Create Your First Game With Programming Languages

Are you a fan of video games? Well, everybody is, even those say they are not, probably, lie. But what if I told you that you could be the one to create those games? Sounds fascinating, right? This article will help you make the right choice of the programming languages which you would find easy to learn and use for your future of a programmer.

How Can Programming Actually Be a Language?

Well, that’s the question all people think about when playing some state-of-the-art games. Indeed, how can a computer or a console be told what to do with the help of words and signs that people use on a daily basis? It’s simply horrific, but at the same time absofreakinlutely amazing. Oh yeah, I’ve almost forgotten, people say that video games are responsible for the upheaval in the violence rates all over the world. Well, here’s what I’ve got to tell them: it is better to steal cars and kill people in video games than in real life.

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So, let’s cut to the chase. How programming can actually be associated with language? The algorithm to follow, as the IT folks would say, is simple as ABC. Computers are nothing else but a combination of pieces of metal. A bit of plastic, and some modern materials, the names of which I am not even able to pronounce properly. That is, they are nothing without the commands the people give them. Thus, creating a code for gaming simply means saying the computer what you want it to do, when, how, and in which concession. My personal advice for you would be to start from JavaScript as it is an HTML-based coding language that will help you create your first game and. What is more, share it with the others to play.

JavaScript: The Endless World of Opportunities

Opting for JavaScript as for your first coding language to create a video game is not a random choice as it can be called to some extent. The best programming language for games. JavaScript has a lot of benefits and advantages to be used in terms of creating.  Simple, yet interesting, compelling, and, what is more, an interactive game. That’s it, you will make the computer react to your actions.

Thus, if you still doubt whether JavaScript is exactly what you need, make sure that you understand that JavaScript is the programming languages that lies in the core of almost all the websites that you use in your daily activities. Furthermore, it features one of the biggest databases of libraries, like Node.js and others, which can really help you extend your knowledge of programming and coding in the future. So, if you want to code a game and then embark upon progressing as an all-round developed programmer, JavaScript is the language you might want to use.

JavaScript: The Snake of the Coding Languages

So, why one might call JavaScript a snake among the other programming languages? The answer is pretty simple. The point is the JavaScript is a truly flexible language that, while being at your service, can help you change the game’s features even after it has been created. What is more, it can be applied not only for creating games or websites but also for making your life easier.

Let’s say, for example, that you are looking for someone to deliver assignment writing help. You can surely find some variants online, and some of them will be good. so you can even write yourself a program that would compare the offers. All you will have to do after creating the program is to fill in the parameters of your assignment, and your newly-created software will do everything you need for you.

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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is based on parameters, variables, functions, arrays, and algorithms. Having grasped the idea behind each of the aforementioned terms. You can stay assured that you will begin to code with the best programming language for games. There are the functions that either compare, deduct, multiply, divide, or add the parameters that you assign to them. The comparison that the function conducts, thus, helps it define the next step of the program.

For example, you can write such as function: [if(a < b) {say: “Game Over!”. That is, imagine that the point of the game that you want to code is to score at least 10 points. You assign the parameter 10 to the variable “b”, which provides the code with the opportunity to compare “a” to “b”. Meanwhile, the variable “a” equals the score of the player.

programming language

Hence, the game will know whether the player has either managed or did not manage to score 10 points by comparing the variables “a” and “b”. Almost everything within this programming language is based upon reacting to the actions of the uses. When it is a website, javaScript reacts to your clicks and mouse movements. When it is a game, it reacts to your actions. It can be compared to getting a custom assignment help – everything you need. Every single scenario of the game development can be written down with the help of this language.

Using Pseudocode

It cannot be stated that JavaScript is the only one language that uses pseudocode. As a matter of fact, a programmer can use pseudocode with any programming language that he or she likes. Now, the point is that the unique structure of JavaScript allows the pseudocode to resemble the actual code, or at least its structure, to the smallest bits. If you ask what is pseudocode, this is nothing else but an outline of the actual code.

For example, when using an assignment help service. You can provide a team of professionals with an outline and they will extend it and fill every single part of it with the content needed. Turning to those who can provide you with the professionally written assignments help might be a wise idea. Because even if you don’t have a structure that shall provide you with one.

Imagine that you want one round of your game to last in three different phases. Then your pseudocode would be nothing else but a textual scheme that your code would have to follow. In other words, this is just the headings of the sections to be filled with code.

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Coding “Snake” with JavaScript

A perfect example of how JavaScript can be used for coding a game is the worldwide known gaming phenomenon called  “Snake”. Everybody played that game when they were children, either on their phones or on other platforms. Regardless of how exquisite and advanced might the modern-day games be. The trend for returning to the roots of the gaming industry is nowadays booming. A lot of game-production companies tend to produce the revised versions of classical games.

The majority of the game programming languages are aimed at forcing the players following a particular script. Meanwhile, when it comes to JavaScript, and to the “Snake” game, in particular. It is almost possible to say that it makes the players the co-creators of the game.

First, your task is to assign the keys to the keyboard buttons. For example, you shall tell in the code that the keyboard button “arrow down” equals 1. Which must be done with the help of the equation sign. Then, the three other arrow buttons will have the parameters of 2, 3, and 4. This is, basically, everything one needs to do to code the game of “Snake”.

However, there is one more step to perform, you can have to provide directions for each of the variables set. Thus, the computer will know that when the player presses, for example, “arrow up”, the snake has to go up, because the parameter “2” will be equal to “moving up”. Of course, there is a lot of work to be done when it comes to coding a game. It includes adding the visual content, adding backgrounds, sounds, etc. Nonetheless, you shall definitely find the task of coding your first game easier with JavaScript than with any other programming languages in the world.


Becoming a programmer is, without a single shred of doubt, a noble avenue. The modern world is changing, and a person that wants to stay successful has to keep up with the hasty pace of technological advancement. Learning any programming languages, not only JavaScript will help you become a professional. Who might one day change the world for the better? So, do not waste your time, grab your computer. Start coding your scripts so the other could enjoy your creation.


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