10 Best Dare TV Alternatives for Free Online Movies in 2023

Movies and TV series are the best entertainment for almost any people in the world. Dare TV also is known as Dare Wall is one of the best online streaming services to watch unlimited movies and TV shows for free, but sadly it is not working anymore in 2023. That’s why you need to check out these best alternatives for Dare TV.

dare tv alternatives

These online streaming services can provide more contents than Netflix, Hulu, ABC combined. You can browse movies by genre, country, years, language and the same goes for TV shows. If you are looking to spend your time watching shows either by yourself or with your family, this is the right place for you.

Dare TV Alternatives to Watch Free Online Movies & TV Shows in 2023

Here I will only provide the working websites, each website has it’s own pros and cons, I will explain it in a bit. Also, I will provide multiple resources for each alternative just in case.

Note: Some websites might be blocked in certain countries, so make sure to use VPN if needed or simply use the SkyZip Chrome extension if you’re using Chrome browser. Also, use AdBlocker to avoid the annoying Ads.


Also, due to some technical issue, I will provide some links as texts, simply copy and paste the URL in the browser.

1. Primewire

Primewire is one of the best alternatives for Dare TV since it’s been quite a long time in the online streaming market. Also, Primewire provides high-quality movies and tv series up to 4k (only supported movies).

dare tv alternatives primewire

It has the biggest catalogue of movies and filtered by many factors so that you can easily find what you’re looking for similar to Netflix, or you can simply use the search option to narrow down your preference.

Things I like about Primewire

  • Sorted by Genre, Release date, Top IMDB, Most watched
  • Huge libraries of SD, HD movies and tv shows
  • Best Dare TV alternative
  • Request any movie or series, they will add it soon

What’s bad

  • It’s just ads, but ads I found on Primewire is not that intrusive when compared to others.

Primewire Links

  • https://primewire.st
  • https://primewire.rocks
  • https://primewire.digital

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2. Putlocker

Well, pretty much most people who watch tons of free online movies will probably be heard of Putlocker already because it is one of the oldest online streaming services. Many movie websites still using the Putlocker gateway as their main resource.


Also, it is one of the top-ranked websites in Alexa about 250 in global rankings at some point. Similar to Dare TV, it provides many categories and filters to make easier to find what you are looking for and has a huge collection of movies and tv shows updated daily.

Things I like about Putlocker

  • Sorted by Genre, Release date, Top IMDB, Most watched
  • Premium membership to avoid ads and faster load time for just $5/lifetime
  • Download and watch offline any video
  • Daily updated

What’s bad

  • The ads can be so annoying when you don’t use the adblocker

Putlocker Links

  • https://Putlockers.cr
  • https://putlocker.kz/ (requires VPN)
  • https://putlocker.pics
  • http://ww1.putlocker.onl

3. FMovies

So far Fmovies is the best one for me because it has more cleaner interface and that makes easier to browse through movies and series without any hassle. Also, the latest FMovies website don’t even ads, that makes it’s a good Dare TV Alternative.

fmovies free online movies

The default online video player has more advanced features like shortcuts to skip, forward and more. As the official websites tag line says “Just a faster and better place for watching online movies for free”, it really is. Just check this website and I bet you will never regret visiting it.

Things I like about FMovies

  • No ads at all
  • A-Z list of mega-collection of movies and shows
  • Huge anime library
  • Multiple host links

What’s bad

  • So far there is none I concern about, but some Fmovie alternatives websites have ads.

FMovies Links

  • https://ww5.Fmovie.sc
  • https://fmovies.wtf/movies
  • https://vw.ffmovies.sc
  • https://gerryreid.com/home

4. Popcornflix

Similar to Putlocker, Popcornflix or PopcornTV is the oldest free online streaming service, provider. Also, it is actually one of the official sites to have non-copyrighted materials.


There is an android app for this app is available if you want extra features like login and save your watchlist and add movies to the playlist etc. Popcornflix also features viral videos section, where you can find many trending videos around the globe just like YouTube.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find the new domain names and more.

Things I like about Popcornflix

  • Simple and easy to navigate through the collection
  • Viral video section
  • Just 2 clicks away from watching your favourite movie or tv shows
  • Supports AppleTV, Roku, iOS, Xbox

What’s bad

  • Surprisingly the ads are almost none, just some non-intrusive ads when playing before the movie

Popcornflix Links

  • Popcornflix.com

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5. Viki

If you are looking for Asian dramas with English audio and subtitles, then Viki got you covered. It’s not an exact Dare TV alternative but still its worth for your time.

viki korean drama

Viki provides many Asian movies and tv shows for free. You can watch Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Kpop and more. The best place for all in one Asian package, I still use this website to watch my favourite Korean series.

Things I like about Viki

  • Official website
  • Ultra HD, HD, SD quality
  • Apps available for Android, iOS, AppleTV, Chromecast, Firestick
  • Features like login, community, explore page
  • Many English dubbed dramas

What’s bad

  • Similar to YouTube, there will be ads in between the videos

Viki Links

  • Viki.com

6. Hulu123

This website is best known for its best and new collection of movies and tv series, yeah unlike other websites it doesn’t contain tons of useless contents and only has very good collection of movies and series.

free hulu movies

Contents are sorted by genre, year, country, tv-series and more. Also, this is only site that has Asian dramas collection, mostly Korean and Japanese TV series in the English language and how cool is that right.

Things I like about Hulu123

  • Good collection of movies and tv shows
  • Korean, Japanese, Chinese dramas in English language
  • Anime, Cartoon section for kids

What’s bad

  • Popup ads are annoying
  • The website theme isn’t that good as others

Hulu123 Links

  • http://hulu123.net

7. Movies4u

A good place to chill and watch movies for free, as the name suggests Movies4u has some pretty cool movies and updated regularly.


It almost has 22000+ Movies and Tv Series, you can literally spend tons of hours on this site and never get bored of it. Also, Movies4u allows you to register to get additional features like to save a playlist, remember which movies are watched and more, but that’s optional.

Things I like about Movies4u

  • Great collection of featured movies
  • Login advantage
  • One of the best Dare TV Alternative especially when it comes to the movies
  • IMDB ratings and reviews included

What’s bad

  • Only one ad before each video

Movies4u Links

  • Movies4u.co

8. Vumoo

If you go to this website, you won’t even believe that this is a free website, yeah it looks professional website just like Netflix but without no subscriptions.

vumoo daretv alternative

Vumoo online streaming is also popular among communities like Reddit, so they can be reliable, even if they shut down one domain, the new domain will be up and active within a day. If you want to watch movies without any hassle, this is the right choice for you.

Things I like about Vumoo

  • Best for dubbed English movies
  • Multiple sources available
  • IMDB integration

What’s bad

  • Don’t have login features
  • Lots of ads (easily avoided by using adblockers)

Vumoo Links

  • Vumoo.to
  • https://vumoo.life
  • https://vumoo.cc

9. Openload Free TV

Openload is the biggest online streaming sources for all the websites here, yeah you can find openload source in any websites mentioned above, but what if openload itself has its own collection of movies and tv shows.

openload free movies

That’s where this Openload Free Tv comes in, this is the official openload website that contains their own servers with a huge collection of movies and series.

Note: VPN is required for this website

Things I like about Openload Free TV

  • Official free online movie streaming service
  • IMDB ratings, reviews, cast, plot etc
  • No dead links

What’s bad

  • Non-intrusive ads

Openloadfreetv Links

  • openloadfreetv.me (requires VPN)
  • https://openloadmovies.ac

10. Project Free TV

A group of movie enthusiasts created this website to make featured movies and tv shows available for free to anyone.


Project free tv is the best place to watch shows especially the US and UK tv-shows. It also has the login feature that provides additional benefits and a smart search bar to instantly find what you are looking for to watch.

Things I like about Project Free TV

  • All US and UK Tv shows
  • Add to favourite
  • IMDB integration

What’s bad

  • Pretty much none except for ads

Project Free TV Links

  • Projectfreetv.fun

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Bonus section

In this bonus section, I will provide some extra links to make your online movie watching experience to a whole new level.


Unblock any websites without VPN. Also, this website updates the domain names regularly to keep the streaming websites up to date. Hence you don’t need to search for each domain separately.

Go to https://unblockit.me

Premium streaming services

These are the paid streaming services that provide high-quality original web series and movies without any ads, also it has a great in-app experience and many awesome features that can’t be seen in free streaming services.

Anime streaming sites

These are some of the best sites to watch anime, manga, cartoons online for free.

  • https://www.crunchyroll.com
  • https://www.animelab.com
  • https://watchcartoononline.asia
  • https://watchcartoon.org

Even more Dare TV alternatives

  • http://losmovies.to
  • http://vmovee.to
  • https://newepisodes.co
  • https://free-123movies.com
  • https://solarmovie.mom

Final Thoughts

Many peoples out there want to watch movies for free without any subscriptions unlike Netflix and other popular premium streaming services. That’s where these 10 Best Dare TV alternatives would be the perfect fit for you.


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