Warzone 10 PRO Tips To Instantly Improve Your Game

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular games that people are indulging in. But, there is no doubt that Warzone games are not easy ones. This game requires the understanding of a few tactics to stay alive in the game till the end. Following these tricks along with some warzone cheats for PC will also assist you in avoiding basic errors that are necessary to win the game. Here are a few tips and techniques to help you lead everyone in the competition. 

Instantly Improve Your Game

Below are 10 Warzone Pro Tips To Instantly Improve Your Game

1. Obtaining your loadout should be a priority

Utilizing floor weapons and gear can be helpful at first, but you will be able to give your best only when you have your specific loadouts. Thus, try to earn some amount of money in cash in the initial time to purchase a Loadout Drop from a buy station nearest to you.

In this way, you can have your very own customized weapon, equipment, and perks, which will turn out to be precious as the match continues. Obtaining the loadout should be your highest priority as soon as you start the game. 

2. Continue to loot even after you get your loadout

Keeping yourself completely stocked up will surely let you win the match. Remember, even after obtaining a lot of cash to buy your loadout, we advise you to keep on looting to earn more money and gear. Your aim should be particularly to get an armor satchel, ammo, and extra cash.

3. Perform to your strengths

There is no doubt that Warzone is a challenging game. Pulling off one after another headshot with a sniper is not an easy task. Moreover, it’s not even simple to finish a whole team with just a single clip of their weapon. One has to go through hours of work to get to that point, so put all your strengths until then.

4. Don’t opt for shooting in a haste

Many pro players often end up making this error. They start to shoot the enemy as soon as they see them on the screen. You should not do it because it makes the enemy alert of your location, which allows them to be ready for retaliation.

Instead, try to wait till your enemy can cover less to hide behind. Moreover, ensure that none of your team members are nearby who will rush for backup. If you are not an expert player, it is better for you to avoid taking shots unless you’re fully confident that you can pull off the kill.

5. Landing in the correct place can set you up to succeed

It is essential to be precise while shooting and equally crucial to determine the most suitable landing spot. (It is advisable to choose an area that goes with the playstyle of the player). Areas near Hospital or a superstore are usually busier than other areas such as the corners of the map. There is absolutely no doubt that Superstore was a top landing place in Modern Day Warzone and will continue to be so as it has a great amount of loot, cash, and contracts.

6. Hold on to your team

One of the greatest mistakes players often end up making is going ahead to face enemies by themselves. If you feel like engaging with other team members, you should communicate with your team members. And your crew members should follow it.

7. Always plate up

This is just a fast tip but is definitely one of the most important ones. If you have got plates with you, make sure to utilize them whenever you can so that you are full. You can have up to three plates and save an extra five. If you don’t have enough plates, then loot them up.

8. Tune your settings well for maximum performance

There are several other settings that you can adjust to increase your performance. You can alter them according to your preference as well. Also, make sure you arrange your sensitivity and scheme to match your liking.

9. Make use of sound to your advantage

Talking about sound, keep your ears open for enemy footsteps, coughing in the gas, plating, the sound of an enemy loadout dropping, shooting, reloading, and many more. This can assist you in finding at least the location of an enemy who is nearby. Thus, you can be aware of when it’s time to strike.

10. Don’t go to revive your teammate until you are certain it’s safe

If you find that any of your team members goes down, ensure that the enemy who brought them down is no more alive or far apart before opting for the revive. While reviving, you become an easy target to kill.


These Warzone points will assist you in making better decisions as you strive in the game, avoid a lot of traps, and make a blunder. However, you will still have to give your best, and there are no confirmed victories here. For more such content, stay connected. In case of any doubt, comment below.


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