’ve also tried it on Skype. Because its website-based, this way you can also use either on the phone or on the computer.

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In addition to the above, there is also another way, namely using the application. If you are using Android, you can try the application Upside Down (Flip Text) or Flip Text . For those who use iOS can try  Texting Upside Down Free application or Flip application ,Rotate & Mirror Text . 

Please note, flipping through the application is also not perfect for capital letters and numbers. So choose the simplest way for you.

That’s it now type words upside down on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media. Hope can give a little enlightenment for you who want to have fun. Have fun!


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