Tips for playing as Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

Flores is the latest operator in Rainbow Six Siege and is completely different from all the other attackers that this game has introduced you to. The operators of this game possess a gadget but Flores transforms this formula completely.

In this Rainbow Six Siege aimbot, we discuss Flores and how you should be using the operator to optimally use the gadget if you happen to pick him up in the next match.

Tips for playing as Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

1. Use the RCE-Ratero well

RCE-Ratero is an important gadget owned by Flores. It is a drone like every operator has but with a slight difference. Flores’ drone has a bomb attached to it. Flores does not offer firearm lethality or high speed but this gadget does give it the force that makes him extra special.

Use the RCE-Ratero to the fullest by dropping four drones before you enter into any building to get into combat. The drone is capable of dealing with serious damage. It can also keep you safe from any setup that the defenders may have set up. The device squeezes under the barricades and through the laser grids that Aruni has set up. It can also jump the windows.

2. Scout first with the drone

The movement of the RCE-Ratero is perpetual which means that it will move constantly in the direction where it is facing. All that you will be able to do is to control that particular direction. It may make you miss targets.

You may also find yourself getting stuck against the walls if you are not accustomed to the layout of the map. Before you use the gadget, first drop the drone and find out the points where the defenders are holding up. When you have located them all that you have to do is to send the RCE-Ratero in the same path.

The gadget will get triggered and wait for the confirmation to kill. RCE-Ratero is vulnerable and any defender can easily destroy it by shooting at it. However, once you trigger the explosive its shield prevents damage. With thorough knowledge of the map, you will be able to save your RCE-Ratero from getting destroyed in an explosion before it can put down a defender.

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3. The Flores loadout

Flores has access to the sidearm and two secondary gadgets which are its two primary weapons. It is recommended that you use the AR33 over the DMRs as the latter is weaker than the AR. If you take an angled grip or a flash hider then the AR33 is sure to work well. You do not get to choose the sidearm but you do have a choice with the secondary gadgets. Claymores are the best-in-slot however if you are competing against the Aruni or wish to rush site then the grenades could be your best bet.

4. Use the normal drone

The RCE-Ratero drone gives you only 10 seconds before it gets blown up. This is why you should first scout with the regular drone to investigate where the enemies’ utilities are. From here all that you need to do is to navigate and route the ideal path.

5. Drones let you blow up hatches, walls, and utility

The RCE-Ratero drone used by Flores helps to blow up the enemies. However, you may want to use it better to open up the hatches and walls. The RCE-Ratero creates a huge explosion and cannot be shot by the enemies. Open up the floor above the bombsite to create a new angle, to open any un-reinforced hatches and walls, or to destroy the utility of the enemy.

6. Hold the Flores drone for post plants

Flores drone is the best post-plant utility in the game. It lets you drive in, linger around a bomb and set it for explosion. It is easy to stall the plant timer just with this strategy. Hold one or two drones for the post plants. It could be a major factor in letting you win or lose a round.

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7. Flores should be rushed

Flores is quick and can easily take down a defender in just a matter of seconds with the AR33. If it is time to enter into a building and search for the enemies then make sure that you do it fast. Flores is fast when he is shot and the RCE-Ratero is the only benefit that you get from him. When you have to head inside and take down the defenders make sure that you rush in, aim, fire at the defenders, and repeat the steps over and over again.


Rainbow Six Siege has created a stir with the Operation Crimson Heist which introduced the gaming community to the new attacker named Flores. He is an Argentinian who is packed with an explosive punch. He opens up new doors with his invaluable RCE-Ratero drone. Wish to master this unique operator in Rainbow Six Siege? This guide is here to help.


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