Top 10 Alternative Sites like ThinkGeek for Greeky Stuff

Are you in love with tech? Do you love tech related logistic movies? Do you also love few accessories used in a movie? Want to buy few really amazing tech savvy things? Well if yes, then you are in the right place. A single answer to your questions is “ThinkGeek”. ThinkGeek is a well-known shopping commercial website & information center for tech lovers. You can find every possible tech product over here whether for men or women. Unique, as well as imaginative products, are absolutely available for an affordable price. So what are the site like ThinkGeek which can be used as alternative for ThinkGeek

You can buy Home products, items, gadgets, office items, or anything else. A collective platform that offers you a lot of stuff. Just explore it! ThinkGeek is available 24 x 7. But if you want to find similar sites like ThinkGeek in order to compare it or something else. So without wasting much time, let’s get into the post!

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Top 10 alternatives Sites Like ThinkGeek.

1. This Is Why I’m Broke!

This Is Why I’m Broke Premiuminfo

This Is Why I’m Broke” is an online shopping mall which launches great deal & discount offers on daily basis. The website allows you the lowest price for every accessory as compared to other e-commerce websites. Amazon, eBay, might have greater price than “TIWIB(This Is Why I’m Broke)”. So next time, if you want to buy something techy, have a try on this website.

This Is Why I’m Broke

2. Entertainment Earth:

Entertainment Earth Alternative site like thinkgreek

Entertainment Earth is a website which survived while the .com explosion. The e-commerce website was built by three friends. However, we won’t discuss their struggles. The e-commerce website right now wholesales around 15000+ licensed products. And, finding Hollywood or movie entertainment stuff isn’t a big deal here. This is the similar sites like ThinkGeek.

Entertainment Earth

3. Jinx:

Jinx Alternative site like thinkgreekJinx is another website that has been successful in recent time. Starting from a bedroom to a company, this company offers you a lot of products. You can find T-shirts, Games, Geek themes, Video games, apparel items, toys, action stuff, models, posters, stickers, etc. The website is trusted & gives a quality product.


4. Wervetu:

Wervetu Alternative site like thinkgreek

Wervetu is an integrated website. The website collects cool products from numerous sources & maganizes. Best for people who want to gift something to someone. Products are quite available at economical prices. Wervetu is a trusted website & shortlists best deals for their customers. Every product has a brief description, so you can count on them.


5. Archie McPhee:

archie mcphee Alternative site like thinkgreek

As this site states, Archie McPhee is a wholesale supplier of stuff that is awesome. This site is not at all boring and hates stuff which is boring. This fact is the reason Archie McPhee is at the second position in the list of best geeky sites like ThinkGeek.

Archie McPhee

6. Wish:

wish Alternative site like thinkgreek

Wish is a well-known website as well as application on Android & iOS. The website offers you every single product with at least 50% off. You can find every tech related as well as daily products over here. Even a great smartphone or a look-alike iPhone would cost you not more than 6K INR over here. Just 1 caution you need to pay attention over here is, never buy according to an image. Wish gives you really amazing things for low prices but never make a buy without reading their description. Always read the description. Because sometimes, they show an image of a mobile that costs around 500 INR but in reality the description says, that’s just screen guard of mobile. So pay attention to the description. If you check it, then this website can help you fill every accessory at a cheap price. Save Money!


7. Five Star:

Five Star is another website that might not always show low priced things. But this website will show you only 5-Star rated products of Amazon. So using this website you don’t need to keep on searching entire Only viewing top-rated products ensures that you buy the best product. However, there’s just 1 disadvantage. If you view this website then you might not know which products are new on Amazon & not rated yet. And there lies a possibility that a new product might also be great.

Five Star

8. Neatoshop

Well, Neatoshop is a site which is not wholly about gadgets and technology. Perhaps, more about stuff which is unique and a lot more trendy. Also, Neatoshop offers you a whole another section which dedicates to “bacon” stuff.


9. Bless This Stuff:

Well, Bless This Stuff is a different and unique kind of a website, to be honest. Bless This Stuff is not a shop just like all the other online stores. Rather, it is a discovery website which finds amazing things is available in different parts of the world. Then, it tells people about them and then offers the option to buy them.

Bless This Stuff

10. The Geeky Store:

Name equals to work. The website works exactly according to its name. You will definitely find unique things here that you would have been imagining. People have also found things they have been just hearing kinda rumors. An actual place to buy tech items & nerd’s wish list. However you might just find a few items purchase links, but remember we have said few. You can also shop by category or price. Easy interface & smooth working website.

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These are the list of top 10 alternative sites like ThinkGeek. If you still have any suggestions don’t forget to comment below.



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