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Welcome to my Blog. I'm Jiiva, a young Blogger from Tamil Nadu(India). I have been Running this Blog from 2015 with my full effort to Help users on the Tech field and clear doubt and provide advance guides in simple methods.

How technology affects education negatively

The major idea related to technology in education is that technology helps educational development worldwide, starting from the best colleges and universities and all...
smart technology

Top Reasons Technology is so Important

In today’ time, technology is omnipresent. Because it serves a variety of reasons, it is hard to imagine life without it. Regardless of where...

How to Monetize Your Knowledge

The global pandemic has pushed many students to look for online learning and free courses are a great teaser for those looking to market...

Top 5 Smartwatches for Students Activity

Technology has come of age, which to us means you can get a decent smartwatch on a budget. If you are a student planning...
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Top 8 Best Web Development Tools Available

Web developers rely on tools to improve efficiency and productivity when working on projects. As demands and expectations rise, so do the choices of...