What is CTI? How Does it Work with Salesforce?

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is an increasingly important tool in today’s business world. Especially when automating and streamlining contact center operations. It allows agents to make the most of their customer relationship management (CRM) software.

What is salesforce

Salesforce, by integrating it with telephone systems using specialized adapters that can read incoming data from phone calls. CTI provides agents with more accurate insights into call quality trends and efficiently uses resources for incoming and outgoing communication needs.

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Understanding Computer Telephony Integrations

Computer telephony integration is an integral part of running a thriving call center. It allows customer service agents to take calls and access data about the customer. Their account in real-time to resolve issues and make suggestions quickly and efficiently.

CTI systems also help reduce overall costs from managing large lists of customers and ensuring that information is always up-to-date. By integrating the telephone system with CRMs, contact centers are able to tailor their services to customers better while streamlining processes and reducing cost.

What is Salesforce CTI Integration?

Salesforce CTI Integration is a technology enabling teams to access essential customer data anywhere, anytime, from the CRM. This includes real-time transcriptions of phone conversations, call routing and agent analytics, enabling contact center agents to work smarter and more efficiently.

Salesforce CTI integrates with other service and sales systems, providing access to unified customer data within one platform. With automated bots and ML algorithms, Salesforce CTI even enables remote care centers with predictive matching on their inquiries or requests.

How Salesforce CTI works

Salesforce CTI offers a comprehensive solution for integrating your organization’s telephony system and Salesforce. It relies on two main integration patterns, bidirectional sync and aggregation, to facilitate data transfer across both systems. This provides seamless communication, allowing agents to access customer data quickly through their web browsers.

Salesforce CTI requires a suite of APIs that enable devices to easily communicate with each other, eliminating the need for manual input.

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Contact Center benefits of CTI for Salesforce

1. Saves Cost & Resources

CTI for Salesforce is the perfect solution for contact centers looking to boost productivity while keeping costs low. It can significantly reduce the cost of customer database errors and dramatically lower telephone network toll expenses, and decrease customer service representative churn rates.

In addition, liability costs drop when implementing CTI, making it an even more attractive option. These cost savings and the improved resource savings that CTI provides make it a worthwhile investment for any organization.

2. Improves Customer Relationship

Salesforce CTI integration lays the foundation for delivering excellent customer service, helping organizations to increase customer retention and satisfaction. Customer agents are provided instant access to all the information stored in Salesforce, which helps them quickly address issues and provide personal attention. As a result, customers feel taken care of and loyal to the company.

3. Up-To-Date Call Reporting

Salesforce CTI integration ensures that call reporting is always up-to-date and provides an accurate picture of customer service activities within an organization. It allows agents to generate in-depth reports that span both inbound and outbound calls, including rich data that is gathered directly from Salesforce.

This is extremely helpful for agents in making better decisions, as they are able to look at more contextual information, such as customer history and preferences, when deciding how best to proceed with potential opportunities.

4. Reduce In-Call Handling Time

Salesforce CTI integration helps agents manage their call load more efficiently and offer a fast resolution to customers. With it, phone calls become more streamlined as critical customer data, such as recent purchase history, is presented before the call connects. This gives the agents an upper hand in understanding customer needs and addressing their queries quickly.

5. Reduces Aggravated Sessions

Salesforce CTI integration has greatly simplified the process for customers who no longer have to repeat their query to an agent in subsequent calls continuously. The technology automates record creation and can even call up customer details within seconds when the customer calls into support. This helps to quickly identify, resolve and address any issues the customer had faced previously, thus reducing instances of aggravated sessions significantly.

A Successful Salesforce CTI Integration

Salesforce CTI integration with b+s has revolutionized customer service for Daktronics. b+s has successfully integrated Salesforce CTI with its low-code solution for customization. This combination of Salesforce Service Cloud and b+s allows Daktronics to create intelligent and powerful ‘screen pops’ for their agents.

By gathering data from Cisco Contact Center, CRM information, and purpose-built logic. The right kind of info is offered to the agent without overburdening the customer. The cleverly designed Salesforce Flows and intelligent routing have allowed Daktronics to see an incredible 80% reduction in customer IVR prompts.


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