How to Turn Off Notifications for App Updates on Google Play

Notifications for app updates are always welcome as they bring with them the bug fixes and changes that the developers have pushed out. However,...
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Now Enable HTTPS Support Added for Blogger By Google

The Bloggers readers too are protected by Google with the help of HTTPS, the protocol that stops the traffic from being redirected outside sources...

Tips:6 Ways to Open Windows Task Manager

Bringing up Windows Task Manager is not much of a task itself, but when a virus disables Ctrl+Alt+Del and takes it hostage, how else...

How to protect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles

While these websites are all great for communicating with friends, acquaintances and strangers alike, it’s important to be mindful of what you share. Slippery...

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ACMarket APK | Download Cracked Apps For Android

If you are one of the Android game freaks ACMarket APK may be one of your most used applications. AS you know it is...