1. Hello, I am Besa Haxhijaj, I am writing you from other account and I wanted to ask you for a favor if you can. I think my account old instagram has be hacked, i cant find myself in instagram, and i cant find this page” report hacked account” in google,so if you can help me to find my own account back please.????????

      • This method no longer works. Anything else ? I went to sleep with an instagram account and woke up to a disabled instagram account. Idk what happened or why? Have filed multiple forms to let instagram know it’s a mistake. NO RESPONSE BACK AND IT’S BEEN 3 LONGGGGG WEEKS? I can’t even log in my new account anymore from my instagram app. I have to use another phone just to access Instagram. Idk what else to do. Please help!!!

        • HI, MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISABLED 10 DAYS AGO. I tried everything by filling the form for disabled account, sending emails to Instagram support. I had this account for years and never this happened to me. at this point I’m hopeless.

  2. Hello, Instagram removed this Report Hacked account form.

    What do I do now?

    I filled out the form for repealing a disabled account already but they have not replied.

  3. My business account was hacked 1st time.instagram give it back to me.later on after 3 weeks instagram banned it or delete it n i coulbnt find my account only buy # under an other name which is #instagrammer i think i know the readon because i tried 1nce to download an application to boost likes n i got fake google play page i signed it with my password n i had lots of stupids pucs posted on my account without permission.si i deleted the fast n uninstalled the app.i asked instagram to bring it back even if i m gona provide them all papers for me proving that i own the account n the business as official registered brand n i had more than 166k real followers.they give it back to me before me sending them all those documents but EMPTY!!!!No followers neither pics neither likes neither comments…..more than 2300posts n 166k n 4 years of work were gone n my work is draining because of that.i m disappered from social media! I need to restore everything in it bag please.

    • Seems Like that a worst experience with instagram, According to them getting back followers and Posts after blocking is not possible, Sorry we couldn’t help in this matter. Only you could recover your Banned account . I couldn’t assure that you can get your followers back again.

  4. My instagram account has been disabled but I think it’s a mistake. I appealed but got an automated response saying that it’s disabled. Now I created a new account and can’t log into my phone for ANY instagram accounts but can with other devices. Pretty sure they banned my phone’s IP. Is there no way to contact an instagram representative or support team. Please help

  5. Instagram no longer has the report a disabled account tab…… I have been filing different reports but I get the same general email message saying I violated the terms. Where can I go to file a hacked account?? My ig had 50k followers and years of memories!!! I have even been trying to contact Instagram directly but still no luck! Do you have any information ????

    • I Should Really Accept your Point, It’s not easier to contact Instagram directly. But currently this is the only way to contact Instagram. If we get any information About contacting them Directly .We will surely Inform You by given mail address.

  6. I have finished all the steps. then they sent me an email saying :

    “Thanks for contacting us. Before we can help, we need you to confirm that you own this account.
    Please reply to this email and attach a photo of yourself holding a hand-written copy of the code…”

    So I did what they told me to do. I sent them a photo of me holding a paper with my handwritten code and my fullname and also my username.
    What do I do now? Am i doing right? How long will they reply?

  7. Hi, this link has been removed but I did go fill out the appeal that popped up when I tried to log in. What if that doesn’t work? Will my account be disabled forever? Is there any other ways for me to recover my account?

  8. I had made a personal account using my phone number, and now instagram has disabled my account, and I cant submit the form since that wont allow me to do so without the attached email address, and i dont know what to enter in this case since it was made with only phone number. When i enter my email address it takes me to my private personal account, the new one i had made with my phone number was a public one which had only my travel photography pictures. Any suggestions?

  9. I’ve been trying to get my 10k account back for a week now and i continuously fill out the “Get Support” things and when the email me i always get the same response. I need help asap, im not letting my account go.

  10. Plzz help me my insta id was block i can’t see me n i can’t logdin plzz help me my insta id give me back plzzz??

    • We don’t have any information about your account to recover. There is only one way to contact Instagram which has been provided. Sorry if above method does’t not works for you.

  11. My instagram got disabled for “posting sexual content”. I have yet to post anything since may 12th. The “report hacked account” link is gone. I am fully clothed in every pic lol. I haven’t even commented in the past 48 hours.

    I have filled out several forms after clicking “Learn more” when i try to log in

  12. Hi my account is disable and, i tried to get it back, but i cant..I had post 3-4 photo nudes..But now i dont know what to do???

  13. My account was banned because i think i was hacked because people got spammed with “Hey” which i think went to all my followers, and now i am banned and i need help pls

  14. Please send me an email for answer
    My account disabled by Instagram because a lot of people report it I think it says let us know it was a mistake but I don’t know about Id or picture that it says but anyway I don’t want the page I want my username back , I can’t use my desabled username in a new account and it also not completey deleted by Instagram idk how get my username back !!!!!! It’s very important to meeeee

  15. Hi. My Instagram got disabled 2 days ago. It started acting weird and some friends said they got alot of spam from my acct. I wake up and it says violated the terms and its disabled. I had a business account even bought Instagram ads. I have tried sending the appeal form about 30x now. Nothing. Can you please help. IG @kaylagotthe411blog

    • Kayla my business account @LAMJESSFIT was just disabled yesterday 🙁 Says u violated terms. I may have …who knows…some of my super old videos had songs by drake.

      which form did u send? I managed to find my way to submit a form that I was hacked. Got an auto email response asking me when I was able to last login, what email I signed up with and what previous usernames I’ve hand.

    • @Kayla
      Did instagram team reactivated your account back? I had mine with same issue with you. They already reply me with an email asking me take pic with random number. I did that yesterday but until now (been more than 24 hours) my account hasn’t reactivated. My account @laurachristhy was hack and hacker did something violated the terms and i have no clue what it is. So desperately seeking for help. Thanks

      • Hi Laura what did you do to get Instagram to respond ? please let me know, please help me. They disable my account 4 days ago and is a business account I’m so worry

        Thank you in advance

  16. hi everyone my instagram was disabled after it was hacked on monday. I wrote to instagram and theytold me to send a picture with me holding a number and my name… since then havent heard back…any idea how long before they respond or reactivate account?

  17. Did you get your account back and where did you find that form. All I got was a message for verification but they give the same reply it’s been disabled for violating terms of use but it doesn’t say what’s been done or give me the option to appeal.

  18. I recently got disabled by instagram for posting copyrighted videos and cant get back in, i have tried saying “ive been hacked and cant get back in” does not work and i have tried begging saying i havent done anything wrong and i will not intened to violate your terms any longer, they keep sending the same respone time after time, i was at 60K and its been a week, plz someone help ??

  19. There wide number of reasons of disabling of your Instagram account. If you do not properly follow Instagram community guidelines or terms of use you will definitely be disabled by Instagram. If you think it was a fault and would like to appeal against that, you can login to the Instagram mobile app and precede the appeal process.

  20. I have finished all the steps. then they sent me an email saying :

    “Thanks for contacting us. Before we can help, we need you to confirm that you own this account.
    Please reply to this email and attach a photo of yourself holding a hand-written copy of the code…”

    So I did what they told me to do. I sent them a photo of me holding a paper with my handwritten code and my fullname and also my username.
    What do I do now? Am i doing right? How long will they reply?

  21. I have finished all the steps. then they sent me an email saying :

    “Thanks for contacting us. Before we can help, we need you to confirm that you own this account.
    Please reply to this email and attach a photo of yourself holding a hand-written copy of the code…”

    which I did, 4 times and they replied that my account was banned for violating TOS, that’S all they ever answer back and no reactivation. I never broke any TOS

  22. Hi !
    I just created my Instagram account, I was going to log in and it was already disabled !!! The only thing I did was to put my profile picture, I even skip all the steps of adding people, I don’t really know why they block my new account. I was even using a brand new phone so I know I don’t have viruses or anything like that, it was meant to be a personal account.
    Anyone else have had the same issue ? I did send the pic with the number and name but still not answer.

  23. Help! I had an account during four years with an username. So, I wanted to create a new and fresh account to start again. Then, to make free my username I added 01 at the end of the username and I changed my email from Gmail to live. Right? Then, I went to create a new account going to sign up, and I filled the username with my old username and and it was available. I did the same with the email and I used my Gmail account. Email and usernames were available because the x icon didn’t appeared. When I clicked on sign up, I got a message telling me that the username was not available to use it or other similar message. The username was available until I clicked in sign up. Is out there some way to recover it? I sent a lot of reports to Instagram and I never get a reply. My email is behindthescene@gmail.com

  24. My account was disabled in December 2017 (one month ago). I reported that it was hacked 3 times.
    After sending the picture of myself with the number I always got the general automatic reply back.
    Is there any other way to get the account back? I was using it to promote and share my art @kathanula





  26. First i got an email saying that you instagram password has been changed
    I didnt changed my password
    Then when i tried logging in again instagram was telling that we havnt ginished disabling your account yet if you want to reactivate it again try again in few hours
    Then i tried for the option GET HELP IN SIGNING IN
    I requested for the support
    And got a email with written on it that thanks for contacting us and that whole handwritten think with both the hands holding it and the entire face
    As my account was a personel account with photos of me
    I was told that this help us in confirming that you are the owner of this account
    I did the whole process with 2 pics of mine

    Now what to do ?? It all Happen today Only

  27. Hi, i lost my account it’s dissable, i sent the form telling sure is hacked just today but no answer, how much time take to get this email?

  28. Hey my Instagram has been disabled for violating intagram terms as they keep it because of some business issue on Instagram, at 10:00 am today ,I even don’t know what to do please, I have appealed once to them but no response please, they just said its disabled ,I will not be able to get back on it ,or even anybody will not be able to ,so what do I do please ,,,,

  29. Hey my Instagram has been disabled I haven’t break any rules and regulations I tried fill form still there is responce from the Instagram it’s fed up me what IAM gonna do now please help me out I will be greatfull to you

  30. If your account got disabled for no reason, you should probably just keep appealing until you get a useful response, or give up and open a new Instagram account with the hopes of it living up to standards of its predecessor. In my honest opinion, I think there’s a good chance of recovery, I suggest you reach out to cyber dome (cyber_domen on Instagram) and ask for proof or clientele, they’re a team of highly experienced cyber security experts who helped me recover my account which was permanently disabled initially, took a few hours but I got my account back thanks to them. So that’s pretty much the only viable option you’ve got amongst others. I hope this helps.
    Here’s instagram official account recovery link just in case.

  31. My instagram got disabled 8days ago I filled the form Nd got a reply back saying “hi, seems your account has been disabled” please what does that mean Nd what can I do?

  32. I have found out that my account has been disabled for no explained reason. Since I have done my best to not to violent Instagram terms of use, I think this a mistake has happened here. I would be appreciated if you explain to me why my account has been suspended and also let me access to it. Thanks a lot!


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