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Jarvis app is also known as a personal assistant which makes your work easier. Often users know some personal assistants like Google Home, Alexa, Siri, Etc and its works by your voice command. Also, you can see how technology has improved day by day like such thing as Best Jarvis App.

Best Jarvis app


Some of the android users may not like default personal assistant. There is some other Best Jarvis apps replacement for the default voice Assistant.

Why You Need Best Jarvis App?

Nowadays Users get lots of advantages in personal assistant. The Best Jarvis app makes your work easier and faster. Unfortunately, the default personal assistant doesn’t have many options so some of the users searching for the best Jarvis app which makes your work easier and contains many options to perform.

The basic performance of the personal assistant, you can make calls even your smartphone is being locked also, you can unlock your smartphones by using a personal assistant.

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Best Jarvis App for Android

The following apps are the best Jarvis app for android where you can find more options than default voice assistant, Just follow our below article to know about the best Jarvis apps.

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Lyra Virtual Assistant
  • Google Assistant
  • Sherpa Assistant
  • Virtual Assistant DataBot
  • Robin AI Voice Assistant
  • Extreme Go- Personal Voice Assistant

1. Amazon Alexa


You will get amazed while using this application. Seriously it performs great and very good response. You make Alexa as a default command assistant and you can listen to music, get a news update and many more options. Alexa accepts your bad vocabulary and it will give the needed results you want. Alexa allows you to call or message without unlocking your smartphone.

Make your Alexa enabled devices to control the smart lights, smart locks and also you can change the colour of the smart lights which is in the home without moving a single step, by providing a command to Alexa.

Other stuff about the application

Size 86 MB
price Free
Developer Amazon Mobile LLC

Download this application by using the below link.

Amazon Alexa

2. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra Virtual Assistant is one of the intelligent applications. It can play YouTube by using your voice command. people often used the best Jarvis App for making the call, for that this application is an expert. You can able to set the alarm. If there are any small mistakes made by you in voice search Lyra can easily identify and give an answer to your question.

It helps you to find a local restaurant and some other public places. Especially, this app allows you to save notes and reminders.

Other stuff about the application

Size 2.7 MB
price Free
Developer Artificial Solutions

Download this application by using the below link.

Lyra Virtual Assistant

3. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a famous application and it is ready to help wherever you want. It can find music based on genre, there you can hear favourite music and also you can adjust the volume and skip the song that you want. Before giving any command you should start with “hey google”.

Your google assistant can make calls and send a text message and it will stay connected with those who matter most. You can see the latest news by giving a command.

Other stuff about the application

Rating  4.2
price Free
Developer Google LLC

Download this application by using the below link.

Google Assistant

4. Sherpa Assistant

Sherpa Assistant

If you use this application it will very helpful for you. Sherpa assistant uses a powerful algorithm based on probabilistic that will pretend your interset. The most interesting in this application, if it is raining in your location sherpa assistant suggest you carry an umbrella. If you are looking for the nearby gas station then use sherpa assistant, it will exactly give a location of the gas station and other kinds of stuff.

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Wherever you are in the place this application lets you know about what’s around your place.

Other stuff about the application

Size  48 MB
price Free
Developer SHERPA

Download this application by using the below link.

Sherpa Assistant

5. Virtual Assistant DataBot

Virtual Assistant DataBot

Virtual Assistant DataBot is one of the cool voice assistants, it will answer the questions whatever questions ask by you. Apps integrated with your assistant will give multimedia presentations. This app allows you to share your search via email, and other social media application.

Users can customize the application according to their preferences like voice, language, and other stuff.

Other stuff about the application

Size  20 MB
price Free
Developer Robot Studio

Download this application by using the below link.

Virtual Assistant DataBot

6. Robin AI Voice Assistant

Robin personal assistant


While driving Robin AI Voice Assistant helps to keep your eyes on the road, you no need to see your phone to do some simple things like playing songs, browsing, etc. You can send voice messages with anybody by using this Robin Voice Assistant.

It consists completely handsfree where you can get directions, locate parking lots and gas stations around you. This voice assistant currently in Beta so you can watch her intelligence evolve daily.

Other stuff about the application

Size  19 MB
price Free
Developer Audioburst

Robin – AI Voice Assistant

7. Extreme Go – Personal Voice Assistant

Extreme go


If you are still searching for the best voice assistant then Extreme Go Personal voice assistant will suit you. This is the lightweight application with more features and Use your voice to get directions to the nearest petrol bunk, make calls hands free during driving, and unwind by playing your favorite music.

The supported languages are English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Breton, Catalan, Spanish, French, German.

Other stuff about the application

Size  15 MB
price Free
Multiverse Software

Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant

Final Verdict

This application will help you in all aspects and make your work easier. If you are using your mobile without google assistant while unlocking a smartphone you will distract to some other apps then you may forget about the work that you came for. So try the above apps and save your precious time also avoid becoming addicted to your smartphone.

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