10 Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Bike

Everybody is rushing to get their hands on an electric bike, and it’s not hard to see why! Electric bikes are slowly taking over; many people are ditching their regular bikes for these battery-powered two-wheelers while motorists are starting to see the value of riding an e-bike over driving a car.

All this is thanks to the general convenience that electric bikes bring to the table, as well as multiple benefits to the owner.

Let us consider 10 reasons why you should buy an e-bike!

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They Go Faster and Further

Riding an electric bike is not too different from riding a regular bicycle, only that you get a little bit of extra oomph to stay longer on your bike and cover greater distances. The electric motor supplements your riding effort with the pedal-assist feature, meaning it will be a while before fatigue kicks in when compared to an ordinary bike rider.

The same is true when it comes to picking up speed. The throttle on an electric bike provides you with a powerful head start and acceleration, although the most e-bikes are limited to a top speed of either 20mph or 28mph.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that you can reach these speeds faster and more often than someone riding a normal bike.

They Take the Strain Out of Cycling

The reason why some people don’t ride is that it can be very exhausting. The constant pedaling, especially on uphill climbs really takes a toll on your leg muscles. This is exactly why you should invest in an e-bike.

Thanks to the motor assist, electric bikes allow you to take things slow and easy, yet keep you just as mobile. You have the opportunity to relax your muscles and joints during the journey so that you are not tired after the ride.

They Enhance Your Fitness and Health

Electric bikes ensure that you stay on your bike a lot longer compared to ordinary bikes. If you’re using it for exercising, this is an opportunity to put in more work and pedal for a longer period because it takes a while for you to get tired.

According to studies, riding an e-bike is great for your cardiovascular health. It not only offers crucial cardio exercise but also helps to improve blood circulation. Whether you are recovering from a leg injury or trying to lose weight, e-bikes are the perfect tool to get you back in shape.

They are Cost-Effective

Owning an electric bike as a primary mode of commuting is far cheaper than owning a car. E-bikes are energy efficient, and the cost of recharging the battery is a drop in the ocean compared to what you spend to refill your car’s gas tank.

Furthermore, maintaining an e-bike is not quite different from maintaining a regular bike. It will need the constant tire, chain, and brake pads service, which should not dent your pockets. Unless the battery or motor starts to misbehave, you won’t have a headache running the bike.

Although many people assume that electrical bikes are expensive, you can actually find cheap e-bikes that will cost you less than $500 on electric-biking.com

They are Perfect Commuter Vehicles

Apart from saving you cash, e-bikes have proven to be an ideal way to commute, whether to work or school. You can access normal bike lanes when riding an e-bike, which means you are spared from traffic jams that can easily delay your getting to work.

These bikes also save you the misery of having to deal with overcrowded trains and unreliable taxis every time you have to go to work. Not to mention that you can cut through parks when you need a short cut to your destination.

Furthermore, folding electric bikes are practical enough to be carried into the office building. In summary, e-bikes take the stress out of your daily commute!

They are Safe for the Environment

Unlike cars, e-bikes have no emissions. Because of these, they help to reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere, which buys the ozone layer more time. It also makes them the ideal alternative to vehicles, which not only choke the other with emissions but also constantly require petrol to run.

E-bikes are generally lighter than cars and have no impact on the road surfaces they ride on. On the other hand, large vehicles such as trucks and canters have a devastating effect on roads, which normally leads to potholes.

The constant repairs and expansion of roads, as a result, means that more trees will be cut to give room to the mega highways. Thankfully, electric bikes don’t need huge roads to move comfortably!

They Come in Handy on Hilly Terrain

If you live in a hilly area, e-bikes ensure that you won’t have to cut your ride short whenever you need to climb an incline. This is a big problem with ordinary bikes. Encountering a steep hill in the course of your journey means that you can no longer ride, so you settle on pushing the bike up the hill.

This is not the case with electric bikes. The presence of pedal-assist and throttle allows you to clear steep hills without even breaking a sweat. The implication is that your adventures in the outdoors won’t be limited by the nature of the terrain.

However, you want to be cautious not to let the battery run out of you in the middle of nowhere!

They are not Slowed Down by Headwinds and Crosswinds

The help from a powerful motor on your electric bike makes it easier to deal with the curve balls that nature throws at you. Having a gust of wind pushing you from behind may be fun. But the tables are easily turned when you have to cycle against headwinds.

It forces you to pedal harder and can easily knock you off balance when the winds are blowing from the side. But with an electric bike, the power from the motor makes light work of the headwinds. Maintains your momentum no matter how strong the wind gets.

They are Good for Exploring the World

Electric bikes will take you anywhere and everywhere! They come in a variety of designs that are built to tackle all kinds of riding situations; whether you want to ride on the tarmac. Up the mountains, or on snowy trails in the middle of the cold season.

Fat tire electric bikes will especially prove useful when the trails get rugged. They will plow through several inches of snow and mud like clockwork. The fact that you have a motor to back your pedaling effort means your adventures are not limited.

With an electric bike, you have a chance to explore the most remote territories you can think of!

They are Generally Fun to Ride

Overall, electric bikes are a joy to ride and will perfectly suit recreational riders. They are easy to manage and the pedal-assist ensures that you don’t have to strain to move forward. You get to ride slow and easy as you enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

Additionally, it is a good way to clear your thoughts and revel in the fresh breeze and calm that nature has to offer.

Final Thought

If you’re still stuck on your outdated regular bike, this may be the perfect time to upgrade to a more practical and convenient electric bike. There are so many benefits on offer. The article above lays out precisely what you stand to get from making this much-needed switch!


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