How to Fix Risk of Rain 2 Multiplayer Not Working [PC, Xbox, PS4]

The cartoonish shooter Risk of Rain 2 is a surprisingly popular online multiplayer game among the Steam community. Due to its increase in popularity, some people cannot be able to connect with their friends for an online match. Today, let’s see how to fix Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer not working.

risk of rain 2 multiplayer not working pc xbox ps4

Some people reported that they can invite and match with their friends but the character is not showing at all and some are facing the black screen multiplayer stuck. So we covered almost every possible issue that might cause this ROR 2 online match error in Windows, PS4, Xbox, Switch.

Now, without any further do let’s dive into the topic.

Possible Causes for Risk of Rain 2 Multiplayer Not Working

Different things can cause different kinda errors in ROR 2. Say like, some people couldn’t able to match with their friends, some can’t even be able to play the quickplay match or some stuck with the ROR 2 menu. Hence, there are lots of possible things that might cause this issue.

Some of them are

  • Corrupted game files: Game files often get corrupted due to force closing the game or your Windows 10 gets restarted suddenly for a weird reason. This might cause some error in the core game file and it can be easily fixed by checking the integrity of the ROR 2 using Steam.
  • Windows Defender: Windows security system getting powerful these days and ROR 2 is no exception for this. Simply allow the ROR 2 through the Windows Firewall to access the network properly without any issues.
  • Ports blocked in the router: It is quite possible that your wifi router is not configured properly for the ROR 2. It can be easily fixed by changing the Static IP on your PC.
  • Admin privileges: Steam needs admin rights to run the games without any problems and ROR 2 is no exception for this. Make sure steam_appid.txt is not getting deleted each time you run the game.

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Methods to Fix Risk of Rain 2 Multiplayer Not Working in 2020

Method 1: Verify ROR 2 Integrity File

Corrupted data files, system files are the most common things that might cause the ROR 2 not working issue. And if you have installed this game via Steam, it is very easy to fix this issue and get your ROR 2 up and working in a bit.

Tip: This method will work on any platforms which has Steam client like Xbox, PS4, Mac

1. Open Task Manager and force stop the Steam app if running

2. Restart your PC and open the Steam 

3. Go to Library tab and find the Risk of Rain 2 game installed on your computer

risk of rain 2 properties

4. Now right-click the game and choose Properties

ror 2 steam integrity check

5. After that navigate to the Local Files tab and you will see the Verify Integrity of Game Files option.

6. Click the verify integrity button to start checking the ROR 2 integrity files and wait till it finishes.

Once the process is finished all the crashed, corrupted game data files will be restored/fixed and the Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer mode will work without any issues now.

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Method 2: Uninstall and Reinstall ROR 2

If you happen to face this multiplayer issue recently and before that you played ROR 2 just fine, then this method might work for you.

A quick uninstall and reinstall the game wouldn’t take that much effort and time. And most of all it clears all the errors and lets you play the Risk of Rain 2 with your friends.

1. Open up your Steam client on Windows 10

2. Go to Libraries and find the Risk of Rain 2

steam uninstall

3. Just right-click the game and select Manage and then Uninstall

If you don’t have Steam installed, follow the below method

1. Click start on Windows 10 and search for Control Panel and open it

control panel windows 10

2. Now select Uninstall a program under Programs

uninstall ror2

3. Find the game you want to uninstall, then right-click and uninstall

After the fresh installation of the ROR 2, try opening the game and start playing without any errors this time.

Method 3: Allow ROR 2 Through Windows Firewall

Windows 10 security is getting better and better these days as well as annoying sometimes like this situation where it won’t let you play online games.

Just make sure you don’t have any security updates pending on your Windows 10 PC. Now follow the below methods to manually add Risk of Rain 2 through Windows defender firewall.

1. Open the Control Panel by searching it on Start menu

system and security

2. Go to System & Security

allow an app through firewall

3. Under Windows Defender Firewall, select Allow an app through Windows firewall

allowed apps firewall

4. On this page just click the Change Settings

fallout 4 firewall

5. Find Risk of Rain 2 (if you don’t see the game, just click allow another app and add the game folder path manually) and give both private and public network permissions and click ok

Tip: You can also exclude Steam & ROR 2 on other antivirus softwares as well, if you happen to have any.

If you use the latest Windows 10, you can also try adding the game file to the exclusion list on Windows defender settings. This should Fix Risk or rain 2 Multiplayer problems.

Method 4: Give Administrative Privileges

One of the most common method that will solve the basic issues in any games on Windows PC is by granting the admin rights to the executable files. Risk of Rain 2 is no exception for this and let’s give the necessary permissions now.

1. Open Steam, then go to Libraries and find Risk of Rain 2 game

browse local files

2. Once you find the game right-click it and click Properties

3. Now go to Local Files tab and choose the Browse Local Files, it will open up the game directory where the ROR 2 is installed

risk of rain 2 not working

4. Find the Risk of Rain 2.exe file, right-click and select Properties

risk of rain 2 error fix

5. Go to Compatability tab and check the Run this program as an administrator and click ok

Now try opening the Risk of Rain 2, then join the quickplay and enjoy the game.

Method 5: Configuring Ports in Router

Port forwarding seems to be big deal when it comes to online multiplayer games to work properly with the internet.

If you have Static IP like me then you need to make sure that your router is configured properly along with your computer. Because by default there won’t be any port forwarding done on the router itself.

  • Click Start, type in CMD and open the command prompt as an administrator
  • Type this command “ipconfig /all” and hit enter

ipconfig ror2

  • Now copy or note down all the information on the screen like Default Gateway, Subnet Mask, DNS, MAC Address

ncpa internet properties

  • Then open press Win+R and type “ncpa.cpl” and hit enter

ethernet properties windows 10

  • It will open up the Network Connections, from there find your network adapter and right-click to open the Properties

internet protocol windows games

  • Find and double click the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

configuring dns server windows

  • Make sure to check Use the following IP address and type in your Gateway, Subnet & IP address that you previously noted. Also, type the value in Preferred DNS server and alternative DNS server as and respectively.

Configuring the router for port forwarding

  • Open your desired browser (chrome in this case) and type in your Default Gateway ( in this case) in the URL bar and hit enter

tplink router login

  • Now login to your router by using your credentials (default username: admin, pass: admin)

risk of rain 2 router fix

  • Make sure you give the access to all the devices through your internet by enabling manual assignment on your router settings

risk of rain 2 not working

  • After that go to DHCP settings and fill in your Mac Address, IP Address, DNS servers and click save
  • Finally go to forwarding option and type in the below values in the Start and End since Risk of Rain 2 varies range of port between these values
TCP: 27015-27030, 27036-27037

UDP: 4380, 27000-27031, 27036
  • Finally enter your Static IP address that you already created in the IP address field and click save

Now you are all set, just restart your router & computer and play Risk of Rain 2 without any mulitplayer or online issues.

Other Risk of Rain 2 Error Fixes

I hope the above 5 methods will solve your multiplayer issues on ROR 2. But there are people who still having some troubles with ROR 2 apart from that multiplayer not working problem.

Here are few of the common Risk of Rain 2 Errors

Friends not showing up glitch

To solve this just open your Risk of Rain 2 game, then go to home and copy your Lobby ID to your clipboard and hit the “+” button. In a instant your friends will show up on the lobby list and further you guys can play together.

Make sure you don’t invite the friends those are not online (not lauched the game yet) in the private match.

You can also try restarting, checking the game file integrity to ensure the game is working fine.

steam_appid.txt getting deleted

Check the Risk of Rain 2 game installation folder and see if this file present, because some people reported that this file is getting deleted everytime they run the game. And this can cause the issue of game not working.

To fix that simply give the admin privileges to the game and the steam app.

Game not launching

There are many reasons that may cause the ROR 2 to crash on your PC. Just follow the quick steps below to make sure the game works fine.

  • Run game in compatability mode
  • Update graphics driver
  • Disable antivirus (temporary)
  • Reinstall steam and game
  • Reinstall Windows (only if you are hardcore fan)


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