Netflix is a website that provides movies both domestically and abroad that can be watched directly using the browser on your PC or Android app. Almost all the box office movies are available there. For new registrants, you can get free Netflix premium account for a month. After that you have to pay some price according to the package provided. There are 3 packages that can be selected that is Basic, Standard, and Premium.

free netflix account

As already said while creating every new account on Netflix you will get free access for a whole month and new payments will be automatically withdrawn in the second month. Interestingly, Netflix provides a subscription cancellation feature at any time.

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The trick is to register a new account on Netflix and the day before the promo ends you cancel your subscription account and register again by creating a new account so that you get Netflix free account. Do it repeated once a month.

But this way will not work if you use the same credit card. If you only have 2 credit cards, you can only create 2x maximum account depending on the limit with your IPs.

You can also look into Netflix Plan details below.

Netflix Plan details

The trick is to create a new credit card every time you create a new account on Netflix. Unfortunately making a new credit card is quite troubleshooting. Don’t worry, just use VCC or virtual credit card. This VCC can be purchased from VCC providers priced around 75 thousand to several hundred thousand. The VCC that has been created in it will have few dollars.

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Well, every time you create a Netflix free account, you should use new VCC. After signing up you can use your VCC money to buy anything like buying games or in-app purchases. Do not forget while creating Netflix free account, your email address should also be new.

How To Get Free Netflix Premium Accounts Without Paying Anything(Free):-

Netflix gives free one month service to the new users. That means when you register on it, it does not charge you for the first thirty days. Although you need a valid debit or credit card, details of which should be entered during the signup process. Once you sign up on this site. You can enjoy watching content on it. At the end of thirty days, you can cancel the membership plan if you do not want to be charged. This way, you can enjoy watching free Netflix for one month.

1. Use Axis Asap(Best) or Kotak 811 or My Airtel App  Note: All these apps require KYC verification, So if you think that can be done easily you can choose method 2 or you can try with[sociallocker] SBI Buddy by the process KYC verification not required, You can get VCC without any verfication process. [/sociallocker]

For Axis Asap : Aadhaar + PAN + 3 minutes = ASAP Savings Account

Kotak811: Aadhaar verification and some personal information are required.

2. When The App is Downloaded. Just Open it And Sign up to APP. You can also use their website to complete this process. This might be helpful for those don’t have Android mobile or Don’t like to install those apps.

3. You will be Asked to do KYC verification but You can Simply enter any Adhaar Number or ID in it.

4. Once you complete the process tap update to proceed to next step.

5. Add some money to your wallet Some think which is minimum, Once You add The Money Tap on Pay With Buddy Card.

8. Open it & You will get Your Virtual card.

Method 2 To Get Virtual Card With KYC Verification Required

1. Download MyAirtel App From Playstore.

2. Now Register On MyAirtel App using your Mobile number (Any number can be used no Need of Airtel Number)

3. Once Signed up move to Payment bank to proceed further.

4. Here Tap on Online Card>Enter Your M-PIN.  Just like PIN code every time you use an ATM same is the case of M-PIN, you have to fill the M-PIN while doing transactions with Mobile Banking

5. You Will See Your Mater card. Copy Card number, Expiry Date, and CVV.

6. Enter these Card details on Netflix Website or Follow Steps given Below.

7. Make sure You have Added Rs.5 To Your Airtel payment account.


How To Use This Cards to Create Free Netflix Premium Accounts

1. Now Visit Netflix or Download Netflix App. If your planning to watch in PC you can directly visit the website and follow the below steps. This might be depending on your usage.

2. Install The App or visit the link And Sign up or Login to Your Netflix Account.

3. Now To Sign up Netflix Will Ask you to Enter Your Credit Card details. The card details which are created before can be used here.

5. Now you can Use this card details to verify your Netflix account.

6. They won’t charge any amount while using this virtual credit cards, So you can remove your card before last day. If any amount is left in VCC.

7. After entering the credit card, You will receive OTP to verify your credit card. Once the OTP has been verified you can use free Netflix account without any additional payment for one month.

Note: After completion of one month you can Delete the card from both Netflix and in SBI Buddy account. Create a new VCC again and follow the steps to get the Free Netflix account. You can create multiple accounts same SBI buddy account or any other which you have created.

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Try Using This Free Netflix Premium Accounts Which Has Been Created Already

Many users facing some issue while creating a new free premium trail account in Netflix. So we have created some account for users who are facing some issue with creating Netflix trial account.

We couldn’t assure that every account will work for a long time. Since many users are accessing the same account that we have provided. If you’re facing any issue with account login, Comment below your number we will try to forward the working account soon as possible. Since the number of requests is too high.

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How To Cancel Netflix Subscription

Don’t forget to cancel the account after 30 days. if you forget you will be charged as per your selected plan. So before creating a new account, you need to cancel your previous subscription to avoid further charges.

 1. Go to profile image.

 2. Select Your Account – In the drop-down menu.

 3. Now under ‘Membership and Billing’ just select ‘Cancel Membership’ option.

 4. That’s it you have successfully canceled the Netflix subscription.

Note:  If you have any issue while creating free Netflix Premium account for one month via Virtual credit card, You can comment below. So that we could help in creating free Netflix account for 30 days without any charges.



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