How To Compress Video without Losing Video Quality

How do you compress a video? Video files are large and sometimes that is a huge problem. Maybe you’re creating a collection of movies but you don’t have unlimited data storage. There’s no need to pick out which ones are the best in your collection. You can keep them all. Just compress the video to make space.

Compress Video without Losing Video Quality

Compressing video file sizes allow you to pack more movies in your collection. There’s no need to sacrifice the quality of the videos with the right tools. Don’t know how to compress a video? Here’s our best-recommended video software that you can start with. Compress your videos easily and for free with UniConverter.

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How to Compress a Video using UniConverter

To compress video size we have some features that we can tweak: converting video format, changing resolution, setting bitrate, and other customized features. Use UniConverter to do all these and more such as video download, DVD burning, video transfer, etc.

Step 1: Add video file that you want to compress

  • Open UniConverter on your computer
  • ClickToolbox section from the options
  • Select Video Compress option
  • From the new window, click the + icon on the center

adding video files to uniconvertter

  • Add the video file you’ll be compressing

Step 2: Customize settings of the video you’ll compress

  • Video details will show up on a window
  • Move the Progress bar to let the software to automatically change the parameters or change them yourself separately
  • Notice that you can only compress the video size up to -69%.

Step 3: Compress the video and enjoy

  • Preview the video before compressing
  • Click the Compress button to reduce the video file size

compress video files

  • You just learned how to compress a video.

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How to use UniConverter to Compress Video in Batch

If the parameters of the videos you want to edit are all the same or you have many videos to edit why not just compress video in batch? It saves time and effort. UniConverter has a feature that allows video compression in batch. Here are 5 easy steps to compress your videos in batch.

Step 1: Add all video files you want to compress

  • Open UniConverter on your computer
  • Make sure you’re in the Convert tab
  • Click + Add Files button to add all the files you want to compress regardless of formats

add files to compress

  • Alternatively, you may also drag and drop the videos to UniConverter

Step 2: Open video files settings window

  • On the Convert all files to, click the drop-down icon
  • Select output format, in this case, Video tab
  • Then Select resolution under the selected output format in this case MP4
  • Select Editing icon beside the selected resolution to open the Settings window

open the file to compress

  • Alternatively, click + Create Custom to open the Settings window

Step 3: Customize settings to compress video size

  • In the Settings window, set the Quality to Small Size to reduce the bitrate of the file
  • Optionally, you may change the Video setting: Encoder, Frame Rate, Resolution, and Bitrate manually
  • Click Create after customizing the video settings.

Step 4: Start video compression

  • Preview the compressed video file size on the main interface

customize the compress size

  • Click Convert All to start video compression

Step 5: Manage all converted videos

  • Manage files from the Converted tab
  • Alternatively, click the Output icon at the middle bottom of the Converting Interface


Now you can rest assure that you can fit all your movie collections in a limited space. Video compression is no black magic. You can use UniConverter. There are many videos compressing software out there. We recommend UniConverter because we’ve tested it ourselves and found it reliable, easy to use, and most of all: free to use.

UniConverter provides you 2 different methods to compress videos, individual or by batch. Either way, you’ll be compressing video size without sacrificing quality. So go binge all those favorite movies of yours.

If you have any more questions, refer to How to compress a video created by UniConverter on how to compress video without losing quality. These are proven solutions and there are even videos to guide you step by step.


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