Grammarly refers to one of the most used tools by most writers to correct grammar. It helps the user improve the quality of their work by ensuring that it has no grammatical errors. It is capable of solving 250 grammar mistakes. Some of the errors solved by Grammarly include grammar, punctuation check in my sentences, spelling mistakes, vocabulary usage, tenses, and passive voice to active, among others. It can also be used to help one change their writing accent from US English to British and also from British English to the US.

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Additionally, it gives suggestions for citations. It is available in both browser extension and window software. This tool comes in two versions; free version and the premium version. On the free version, the user is limited to the number of features that they can access. In the premium version, one can access all the features. While the premium version comes with a number of features, the user is supposed to buy it. However, there are four methods that can be used to help one to acquire grammarly premium free for forever.

How to Get Grammarly Premium Free Forever

Following are the available methods from which you can get Grammarly premium free.

#1 Method – Use Referral Link

As a way of the Grammarly developer organization ensuring that their clients are happy with the services provided, they introduced a free one week trial of Grammarly premium version. This offer is entitled to all users who invite more friends to use Grammarly. If one invites more friends after the one week trial, the access to this premium account can be can be extended.

Most people have benefited greatly from this offer and they have been enjoying a full package of features that come with the premium version. For instance, by one referring 20 new users to this product, they get to enjoy 20 weeks of this account for free of charge. By one having a free test of the product before purchasing it, they get to interact more with it and get to learn more about them. Such experiences help consumers to make a sound decision on how the perfect the product suits them. For one to be able to open the premium account using this method, the following steps should be used.

  • Create a new account using the provided link.


  • The user is then required to add Grammarly extension to their browser.

 grammerly free premium

  • Now the third step is logging into the account by clicking on the extension icon
  • Tapping on the extension icon provides one with an option to click on invites.
  • The last step is sharing with family and friends the affiliate link

#2 Method – Through using Flikover


Flikover is an online site that avails SEO tools at lower prices than the real prices. It is a well-known website in providing a lot of genuine SEO tools. Although most of the services available on this site are charged, Grammarly premium can be accessed for free using this site. This makes it easy and cheap to access this amazing tool that ensures that people write the perfect grammar in their work. The steps that one needs to follow to create a premium account using Flikover are as follows.

  • Go to Flikover and complete the signup using the provided button.
  • Check the dashboard tab and click on the Grammarly visit tab.
  • Install the two extensions Flikover 1 and Flikover 2 on your browser.
  • Refresh the page to access Grammarly link in footer tap on it.
  • Wait for few seconds and it will automatically login to your premium Grammarly account.

Sign Up For Flikover

#3 Method – Using exceptional Link

One can use an exceptional link provided to gain access to Grammarly premium account. Once the account is opened using this link, it keeps the user going for seven weeks. However, when one uses this link to open the account, the access is not charged. One way in which this can be reached out is by adding individuals. The steps to be followed while opening the premium account using this method are as given.

#4 Method – By Becoming an Affiliate with Grammarly

This is one of the decent choices for normal essayists and bloggers. This can be achieved by following ways. That will allow the user to get the Grammarly premium account free of charge. One can use the following steps to able to open the premium account.

  • Apply for the Grammarly Affiliate Account.
  • Wait until you are notified of the approval. This might take a couple of days.
  • When the record gets affirmed, one gains cash for every client that they allude to the Grammarly. At that time, one has a chance to appreciate Premium access without charges.

If you face any problem in getting the grammarly premium account then get in touch with me using the comment box.



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