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Manage VLC media Player

Some Tips To Manage VLC Media Player Like Professional

The VLC media player has turned out to be the best music and video watching software app to many people all over the world....
best mobile browsers better than chrome

Best Mobile Browsers That are Better Than Google Chrome

Do you ever think about using different mobile browsers other than the default pre-installed Google Chrome on your Android devices? Yeah, I know that...
computer hacker

Ransomware leads the buzz for Dark Web topic discussions

Most people have only a very general idea of what the Dark Web is. They know you can buy things illegally there, such as...
download and install qooapp for android and ios

Qooapp for Android and iOS | Unlimited Japanese Games & Comics

Qooapp is the best alternative for the google play store in Japan. Yes, the features it offers and the games and apps it provides...
Monitor Snapchat for Free

Best Ways to Monitor Snapchat for Free

Snapchat is one of the social applications that any youth or teenager would not dare to miss. It offers fantastic ways of sharing messages,...