How to Remove Shortcut Virus in flash without Antivirus

Remove Shortcut Virus which can occur in flash or other storage media is still a scourge users. Indeed, the shortcut is present because you stick infected by viruses imported from other media (could be the computer itself). And it could be, a computer that was originally cleared of the virus , but because it is plugged in with stick contaminated by this virus so become infected.

Here are some types of the virus on the computer:

  • Trojan
  • Worms
  • Web Scripting virus
  • multipartite virus
  • FAT Virus
  • Companion Virus
  • polymorphic Viruses
  • Directory Virus

It is not difficult to get rid of this virus (depending on the extent to which the virus is spreading). However, it can sometimes take a long time to do the scanning for viruses. Now I want to share tips on how to remove shortcut virus in flash .

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How to Remove Shortcut Virus in flash Drive

  1. Step or stick plugs into the computer and then open the flash Drive.
  2. Click “Organize” and then click “Folder and search options” .remove shortcut virus
  3. Turn on “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” and then unchecklist on “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” . If a notice like the one below, click “Yes” .
  4. Well, usually up here folders hidden by the virus has re-emerged. It’s just still a semi-hidden .
    1. Please open a CMD (Command Prompt) . Once it opens, type the location where the flash is located, for example: Drive D , mean type D:
  5. Furthermore, typing attrib -s -h -r / s / d in CMD, as shown below. Then press Enter .remove shortcut virusAdditional information:
    • -s; This is a command to remove the shortcut file attributes.
    • -h; attribute to hidden files.
    • -r; to remove the read-only attribute.
  6. Now you stick check, whether all of the folder is back to normal again. If so, please delete the folder do you think odd and unclear.

Indeed, the above only applies to restore folders hidden by the virus shortcut and removes viruses shortcut on a temporary basis. If the flash back plugged into an infected computer virus shortcut , it could be the same thing will happen again.

The most powerful way to overcome this is to use Antivirus . You can do a Full Scan for any available drives, including flash.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus In .Vbs Format Files:

  1. Plug flashdisk affected by the virus.
  2. Open the thumb drive, and then click on organize and select “Folder and search option”.
  3. Then select the tab view.
  4. Uncheck the parts as in the image below
  5. Match as shown below
  6. Click Apply, and then click OK
  7. Then the virus to hidden will appear on your flash, as shown in the picture below.remove shortcut virus
  8. Open the Task Manager or you hold down (Shift + Ctrl + Esc)
  9. Select the Processes tab, then find “wscript.exe”, right click and select “end process”
  10. Open flasdisk again, remove his .vbs file.
  11. The next step is we make the script Batch File. The way we go to the desktop and right click, select New, then select a text document
  12.  Type text below that will be used to remove the virus.
@echo off
title remove shortcut virus
echo Preess any key
pause> nul
Attrib -s -h -r / s / d
erase * .lnk
erase * .tmp
erase voeuw.exe
erase voeuw.scr
erase X.exe
erase xxx. etc.
erase autorun.inf

Note: The red mark (J) Please be altered according to the name of your flash drive, for example, the name of your flash drive D, then replace with D.

 13. Then we save, by pressing Ctrl + S
14. Rename the file format that had .text into bat (how easy living rename text document that we created earlier, and then fill in the name, for example hapusvirus.bat, and then press enter)
15. Open the .bat file that we created earlier, it will look like a black screen in the image below, then press any keyremove shortcut virus
16. Open your flash, then automatically shortcut virus will disappear . This tutorial is still unfinished. Because the virus is not spread in flashdisk , certainly computer also. OK to eliminate the virus in your computer the next step is Open My Computer.
17. Type a search .vbs in the top right corner.remove shortcut virus
18. Wait until the process is complete .
19. Delete the .vbs file to the hidden (by the computer varies hidden .vbs file)
20. Ok .. Done up here .Don’t forget to restore the settings folder and search options as before, in step 1-5 above. (Restore settings as shown below)
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