The task of writing your dating script from scratch has been made much easier by the existence of ready-made dating site scripts where all that is left for you to do is fill up your particular details, features, or preferences to customize a structured template. The hands available in the market don’t just come at different prices.

It might be a little difficult to pinpoint a single hand as being the best dating script because even though they all have several structural or functional similarities, in their uniqueness, each one seems to offer a specific feature that all the others don’t.

In other words, it is not easy to have it all in one script that may be said to offer everything. The dating site builder generally provides the basic structure and functionality to make your website or application do what a dating site is required to do. Then the site owner aims to add certain specific features that may be missing in the existing dating sites and make that their competitive advantage in the market.

Below is a list of sixteen detailed overviews of some of the dating scripts available in the market that can be used to create new dating websites or applications for android and iOS.

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Scripts for Building a Great Dating Website

Notice that most of the dating scripts will incorporate dating PHP scripts in their structure to support other script languages and also be able to work on multiple devices.

1. Dating site builder


  • Comes in a template form that is still flexible to adapt your style if you wish to do so.
  • Built using PHP code which can be accessed after authorization.
  • The premium package is priced at 29.95 USD monthly.
  • Small and Microenterprise package is priced at 49.95 USD monthly
  • The corporate package comes at a monthly fee of 99.95 USD.

Niche Functionalities

  • Video chats.
  • Adult dating.
  • Social networks for adults.

2. Dating script


  • Designed for easy customization.
  • It has an elaborate user profile platform and a rich content or data management capability.
  • 149.95 USD is charged for beginners.
  • A professional class/category with added features like video chats and virtual gifts comes at the cost of 199.95 USD
  • A business-level category charges 249.95 USD for extra features like music and the classifieds.

Niche Functionalities

  • Free updates, installations, and support.
  • Advertisement is enabled.
  • Systems to detect and block spam.
  • Peer to peer gift mechanism.
  • A platform labeled ‘classified’ with limited access from specific categories of users.

3. AspNetDating


  • It is built on the ASP.NET platform.
  • Offers a variety of dating themes to choose from
  • Compatible with mobile phone operating systems
  • Supports advertisements
  • Initial cost of 290 euros for minimal usage, 490 euros for source code access,
  • 200 euros for chats, 300 euros inclusive of audio and video.
  • For video converter and streaming portal, 180 euros each, all these besides the minimal usage charge being optional.

Niche Functionalities

  • Inbuilt social media support capability.
  • Multiple search options.
  • A section for classified activities.

4. Love Story


  • Word press based, built mainly for mobile phone users.
  • Designed to have layered membership categorization.
  • Easily customized.
  • Requires $58 to pay for the license.

Niche Functionalities

  • Secure chats/messages.
  • Gifts
  • Social media support.
  • Can handle files from the gallery, blogs, directories

5. Chameleon


  • Comes as a PHP dating script.
  • Has an affiliate mechanism.
  • For social network creation.
  • The complete dating PHP script costs $224. The simplified version will sell at $97.

Niche Functionalities

  • Instead of swiping, it utilizes the hot or not labels
  • It claims to measure love.

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6. SoftDatePro


  • It is a $39 dating script
  • Member registration fee.
  • Ordinary and high-level search for partners.
  • Offers a variety of search mechanisms or bases.

Niche Functionalities

  • It has email message communication.
  • Profile photo displays
  • Live chats

7. Date media


  • The simplified version costs $199 with twelve months of script maintenance and upgrade.
  • It can display several theme types
  • Members can form groups
  • Can support video streaming, image gallery

Niche Functionalities

  • Contains blog platforms
  • Skype-enabled
  • Message notifications
  • Can set up discussion platforms

8. Updating


  • A $ 149-word press dating script that may be viewed as one of the best dating scripts in word press because of the variety of dating platforms endowed to it, e.g., affiliate programs, bulk text sending, custom membership

9. SkaDate



  • It’s a dating PHP script
  • Offers a variety of templates that serve a variety of client needs.
  • Has an option for mobile phone operating systems
  • Initial cost of $399, which will include updates and installation, which costs $95 monthly for general software support.

Niche Functionalities

  • Speed dating
  • Verification of profile photos
  • Auto matching software
  • Organized events

10. PG Dating Pro

PG Dating Pro


  • Made mainly for mobile OS
  • Offers a trial version.
  • It will charge a fee for message sending and an extra fee for prompt messaging

Would It Be Profitable To Start Your Own Online Dating Business?

This dating site script may be said to be the best dating script among all the dating site builder scripts offered online for free.

Even when one is on a tight budget, dating site builders are available at a wide range of prices. Cupid dating software, for example, is also another excellent dating site script that comes at a monthly fee of $9.95.

Also other dating sites, e.g. The local dating site Doulike, but has been overly simplified for user-friendliness, especially beginners, with low minimum costs for men only.

As in the above examples, one can always find an appropriate strategy to start and run a profitable online dating business. Statistics have shown that more and more young people find this platform a better way to meet potential mates


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