List of Best Available Free SSL Certificate Providers

List of Best Free SSL Certificate Providers – SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) is one of the most important security enhancements on the web. Because with this SSL, connectivity between users with the server will be encrypt the data so it can not leak in the middle of the road. So later the connection between the user’s browser to the server through secure protocol (https) is marked by the green lock in the browser address bar.

free ssl certificate providers

But that becomes an obstacle for some blog owners is the price of this SSL is fairly expensive. Although we know, insurance or collateral in case of conceding when the data transfer is very large, but with the price is quite expensive to make a lot of webmasters or bloggers think twice to install SSL on the site.

SSL / TLS is currently being heralded for posting on the web for security reasons. For example 2 of the largest blogger platform that is blogspot and has provided free https which can automatically be used on sites that register there. Although blogspot can not like that gives auto https to TLD, but it is enough to prove that the important role ssl future is needed.

In addition, Google itself has provided information on its official page that ssl will be one of the factors in SE ranking. At this time it is quite a bit seen differences in ranking between those who already use https and who have not. But the change and the ranking shift due to this factor is just one small factor of the many great factors incorporated in the google algorithm.

The owner of the web/blog if you are interested to install SSL or TLS this?

For those of you as a blog owner who just based on article alone without any important data transfer to client or member of blog, then do not use SSL no problem. But for those of you who have electronic commerce or online stores that send important data such as credit cards and others, it is very important to use the protocol https.

Moreover, in a study showed that 70% of people are not so transactions if there is an unsafe site warning. One of them because of the absence of this green padlock logo. So to improve user security and trust, it would be nice to use this secure protocol.

In SSL usage, the website must use the all https protocol, so no features are mixed up later. Therefore, try to use a secure connection on each resource. Or else you can delete http: in front of the url. Because if non secure and secure resources are mixed up later the secure connection is useless, and usually the https text also does not show the green color.

Well if you might object to paying ssl every year that cost more like a domain price. Com, then this time will provide interesting references on the site of free SSL providers that you can install at will on the site owned. What are they? Before talking about it, let us refer to the type of SSL type based on its use first.

Type Of SSL based On Its Use:

A. Single Domain

As the name implies, this single domain SSL type can only be used in 1 domain only. That is 1 domain address that leads to DNS has 1 certificate of its own. So subdomain or web-based multisite if you want to use it must buy again.

B. Multiple Domains

This multiple domain indicates that the SSL certificate used can be used on many websites. But of course, the number of websites is limited. In general, each provider limits up to 100 domains for every 1 certificate purchased.

C. Extended Validation for SD or MD

Extended validation for single domains or multiple domains is actually almost the same as the number 1 and 2 above. The difference in terms of selection is more stringent. Because security guarantees are given better and higher.

The price offered is also so expensive. It’s usually the big corporate companies that need it. Because in the validation process required various kinds of official letter regarding the identity of the company, identity of the owner, and others. For sites using this type a green padlock will appear followed by their company name. You can see examples on sites that need high security. Eg

D. Wildcard Domain

Wildcard domain is often purchased by those who want to be business again. Eg for server or hosting providers, so they can provide free SSL to their users. Of course, the price offered was so expensive because it can be used for a lot of domains. Although of course each of the providers there is limitations of its own, it is very many in number.

But the drawback if the active period has been burned and not renewed, then thousands of domains that have used the same certificate will feel the same.

E. Others

There are actually some other types such as UCC or SAN used by large web. For example Cloudflare, Google or Microsoft.

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But usually in general, SSL providers have some SSL products it sells. These include:

1. Basic SSL
2. SSL Premium
3. High Assurance SSL
4. Wildcard SSL
5. Enterprise EV SSL
6. Enterprise EV UCC / SAN SSL
7. Multi-domain UCC / SAN SSL
8. Code Signing Cert

Best Free SSL Certificate Providers

Once we know about the type of SSL type, please refer to the list of free SSL certificate providers below. There are several that allow for free use forever but some are just free trial. To find out please kindly refer to either.

1. Let’s Encrypt

free ssl certificate providersIt can be said let’s encrypt is one of the free SSL certificate providers that allow everyone to use it. Currently, many use let’s encrypt as a security tool for the web. This is because let’s encrypt has an open and easy to apply nature. Especially can be used automatically.

Lets encrypt is one of the new ssl providers (CA: Certificate Authority). The article he founded in April of 2016, but has been planned and compiled for 3 years. The founders of the LE are the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation and the University of Michigan under the parent organization of the non-profit Internet Security Research Group.

So Lets Encrypt does not want money and or expects profit. The goal for the creation of the Internet world to be safe and better in the future. Perhaps its creation is inspired from HTTPS everywhere a browser extension that allows all webs to be passed through a secure path.

To use lets encrypt itself is fairly easy if it is installed on your Cpanel or WHM web. But if not, the brain needs to be able to display it. But for those who do not really understand, of course this is a bit troublesome and confusing.

Auto renews feature owned by lets encrypt itself spelled out easy. Because if it has reached 90 days must be updated by getting the new code back. But you do not need to do anything if it is integrated with this lets encrypt. If it has been updated, there will be incoming email and notify it.

One drawback that I often encounter is not compatible with many browsers. For modern and latest browsers are mostly already compatible, but when using old school or featured phone there are often security alerts.

Let’s Encrypt

2. Cloudflare Universal SSL

Cloudflare-Universal-SSLCloudflare is a free SSL provider that has been famous for a long time. But Cloudflare itself is not actually a CA, but a CDN provider. But besides that, it provides free SSL for its users. Even for the free version alone can get free SSL in the form of universal Cloudflare.

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But the name is also free of course there are only shortcomings, one of which is not all browsers compatible. Even for modern browsers sometimes difficult to access from certain regions or countries. The SSL flexible Cloudflare provided for free is also only encrypted from the Cloudflare servers to the users just so it’s still vulnerable.

But the advantages of this Cloudflare though free but can be used on Blogspot TLD. Yeah right, so although Google has not to support https for TLD Blogspot, can be overcome by using this Cloudflare. The thing to do is to redirect the domain nameservers to the Cloudflare nameservers.

For the free version, only Cloudflare already has many advantages. For example, it can be used for various purposes to avoid DDOS attacks, speed up site performance, protection from malicious bots, or for CDN (Content Delivery Network). Especially if you use the paid version, various other benefits will be obtained, for example, SSL received will get full strict SSL.


3. StartSSL Free

start-sslI myself have never tried StartSSL, but if you see various testimonials and reviews from various sources, startSSL has a positive value. Before lets encrypt and other free SSL providers, startSSL was a very popular CA at the time. Although the free version is given in just one year.

After 1 year you have to pay a subscription fee so you can continue running on your site. Oh yes, there is a lack of startSSL as free SSL. That is if you may want to cancel the use of this SSL certificate, then you will be charged. This is because the data will be very risky to be threatened if not using the procedure he was asked for.

StartSSL Free

4. Get https for Free

Maybe before lets encrypt it as easy as it now get https for free to be the choice of many people. Because the configuration is so easy with a variety of automatic features that will make anyone can install quickly.

But now many are starting to leave get https for free either because of what problem. But surely you can try it and get free SSL for your site.

Get Https For Free

5. Free Trial

ssl free trial is an experienced SSL provider. But he also provides free SSL for users who want to try it for 90 days. Various features provided in for free version is also not half the responsibility. Because we are given a free version for business web protection type.

Various advantages derived from free version includes:

I. Strict security
ii. Compatible for 99.9% of all browsers in the world
iii. Unlimited server license unlimited
iv alias. Business validation and encryption technology
v. Compatible for all types of SSL and TLS
vi. Automatic and instant

So for those of you who want to try the free version for 90 days, please just offer it at For e-commerce owners or business sites, it is very important to use https for the trust of its customers.

Later if the free version has run out, you can switch to the basic version of SSL or another version according to your needs. For the basic version, you can buy it for about 37 dollars per year for now.

6. Comodo Free Trial

Comodo is a brand of CA that is so famous and has a lot of users in this world. You can use the free version of Comodo in just 90 days alias 3 months only. The rest need to pay at normal prices. But if you want to buy cheap, usually the seller SSL wildcard from comodo give a cheaper price.

For security issues of course comodo has such a high security. Even for the trial version was given equally to the paid version so that users can feel like the original. Please visit the site for a free 90-day SSL certificate from Comodo.

Comodo Free Trail

7. Cheap SSL Shop

Cheap SSL Shop is an authorized SSL Reseller offering free SSL certificate of World’s most trusted RapidSSL and GeoTrust  Certificate Authority for 30 days. These are quickly issued SSL certificates used to validate & secure your single domain with 256-bit encryption.

8. Cpanel

If you are using Cpanel usually from the Cpanel party itself provides free SSL by partnering with other parties, whether it is autoSSL, Comodo or letsencrypt. But the name displayed on the certificate remains with the name Cpanel Inc. Check Best Hosting CloudWays Review Future Of Cloud Hosting 2017

However, this also depends on the hosting provider or server as well. Because there is one that provides free SSL from Cpanel and some are not. That I do not know whether from the cost of purchasing a more expensive license or from the configuration of the hosting provider itself. For that soon may contact hosting service provider if you want to use it.

To use this cannot be combined with the nameservers of Cloudflare. So if you want to use free SSL from cpanel then you will not want to have to remove the cloudflare nameserver.

9. Godaddy SSL free Trial

Godaddy also has a lot of users and is so trusted. But the concern is that SSL free from GoDaddy only provides a period of 1 year. This free feature is also an open source project from GoDaddy.

Godaddy SSL free Trial

10. SSL for Free

SSL for free provides 100% free and forever. This is because of the workings of sslforfree using ACME from letsencrypt. You can use for domains and subdomains per certificate. This will make it easier for you who have trouble getting https for the web because of setting letsencrypt.

SSL for Free

11. GoGet SSL

GoGet SSL is also the same as most free SSL providers, offering only 90 days for free. You can utilize this trial period as best as possible to get free https soon on your site.


12. Instant SSL

For the latter, I myself have not gotten many reviews. To find out more you can go to the site directly to get more information there.

Instant SSL

Those are some free SSL lists that you can try. Actually there are still some free SSL that I can share with you, but unfortunately, support for free SSL is stopped. So take advantage of the existing and choose the most appropriate with your taste.


    • Then you haven’t encrypted it. CloudFlare SSL is not a full encryption.

      When you use CloudFlare Flexible SSL, it’s only encrypting the users data from the user to CloudFlare and decrypt it at CloudFlare, and then send it in plain text to your site.

      When you use CloudFlare Full SSL (etc.), it’s encrypting the users data from the user to CloudFlare, decrypt it at CloudFlare and send a new encryption to your site.

      However, look at the CloudFlare bleed, that was just popular some months ago.

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