Top 10 GTA 5 Mods You should Try in 2023

GTA 5 is a very popular and most played game on earth in almost every gaming consoles and pc. GTA games are pretty amazing open-world games since their franchise. Every GTA game breaks the record of most downloaded and most played and won pretty much every for the best game. Here are some best GTA 5 mods for PC that you should try.

insane gta 5 mods

Well since this game has been around for 6 years, there are tons of mods available to try on. Every day new mods are created and updated till today because even in today GTA 5 is one of the most playing game.

How to install Mods

Before you install the mods, you need to do some tweaking to the game. So that the game is ready for taking the mods.

  • Install Script Hook V

This is the very important step, all you need to do is just download the file and copy the ScriptHookV.dll file to the GTA 5 game directory (that is where the GTA5.exe is located).

Note: Different mods require different tools installed, but for the most of the 
mods it will be the ScriptHook. But some of the mods require additional plugins. 
Like LUA plugin, OpenIV etc.
  • Install Mods

It’s so simple, you just need to download the mod file. Then extract it and copy all the files or folder to the “mods” folder in where the game has been installed. If there is no mods folder then just create a new folder and rename it to mods.

Top 10 Insane Mods for GTA 5

Here is the list of the best new GTA 5 mods in 2019. And the list is not in any particular order. All download links are available below every mods. And you can always read the description of the mods in the download file, in case you have encountered any error or doubt regarding any mods.

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Note: Always must read the instructions in the mod before installing, since some mods
require extra plugins or other mod or mod tools.

1. Grand Theft Space

This is the one hell of the mod for GTA 5. Immerse yourself in space. There is a huge team behind this mod and not only it’s a map mad, but also includes newer gameplay and missions to complete.

gta 5 best mods

This mod is awesome and contains alien characters, NASA space center, unique island and moon etc. Some series gameplay is available in this mod, so go for it without having any second thoughts.

Download Grand Theft Space

2. No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis

As you guessed from the name, yes this mod is having three different mods in it. You can switch between any mod in the game using a single button.

gta 5 mods

No water

Once enabled there is no water in the game. Oceans, lakes, rivers and even swimming pools don’t contain any water. You can just roam over the ocean with the car and collect the collectables items.

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A very huge wave of water attacks the whole city and leaves it with water.


Coolest one, it sinks the whole city under the water, everything in the game goes to underwater. You can either dive into the water and go to the places that you can’t without the water.

Download No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis

3. Redux Graphics

It’s a graphics mod that brings next-generation level graphics to the GTA 5. Yes, seriously it enhances every textures and object in the game to the 4k resolution. And also provides some pretty natural vegetation with weaver controls.

ultimate graphics gta 5

Almost every things in the game changes. Weather systems are now more realistic and dynamic. Reshade + ENB brings a whole new experience to the game. Stunning visual effects from sound to bombing makes the game feel more realistic. Police system, weapons, population and almost everything is changed.

Download GTA5 Redux

4. Psychokinetic

You can’t get superpowers in real life though you can in GTA5 using this super cool mod. Yes using this mod you can literally control everything around you or in the game with just using your mind.

top gta 5 mods

Telekinetic abilities are obtained via this mod. You can fly over the city or just pick up any item or people or car with just using your mind and throw it anywhere you like. You will definitely enjoy the game more using this mod.

Download Psychokinetic

5. Complex Control

If you like PUBG or Fortnite, then you’re gonna love this mod. Because this GTA 5 mod literally makes the GTA 5 into battle royale game. But no multiplayer sadly, only you can able to play this game offline and the rules are the same as pubg, where you fight with AI peoples.

gta 5 battle royale

It just spawns random map at random places and you will able to play there, then it will automatically spawn the tools or vehicles required to complete the challenge. I actually kinda had fun with this mod.

Download Complex Control

6. Vice V

The famous grand theft auto vice city comes alive with this mod. The vice city map is recreated with the HD textures and models and also some cars and peoples are included in the pack.

gta 5 best cool mods

This mod adds the map as DLC, so your main game is safe and this map is loaded from the menu. You can travel anywhere you want and bring back your old memories with the hd version of the vice city.

 Download Vice V

7. Enhanced Melee Combat

Even though GTA 5 is fun to play, many feel that GTA 5 melee attacks were better. Since often the stealth games steal the crown for the melee attack experience, the mod is developed to enhance the feel of the melee attack.

cool gta 5 mods

Using this mod you can fight with people one to one like in the fighting game. Also, you can knife fight and jump air fight etc., using this mod.

Download Enhanced Melee Combat

8. Single Player Garage

This is absolutely for car lovers who like to tune the vehicles and store and sell them in order to make the game feel more real.

best amazing gta 5 mods

Using this best GTA 5 mods you can store unlimited vehicles into the building that almost has 20 stories plus. Customize any car according to your like and even you can showcase and sell them.

Download Single Player Garage

9. Large Dragon

gta 5 dragon mod

Are you fan of Game of Thrones and love the dragons, well actually this mod can satisfy your needs literally. You can turn into a dragon and start flying around the GTA 5 streets. And also you can burn everything with fire from your dragon mouth.

Download Large Dragon

10. Two-Player Mod

Some folks love the offline multiplayer say like in GTA San Andreas, you can actually play two players using the controllers. Well, it’s so much and cool right, here is the mod that can turn your GTA5 into a two-player game.

gta 5 top mods

One can drive a car and the other one can fight or shoot pedestrians or you can do whatever you want and see some ultimate possibilities using two players.

Download Two Players Mod

There you go

Well, that’s pretty much all the mods which can actually turn your GTA5 into Insane. Just make sure always read and follow the instructions so that you won’t have any troubles installing them. I will post more about best GTA 5 Mods, so stay tuned until then.


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