Best Sites to Download Cracked PC Games For Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Are you a hardcore gamer, but doesn’t want to spend money on PC gaming. Well, many people prefer to play pirated games. Since it is free and cracked. Most of the pirated PC games are available on torrent. But torrent sucks for larger file download, because it is slower.

NOTE: This is only for Direct Download Cracked PC Games. If you want more sites, you should check Best Sites to Download Cracked PC Games.

bet sites to direct download pc games

So what if there is a Direct Download option to download PC cracked games. It gives you full speed according to your internet speed. Pretty cool right, Well I have gathered a list of sites that support Direct downloading for PC games.

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Tools required for Direct downloading

You can use your chrome downloader or whatever browser downloader you have, but they are not reliable. If once the download paused or cancelled, it might not gonna resume, you have to download from the beginning. Hence use these tools for better download management.


It is a free and opensource tool. It supports multiple downloads simultaneously and also supports link grabber, which comes in handy when downloading games. Features like auto-extract archives, password enabler, scheduler, etc.



  • Link grappler.
  • Download several files at once.
  • Plugins available.


Yeah, most of you know this already. But it is not just a downloader, it also supports link grabbing and many other features like the JDownloader. Batch downloading is the technique required most of the times when downloading larger games.



  • One click download.
  • Controls download speed.
  • Batch downloading.
  • Multiple link downloader.

IDM Downloader

Best Sites to Direct Download Cracked PC Games

Here is the list of sites that I personally tested and used for a while. If the game you looking for is not available in one site you can just go to another site that has the game.

NOTE: Get the game as soon as possible when it released, because some older 
game links can be expired or deleted.

1. Cracked-games

cracked games

Completely free and best site to download cracked pc games. Very simple user interface and also it does not contains ad, that is the main reason it is the best recommended website. You can just go to any games you want and scroll down to bottom for downloading options. Directly download from Mega site and also torrent link is present if you wish.

2. World of PC Games


Another best and free website to download cracked pc games. Most of the games even older games are updated regularly. Also you can download console games and pc apps for free in this site. Highly compressed games are available and below 5gb collection is available.

World of PC Games

3. Cpy-crack

cpy crack

This site is updated each and every day. The pc cracked games are available very soon in this website. And the unique feature is that it provides only direct download options. All you have to do is just download the installer for the game, then open the installer it will automatically download the full cracked pc games. Very easy to use.

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4. Skidrow & Reloaded

skidrow reloaded

Great 2 repack sites are combined to make a better place to download cracked PC games for free. Skidrow and Reloaded provide pretty much all AAA games to download. You can easily go for any games you like then download it. Multiple direct download links available.

Skidrow & Reloaded

5. IGG Games

igg games

Igg games provide really a good amount of games. Because it has tons of games already and keep uploading the newer games as well. It provides multiple download link, even one link failed there are almost 5-7 links available to download cracked pc games.

IGG Games

6. FitGirl Repack

firgirl repack

One of my favorite, and I use this site most of the time. Because it highly compresses the game to the lowest possible size. And also provides multiple torrent links along with direct download links. Even the torrent links are faster in Fitgirl repacks. Selective downloads available to even lower the game size by only installing english voice.

FitGirl Repacks

7. New games box


Very simple interface to download. And it also does not contains ads. Latest cracked games are available to download at full speed. Easily search via category or genre you wish.

New Games Box

8. RG-Mechanics

rg mechanics repack

Yes, you heard that right,it’s rg mechanics repack, the god of the pirated games once and for all. But it is not the official since, it only provides torrent links. This rg mechanics replica provides Direct download option for the pc game cracked by RG mechanics.

RG Mechanics Games

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9. Dz Repack

dz repack team

Another great repack provided by dz team. They also highly compressed and also multiple links are provided. You can easily just copy the links and paste in the link grappler in Jsdownloader. Then it automatically starts downloading.

DZ Repackteam


These are the best sites to download cracked pc games directly without torrent. Don,t forgot to use the downloading tools that I mentioned above for seamless experience. Also this is only for direct download, so you can check best sites to download cracked pc games. I hope you found the game you want and enjoy playing it.


  1. IGG-GAMES is absolutely terrible now
    All the links are either dead or they just redirect to a multitude of sites.
    Tried forever today to download an old game I use to play, and I got nothing but redirected time after time to places like….… ans more.
    They’ve ruined that site

  2. I feel like the only reason most people not all people are against cracked sites and games like this is because they would rather play paid for games than free ones. That and the fact that they don’t even know what they are doing the majority of the time! like, disable your antivirus before doing it. People are just too scared of getting a virus on their computer it’s B.S. I for one don’t care what others think and will continue to download anyway, gaming is expensive. And this article shows the ones that do want to download free games are here at the best virus free websites!

  3. The number 3, Cpy-crack requires me to do human verification, but the offers are scam websites like entering your credit card numbers, which obviously is a scam. This web is considerably worthless. Could you remove it, please?

  4. can watchdogs 1 run on windows 10 /core i3 /128mb video card?
    it just keeps crashing so I don’t know if It will really work at all

    • Yeah it will because it’s windows right, but sadly unplayable even unloadable. It’s like you’re trying to run PUBG on Nokia 8110

    • Problem is they don’t upload in private server, Which causes huge download issues. When it comes to Cracked games or software nothing is safer, something or other is injected into it. Like mining stuffs which might over load your usage or something like that. Prefer Original version if your hard core gamer.

  5. Great list! I’ve been looking for some new games to play and this post has given me plenty of options to choose from. Thanks for sharing!


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