Excellent Ideas to Enhance Macbook’s Performance

If you are unhappy with your Macbook’s performance and want to see improvements, there are other options than buying a new computer or adding new hardware like SSD or extra RAM. It is possible that you have been neglecting the Mac for too long, and it reached a point where using it became a chore.

Macbook Performance

Create a Macbook maintenance strategy and incorporate the methods mentioned below. If you try this approach, it will not be too long before you notice significant Macbook performance improvements.

Idea #1 – Purchase a Cooling Pad

A cooling pad is a great accessory to buy, especially when it is summer, and you have to work on a Macbook while the temperature is high. You can think of it as a place to rest your Mac in addition to its primary function – cooling the system.

It is not a good sign when a computer is overheating, and if you notice that the system cannot handle your activities on a Macbook, then getting a cooling pad is one of the best options.

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Idea #2 – Get Rid of Dust and Dirt Inside

Continuing with the overheating problem, it is also possible that too much dust and dirt have accumulated over the years, and they are inside the Macbook. Internal Mac fans cannot operate efficiently. 

If you hear a din-like sound, even when a computer is relatively idle, do not wait and remove the dirt from the inside before it is too late. Neglecting this problem can lead to internal hardware damages. On the other hand, if you regularly get rid of dust and dirt, you will prevent overheating and other problems.

Idea #3 – Remove Resource Hogs

Some applications are consuming the majority of available system resources. Launch Activity Monitor and sort processes by either memory or CPU usage. Determine which of the applications you can remove, and which you can replace. Users usually manage to solve a lot of performance issues when they free up system resources. 

Remove Resource Hogs

And remember to check Activity Monitor regularly. Some apps might not require many resources initially, but that can change when an application gets a set of new features or is changed in another way.

Idea #4 – Try Different Browsers

Do not stick to the same browser if you are unhappy with it. There are many free alternatives. For example, if you are using Chrome, which is notorious for memory requirements, why not give Firefox or Safari a try? 

In some instances, the browser itself is not the problem. The problem is how people go overboard and install too many extensions. Limiting browser add-ons and extensions is another excellent piece of advice that will help you browse the internet.

Idea #5 – Improve Cybersecurity

Mediocre cybersecurity causes various issues. Even if your Macbook is for personal use, you should not underestimate all the potential cybersecurity threats. 

Even a simple virus or malware can cause significant Macbook performance problems. And if you are experiencing issues right now, viruses or malware may be behind the problem. Scan the system and make sure that there are no corrupted files. 

To prevent viruses and malware in the future, get an even better antivirus. Install an ad blocker that prevents pop-ups and other dangerous ads when you are surfing the net. Use a virtual private network. Create passwords that are harder to crack and enable the firewall. The more precautions you take, the higher your chances of preventing cybersecurity threats. 

Idea #6 – Disable Startup Applications

Startup applications cause a headache every time you boot the computer because you need to wait for everything to load. Moreover, some people forget about these apps and leave them in the background, where they are consuming resources. Disabling startup applications is a straightforward solution to a common issue. 

ideal 6 Disable Startup

Visit System Preferences and access your profile. Go to the Login Items and untick boxes next to applications that you want to hide on startup. 

Idea #7 – Turn Off Visual Effects

Fancy animations for the Dock panel and a backlit keyword are two examples of visual effect gimmicks that offer no real value. You are better off disabling such effects, especially if you aim to create an environment in which your Macbook performs optimally. 

Idea #8 – Create More Free Hard Drive Space

Not enough hard drive space will lead to performance issues, such as stuttering, freezing, and crashes that even a system reboot does not fix. If you have only a few gigabytes of free hard drive storage, do not wait and make some changes. Delete files, such as old applications, email attachments, downloads, duplicates, or language packs.

Create More Free Hard Drive Space

Transferring some data to Dropbox, iCloud, and external storage devices is another great option. Finally, if you like to consume media, subscribe to more streaming platforms and eliminate the need to keep large media files on the Macbook. 


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