How to Restore the CoC Accounts Banned Permanently?

 If you have CoC Accounts banned, receive notifications ” You have been banned! We have detected the use of ‘mods’ or ‘bots’ on this account “or something like that, this approach could be to overcome the problem.

How to Restore the CoC Accounts Banned Permanently?

How to Restore the CoC Accounts Banned Permanently?

Obviously, no matter where we are, when the games where we’ve struggled reached its highest level with all power and effort, but it should be banned suddenly. Shock? Obviously, but what would you like in the word, Supercell own ‘tap hammer’ that we are guilty.

Not that can not defend himself, we can still appeal to get us back CoC account. While this is not absolutely certain. It could be our account back, but do not expect with something uncertain. Because Supercell not necessarily want to open hearts, so it’s better to make a new account and try to play back.

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Actually, there are many reasons why we CoC account got banned by Suprcell. Mostly due to the use of mods and boots, others for fraudulent use of means of hacking or cheating . The other reason for our dirty words in chat CoC, or even banned for explicit pictures that we post.

But regardless of the reason, there’s no harm in trying not to get your account back Pokemon we are already banned permanently? To regain your CoC account, which should be done only with the appeal, or request open banned. By sending an email to or feedback contain:

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Name or ID, Townhall, Clan, Exp Level and contain a description of your defense, that you are not cheating (if you are never cheat, but hit the wrong target victims Supercell). Can be filled with any information that might be made hearts melt Supercell and want to reopen your account.


ID: Premiuminfo
Townhall: 10
Clan: Virtual Dragon
Exp Level: 120
Description: I’m not cheating, but getting banned. Something Like That

After submitting the appeal in the above, the rest we can surrender to the almighty that Supercell want to open our account permanently banned. Way above does not guarantee your account will be banned in the open again, but no less clashers who managed to obtain their account back. Perhaps the law ‘palmistry’ applies here.

How To Create New COC account, if your account is Permanently banned:

  • Do a factory restore and set it up as a “NEW” device. *Before you do this make sure you back up your device (Very important)
  • Create a new game center ID (usually it’s your apple ID, so you may need to create a new e-mail account). For your itunes account you can still use the one you currently use to purchase apps.
  • Install Open CoC and finish the tutorial.

There is no other way if your account is Permanently banned by Clash of clans. You need to build your account from starting this will be really painful. If you had town hall 8+ with fully upgraded.


  1. My coc accounts is being banned for two years can u please reopen my clash of clan..
    I didnt used any kind of cheat but its kind of something like that…

    • Don’t worry you still have an option to recover your account. Just Fill out the form and send to Instagram. Soon as possible you will get a response from them. If you still need any help don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

      • man i use x mod on past and my account got banned.i regret my fault and fill coc form several time but they didnt open my account.if there is other ways ,please help me.

      • You can try above method ,if you face any kind of issue you can mail us. More than 20 account has been Recovered by visitors. The number is only informed users excluding non informed users.

        • Durai Jiiva please help me uuummmhhh…Ok here it is
          I got banned for no reason and also I already did the method above but SuperCell I think wouldn’t reply and they won’t accept my 3 mails.
          Durai Jiiva can you please help me personally and keep me updated with my account because the money that I’d use to buy some payments was only wasted.

  2. How can I get back my permanently banned coc account they said this ban is final and non negotiable plz help me

  3. Hi Sir,
    i tried all the methods but didn’t get any good response, may you help me to get back my 2 accounts.ID: Premiuminfo
    Id Name: Assassins*jimmy
    Townhall: 10
    Clan: Heartless
    Exp Level: 139
    Description: I’m not cheating, but getting banned.

    Id Name: StarLord
    Townhall: 9
    Clan: Heartless
    Exp Level: 109
    Description: I’m not cheating, but getting banned.


  4. my account is banned today with no reason.. I opened my account today morning & it was written that “your account has been permanently banned for breach of terms if services of supercell.. I don,t know that what kind of breakage I have done… can I know that what I have done.. I will provide every information

    • Hi Rasel,

      Can you explain which method you have used to login your COC account. If there is no account linked with COC, It’s impossible to recover your COC account.

    • Hi Dani,

      That’s Temporarily Banned, Don’t worry you will get your account back in 14 days. The ban might be due to Login from Different IP Location in short period of time or You might accessed your account from different mobile in short period.

  5. Dear sir my account is banned from 31 days and when I open my account it says that banned for only 31 but 31 days already completed but u can’t unban my account . Please see that their is a problem. I request you to unban my account . Thank you

  6. Hello. ..
    My account is permanently banned due to usage of 3rd party apps but I actually I never such these 3rd kindly apps like xmod

    My account details:

    ID: gbx
    Town hall: 9
    Clan: kirdstan
    XP Level: 113
    Description: I never use xmod or any thing about hack

  7. Hi.. my account was banned last September and i forgot my ID and EXP level.. please help me to recover my account thanks.

  8. i removed xmod before getting ban and even after that i got banned

    did anyones perma ban get revoked

    i tried ur method today hope it works

    • Dude if u used mod,bot and
      have received perma ban

      If u havent used bot mods u can appeal
      And u need to give proof as well

      In my case the residue files of xmod caused perma ban

  9. My account is banned for downloading xmod app they says my account is bandded for 14 days i opend my account after15 days it is not loading1

  10. Please sir help me to get account back when my account I open that time was showing that you have benned for 14 days please sir I need my account back please sir help me to get my account back please please I request you please

    • See dude as you hav 14 day ban
      It will be removed after 14 days
      And also there is no way u can prove that
      U didnt u the crime
      Stay chill wait for 14 days and dont do
      Things like modding ,phishing
      If u do that again result will be perma ban

  11. Atleast some got 14 day ban for xmod

    I got straight perma ban and no warnings were issued

    Also i removed all the mods before being banned

    I tried appealing but didnt work

    So the 14 day ban is a kind of warning

    To you

    Next abuse stage is perma ban

    And the supecell is not gonna listen

    To you beware

    • Please unbanned my account please give me second chance I promise I will never use 3rd party apps again my account name is joshua09467064820 th9 pls …this is my first-time to be banned

  12. Hey super cell please unband my account I am not cheating. Please help me my account name is MRS knight townhall 10. Please help me as soon as possible

  13. My th7 max Id is permitaly banned!I am not chit with super sell.but they banned my id.this is th7max fb id name is arif Islam nirob.

  14. I am sorry my account have been banned permanently I am sorry this thing will not be repeated again plz plz plz get my account back I am really very sorry

  15. Hey supercell recently my account has been permenantly banned for no reason….. I used to attack almost thrice a day but during vacations I used to play almost all time and even i got personal Breck…… Can you please make me understand why my account got banned l
    Kindly give back my account
    … Regards SUJAN.
    MY account information.
    My coc
    . My xp level-68
    . My clan name – knights@ war
    .My townhall level-8. My player tag is not available no find my profile

  16. Hello plzz can you unban my coc account and i hope you will do because i have done nothing wrong.please unban or recover my account.

  17. I am very sorry my account have been banned permanently. I am sorry this thing will not be repeated again plz plz plz get my account back I am really very sorry

  18. i cannot us any bad tybes in my account but my account is pramantly band
    do somthing
    please help me to reciver my account

  19. I am very sorry I will not do phishing. I was on town hall 9 please restore my banned account I am very sorry to all supercell group. Please please restore my account I am in 6th standard I will not reappear this . SORRY

  20. Hello plz unbanned my account I will never phishing again because that’s my lesson to be learned and really want my account back My name of my account ReubenThePig Th 8 Xp 82 and this is my email I hope you.will understand my problem.

  21. I am very happy for banning my coc account, I am addicted, but now I am free, I save my money, I can spent more time with my family and live happily, I have more time to work many more …….

  22. Th 10
    Name:M HAMZA
    Crunnt level:92
    I dont do any illegal work but my account is banned i request you to recover my account

  23. Th.9
    Name.Dark King
    Clan. No
    Please recover my banned account ome of my friend used my mobile and he cheated and i am not able to play plz help me i cant even eat properly and i also stopped talking with my friend

  24. Th5

    Please give me back my banned account please forgive me if I try to phishing another account that is not mine please give me back my account

  25. Hi
    My account is banned
    So felling bor
    4 5 month play clash of calns
    But automatic banned
    My account
    Name : suren gomjan
    Clan : nepali thito
    Xp: 64
    Th 7
    Feeling bor so
    Unabn my account please ????????????????please ????????????????

  26. Hi my account is banned so felling bor but automatic banned my account name thara /xp level 10 /th 4/ clan name sri lankan roxx / feeling bor so unabn my account please???????????????????? please????????????????????????????

  27. My account information:
    Name : Dara DLC
    Xp : 138
    Town hall lv : 11
    Clan name : I don’t write beacause my clan is Chinese
    Pls unbann my account thz you

  28. My account info
    Name:Bullet boy
    Town hall:8
    Clan name: no clan. I havent cheated i just got parmanent band.plz un bann me.

  29. My account info
    Name:Bullet boy
    Town hall:8
    Clan name: no clan. I havent cheated i just got parmanent band.plz un bann me.

  30. My acc was banned permanently in coc….it says i was banned because i was fishing an acc….im just trying to retrieve my lost acc….but now i cant even see my acc….so sad….

  31. Dear Supercell,

    My th12 account in clash of clans was banned by misunderstanding when i helped my friend to recover his lost account. Im so sorry for this interuption but please back my account as soon as possible thank you

    Waiting for your response

    Account information;

    Name: Gabz
    Townhall: 12
    Exp: 159
    Last clan: monster empire (lvl 9)
    Email saved:

  32. Dear Supercell

    My account th8 in clash of clans was banned due to account phishing attempt..I don’t know the reason why my account was banned .I don’t even cheat.steal or saying a bad comment in my account.Im so sorry for the interruption but please back my account as soon as possible.Thank you!

    Name: Roroune Kenshin
    Town Hall: 8
    Exp: 91
    Last clan: -DARKHALF
    Email saved:

  33. My account th9 in clash of clans got banned permanently cause of account phishing attempts but i did not do anything i dont know why my account got banned permanently i was so sad because my game ever is this please get back my account as soon as possible

    NAME:Jerome Matikas
    Email Saved:

  34. My account got permanently banned whenever i post my clan and player name,xp etc .it always ban my current id
    Please help

    • ID:Faith
      Description:my account was permanently banned because I’m trying to recover my friend account help me to unban my account please

  35. ID: Ahmad_a77
    townhall: 10
    level: 113
    description: my account was banned due to selling, but I actually never did such a thing and did not intend to. please help me recover my account! thank you.

  36. My account was banned permanently due to phising attemp(s) …i dont know why I am ban Plsss Durai jiiva my accounts named is xXTaRssXx level 108 th9 plsss help me durai jiiva!!

  37. hey supercell you have banned my coc account due to phising attempts.and i am so sorry for this pls unbann my id the id details NAME:thejan dulara tag:YRRUUR808 xp:64 town hall:9

  38. My account was permanently banned saying that I selled my account, but it is true.I mailed them as you have said,when they will reply

  39. Hi, my name is Aaron, I am 18 and from Brisbane Australia.
    My newly Town Hall 11 account got banned permanently for supposed phishing which I wasn’t.
    Name: APP-100
    Town Hall: 11
    ID: #8JUJCC2G
    Clan: Death on Attack
    XP Level: 126
     With my account, all I was trying to do was to access an old account from years ago but I did not remember the game centre for it which I was then permanently banned without warning. It would be greatly appreciated if you are able to give me my APP-100 account back as I have spent so many years and lots of money on it to get it to a new Town Hall 11. I am so sorry for this inconvenience but please help me get it back as I have put blood, sweat and tears into it.
    Thank you,

  40. Hello my name is arbri i have banned permanently plz open my village
    NAME ACC:arbri
    TOWN HALL:13


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