Best Sites to Download Highly Compressed Android Games

Android is becoming the major console for gaming nowadays. Since Android processor is powerful enough to run the bigger and high graphics games, the developers port some pc games to Android. And also make bigger titles. Here are some best sites to download Highly Compressed android games.

But there is always a price for good stuffs, where here is the increase in the file size of game. Yes, some android games even has crazy amount like 4GB of size.

best sties for android highly compressed games

And to make the matter worse much, the updates are rolled out very often. And it makes pain to the users who has limited amount of internet. To overcome this, some sites compress the bigger files to lesser size.

What’s the catch?

Due to significantly lesser file size, it can further extract to the original file size. And then the user can install the game manually. Anyone can just download the game even with the mobile data usage, since the 1gb file is almost reduced to about 70-100mb only.

Benefits of Using Highly Compressed Android Games

  • Way lesser game file size.
  • Download in an instant.
  • And save the data and time that you are wasting in the play store.
  • Easily install and uninstall any game, since you can download anytime you want.
  • Many popular titles are available in the compressed games like GTA and PUBG.

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Best Sites To Download Highly Compressed Android Games

Now here is the list of 4 sites that has the highly compressed android games content in their website. Since these are hard to find in google, you can just take a look down below.

1. CompressedApk

CompressedApk has some pretty highly compressed android games. Even they have GTA4 Lite version which is significantly lesser in size. You just select the game you want and click the download button, that’s all.



  • Easy direct download option.
  • No surveys or no registration required to download.
  • Android and ios games are available.
  • And also mod apks are available.


2. Androgamer

Another great website to download compressed android games. Since this website contains very popular games and also it has every lite version for the bigger games, this is the best content site to download games.

highly compressed games


  • Very highly compressed bigger games.
  • All GTA games are available to download at very lower size.
  • Updated regularly with newer games.
  • Lite versions and tutorial are posted on the site.


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3. Androking

Androking is the king for the android compressed games and it has unique features, like it even has pspp games. And which is compatible for psp emulator for android. Rockstar, Gameloft, and even some pc games for android collections are available.

androking highly compressed game


  • All compressed games are available.
  • High demanding games are updated regularly.
  • Downloading games require user to sign up.


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4. GamingManiaX

Also another Highly compressed android game site. And both pc and android compressed games are available, so you can enjoy two in one here. The only frustration here is some games require you to fill the survey to download.

gamingmaniax highly compressed games


  • Very easy to find the game you want.
  • Most games are compressed at very minimum size possible.
  • PC games also available.
  • Some games prompts survey to download.


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There you got it guys, there are many people doesn’t know about the highly compressed are available. Now you can enjoy the higher file size game at very low size downloading option. Also you can play some paid games and cracked games for free using the above list of sites. That’s all for best sites to download highly compressed android games.



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