Top 10 Alternative Sites like Fingerhut

Do you love shopping? Well everyone likes to go shopping but not everytime is the right time for it. There are numerous reasons why people drop their idea of shopping. Usually, the reason is Money. At instance, we think that why can’t we get things for free currently & pay it later on? Well, that’s a pretty great idea, but why would someone launch a business on this bases? Really Troublesome! Here are some awesome sites like Fingerhut.

 Alternative sites like Fingerhut

Well, the answer is simple. There are few E-commerce websites that are based on the concept “Buy first, Pay Later”. Using this website you can buy stuff without paying currently but by scheduling your payment. One of these websites is “Fingerhut”. Fingerhut is a business website which allows you to buy things without paying anything while placing order or receiving it. Meanwhile, you need to schedule your installments & pay it on time. If you miss your EMI, you will have to pay interest amount for it. We have also posted Best sites like ThinkGeek you can also have a check.

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Fingerhut is really a useful website which gives you credit opportunity. If Fingerhut is so compact, why do we need alternatives? Pretty good question, everything cannot be available on 1 website & not everyone feels the same about User Interface. Here are few of the best alternative sites like Fingerhut. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Top 10 Alternative Sites like Fingerhut


gettington Fingerhut alternative

With a wide variety of things from electronics to home décor, everything is available over here. The website is easy to use & has an easy User Interface. Gettington also allows you create a list of credit just by signing up. You also get a numerous brands categorized with free shipping. The website keeps on updating heavy discounts. So if you are shopping titan, keep an eye on this website. Same like Fingerhut gettington also charges you interest on missing EMI’s.


2. Shopping Channel:

The shopping Channel Alternative for fingerhut

Another best alternative for Fingerhut is “Shopping Channel”. With more than 23K products accompanied by well categorization, this website deserves a spot in our list. You can buy products & pay later but you need to sign up & get TSC. Shipping over this website is free & you get special offers too now & then. Also here you might get 20% discount on your next purchase if you get VIP Credit membership. As a result, great deal.

Shopping Channel

3. Flex Shopper:

Flex Shopper

Flex Shopper is a bit unorganized website but still offers you great deals. The website has a huge range of products under several headings. You can buy every product on this website just by applying for credit. Getting credit isn’t a difficult task. Customer support of this website is quite better than others. However the spending limit for each account is $2500. So you can buy things till you surpass this limit.

Flex Shopper

4. HSN:

HSN Home shopping Network

HSN or Home Shopping Network is damn cool website which only includes best choices to shop online. Ranging from Shoes, Clothing to Travel accessories, everything is available at one place. To use this website you need to fill an application which will be approved by HSN. You need to wait till your Credit gets approved. But be sure that you don’t miss out any Installment because it might cost you $1 fee.


5. LendYou:


It’s name is enough to make us understand what it is all about. This website works on a bit different way as compared to Fingerhut. Here you take loan directing from lenders & get your product. However here loan get instantly accepted upto $1000. But overall a similar website like Fingerhut. You can also use this virtual loan money to pay bills or purchase products.

Lend You

6. StoneBerry:


Are you looking for Electronic appliances or accessories? If yes then this website can be best for you. StoneBerry is best for electronic stuff. However there are other things available too, but they are more precise in electronics. Another amazing thing of this website is it’s monthly installment. You can set your EMI at minimum of $6. Also you don’t need to fill a form, just order set paymentunder processwait for approval. Aprroved! Eureka!


7. Seventh Avenue:

seventh avenue

Another website that’s same like Fingerhut. Here you get coolest products of different brands accompanied by rare items too. By rare items we meant, rolling cart, solar glass bottle, etc. You can also get Furniture, outdoor, etc at a minimum of $20 EMI. Also, you can search according to gender which makes searching efficient. Apply – Wait till it gets approved – ApprovedGet your product Pay your EMI End the EMI – That’s all!

Seventh Avenue

8. Country Door:

Country Door

Country Door is another AIO or All In One store where you can even get a needle. Get approval within a day. Really, this website probably or usually approves your request within a day. Their response is really excellent & their easy UI website is also awesome.

Country Door

9. QVC:

Searching for sites like Fingerhut, well this website is one of them. An award won can be enough to prove its worth. QVC is well organized & categorized too. Top brands are also on sale with a flat discount on it. Well, if you aren’t impressed yet, then there’s one more thing that might surely attract you. QVC has its own channel where they feature their own products. So visit their channel to know more.


10. MDG:

MDG is also an award winner (Consumer’s Choice Award). The website has numerous goods & a great customer support service. MDG Support team will assist you whenever you need help. Mainly the website is focused on Electronics but there are few more categories like Furniture, Home décor, etc. A person applying for credit can get maximum of $3000 if his/her credit gets approved. Just file an application.


11. Masseys:

Masseys is an E-Commerce website that’s probably new in market. The website is mainly focused on Fashion related stuff but has few more categories. We would recommend you this website if you are interested towards Fashion genre. Get accessories, clothes, shoes, lifestyle products or beauty products, everything at one place. You can pay minimum of $20 per month on each product. Just applyWait for approval Chill, it won’t take much time!


These are the top 10 alternative sites like Fingerhut, We have added addition sites to make users to find best sites like fingerhut. If you have any suggestion comment below.


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