How to View Whatsapp Status Without Knowing them – View Secretly

Whatsapp plays a major role in social media where most people share their feelings by posting videos and other kinds of stuff. It has only a limited time period to post videos and it will disappear after 24 hours. The most important option in WhatsApp is status Privacy, there you could set one option, which is My contacts, My contacts except, Only share with.

View Whatsapp Status Secretly

  • My Contacts

This option will help you to share your post with all your contacts.

  • My Contacts except

It is an interesting option which is used by many people. In this option, it will hide all those who are selective.

  • Only Share with

This option will only show your status to those who have been selected.

A lot of people looking forward to view WhatsApp status without knowing them. There are some multiple tips to watch status without knowing anyone. Follow the below content to know more about the view status secretly.

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View Others WhatsApp Status Secretly

There are some ways to view WhatsApp status without letting them know. By doing this probably we could avoid some unwanted controversy and it is very safe, probably you will not face any problems by using the below-mentioned methods.

Method 1: Download and Install GB WhatsApp

The best alternative application for WhatsApp is GB WhatsApp. You can experience lots of features that do not have in original WhatsApp. Once you try this application then you never come back to the original WhatsApp.

This application is not official but it is much better than official WhatsApp and this will definitely make your wish easier than any other method. Also, you can view other’s status without letting them know. Just follow each and every step that might help you to view WhatsApp status secretly.

Steps to Download Found WhatsApp

Before going to the topic we must download and install the Found WhatsApp on your android device.

  • Launch any browser(Chrome) on your device.
  • Now type Found WhatsApp in the search bar then search it.
  • Now tap on the official Found WhatsApp page.
  • Just Scroll the page until you find the Download option then tap on it.

GB Download

  • Probably that may redirect into another page, Once you find Download GBWhatApp APK tap on it.
  • Once Download getting finished, install the application.
  • Now you can copy old WhatsApp data from file manager then paste into GB WhatsApp inventor so that you get old data in new Found WhatsApp.
  • Enjoy all great features of Found WhatsApp.

Also, You can download Found WhatsApp by using the below link.

Found WhatsApp

Steps to View Others WhatsApp Status Secretly

  • Launch your installed GB WhatsApp On your device.
  • At the top of the screen three vertical dots (More Option) present on the right side, tap on it.
  • There you can see the GB settings option tap on it.

GB More options

  • Now Click on the Privacy and Security option which is in the GB settings screen.

Privacy and security in GB

  • In the Privacy and Security screen, you can see more options along with the Hide view Status.
  • Turn On the Hide View Status (Don’t tell contact that you viewed their status).

Hide View Status in GB

By doing the above steps it might help you to view other’s status secretly.

Must-Know about Some Extra Features

  • Hide Last SeenHide your last seen by using this option.
  • Disable Forwarded – This will help you to re-send messages without a forwarding tag.
  • Anti-Delete StatusDeleted statuses or Stories will not be deleted for you.
  • Anti Delete Messages – The people who deleted a message after sent you that will not be deleted for you.
  • Show Blue Ticks after reply – People will only see blue ticks after you reply.
  • Contacts – Here you can hide blue ticks, second tick, blue microphone, and hide typing.

Method 2: Try to View Status in Offline

This is the coolest method to view WhatsApp status secretly. Preferably you don’t need any third-party applications to view status secretly. You can try this method by using your mobile or PC but personally, I prefer to use a PC or laptop that makes your wish effective. Just follow our below steps.


  • At first, Open your WhatsApp in your handset.
  • There you can find three Vertical dots (More Options) on the top of the screen and click on it.
  • After clicking on the More options there you can find WhatsApp web, just tap on it.

WhatsApp web

  • Before that open any browser on your PC or Laptop.
  • Now open any browser, preferably I would like to use chrome.
  • Then search WhatsApp web on the google chrome then click on the WhatsApp web option.
  • After opening the WhatsApp web in chrome there you can see the QR code.

WhatsApp Web QR Code

  • Scan the QR code by using your handset as I said before in the first three steps.
  • Now you can use your WhatsApp account in your PC.
  • Click on the status option and give some time to download on its own.

Status option in WhatsApp web

  • Now disconnect your internet connection then click on the status which you want to view without letting them known.
  • Once you finished watching their status, just close the WhatsApp form your computer.

The above method will help you to view status secretly and it is one of the easiest methods. If it does not work for probably you can try the next method.

Method 3: Check Out Read Receipts

This is the only official method to view WhatsApp status secretly. You can do this method within a short time so that it is easier than any other method. Follow our steps carefully.


  • At first, open your WhatsApp in your handset.
  • Click on the three vertical dots (More option) which is placed in the top right corner.
  • Then click on the Settings ⇒ Account ⇒ Privacy.
  • There you can find the Read receipts option just turn it off.

Read Receipts in WhatsApp

By turning off the Read receipts you can view WhatsApp status secretly also you can gain additional features which are you won’t send or receive read receipts.

Final Words

View Other’s WhatsApp status is good but viewing other’s status secretly is more good. The above three methods will lead to that. Probably using GB WhatsApp is more interesting than any other method and you will gain some additional features.

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