Top 10 Best Survey Remover Tool To Bypass Surveys

While net surfing or downloading some sort of file, you might have probably faced annoying Surveys. Right? We often don’t want to ask their stupid questions. However, for getting a file downloaded we complete the survey. These surveys usually occur while downloading files from 3rd party websites. Surveys might have been bearable if they used to be short but these surveys are damn big & boring. Are you also bored with this surveys? Do you want to end this questionnaire session? Well don’t worry; we have come up with Top 10 Best Survey Remover Tool. So, without wasting time let’s get started.

Survey Remover Tool

Why Do We See This Surveys?

Actually, the reason behind these Surveys is simple “Gaining Money”. The website that displays such surveys is getting paid for every successful survey & in simple words its collaboration between website & companies. That’s the reason the website owners make it mandatory to complete this surveys & then get your file.

This money earning strategy is good & acceptable too if we really get the requested file. Sometimes few websites just want you to complete these surveys & they won’t even give a single file. Yes, that’s true! Few websites are only built for duping/cheating traffic; even if you complete the survey they will provide you with some sort of error, incomplete file, another file or broken link. But 1 complete survey means money earned.

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I must say “A BIG YES”! Who will like filling a survey form for no reason? This is no less than irritating someone. These annoying pop-ups are a real nuisance. Just think you are looking for a software on several websites, you click on download & there’s a pop-up “This file is locked” or something like that. For unlocking this file you need to clear a survey that will be boring & question numbers are damn greater in number.

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Thanks To Survey Remover Tool!

As these surveys are annoying & time wasting with unsurely of getting our requested file. Why not remove these surveys? Using few of the best survey removal tools we can pass through these surveys easily. So, why not try the Best ones! Let’s see.

Top 10 Best Survey Remover Tool

1. Bypass Survey:

One of the best tool to remove survey online. The procedure is super simple & the tool is easy to use. Even a beginner can use this software. To bypass surveys you just need to enter the link/URL of the website containing surveys & click on “GO” button. Within few minutes every possible survey will be removed from the website & you will get the content you were looking for. Because of its simplicity Bypass stands at #1.

2. Surveys Remover:

Surveys Remover is another tool for skipping any kind of survey. The remover is absolutely free & a competitor of Bypass too. You can even remove surveys on famous websites like Sharecash, Fileice, Dollar cash, etc. This remover is not only capable of removing surveys but also capable of removing unlock pages. Sometimes there are web pages where you need to install a few apps or complete a few tasks to get your desired file. However, most of them are spam. Just skip such redirection pages using this tool. FAST- EASY – FREE!

3. Survey Remover Tool:

Coming to #3, stands Survey Remover Tool. This tool is offline software for Windows. Download the software – Install & you are ready to go. Survey Remover Tool is absolutely free tool & works great on most of the web pages.

4. Sharecash Survey Killer:

Sharecash Survey Killer stands on #4 which is also considered among best survey removal tools. It is capable of removing any kind of survey that is in your way. The user interface of Sharecash is simple. Additionally, Sharecash is damn secure software; they won’t save your private data nor compromise your private information with survey pages. This simply means “SECURED”. We hope you might like this software because the setup isn’t big in size & installation steps are simple. So, try this software & if you aren’t impressed yet then let’s move ahead.

5. Redirect Bypasser Add-on for Mozilla Firefox:

This survey removal tool is an extension for Mozilla Firefox users. The tool is extremely useful for bypassing surveys & for avoiding unnecessary redirection, ads & redirection tabs opening in new windows. Bypasser is capable of removing surveys from any website. Just get this extension on your Mozilla Firefox browser. This add-on will automatically extract the links of survey & help you get the file without going through any survey.  Additionally, this extension can extract addresses from plugin, text contents, java scripts, & dynamic contents. These all features for free of cost.

6. All in one Survey Bypass tool:

This is another tool in our list with a bit sophisticated look. The tools usage procedure are just in 4 steps. Firstly, just enter the survey URL. Secondly, choose the file source, then press the Bypass & download Button. After completing this 3 steps, go & get your requested file. You are free from surveys, give a thumbs up to this tool!

7. Survey Remover Trial Software:

Want to download content but the survey is coming on your path. Don’t worry, this handy tool might help you. This is a great tool for removing surveys. The tool automatically detects the survey & bypasses it within a short span of time. However, sometimes you need to paste URL & proceed. But that’s not a big deal. Overall this works great!

8. Survey RemoverPro:

If you aren’t impressed by our previous tools then I hope this might end your search. Why not try Survey Remover Pro? This tool has been updated regularly & they claim that any type of survey can be bypassed by their software. I don’t think this type of claims others might have done. Just download & install this software on your PC. Once the installation is done, there will be on-screen instructions that you need to follow in order to bypass the boring survey.

9. XJZ Survey Remover:

This software doesn’t need to be explained much. One of the light weighted tool in our list. Just download this chrome web store extension & you are ready to block annoying surveys. This extension automatically blocks survey whenever detected. Even Facebook surveys won’t escape from this tools hand.

10. ScriptSafe:

Our last survey remover tool is ScriptSafe! This tool is also a Chrome Web Store tool which prevents various scripts taking pace & doesn’t allows surveys to be coming. However, this tool isn’t specifically designed to remove surveys but it’s made in such a way that Surveys get prevented automatically.

One Bonus Way For Mozilla Firefox Users!

Do Not Survey:

If your default browser is Mozilla Firefox then give this tool a try. This tool automatically prevents surveys on websites. So add this as soon as possible if you are Firefox user. But there’s 1 caution we want to notify, this extension also blocks other scripts so better use while bypassing survey.


So, these were the Top 10 Ways to eliminate annoying Surveys out of your way. Every tool listed above is definitely working but we don’t guarantee or claim that our list ones can bypass every survey. By my personal opinion Survey Bypass was the best & that’s why I gave it Rank #1. Opinions differ from person to person. Select any method you like & let us know which way was best for you via Comment Section.


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