Your beetalk account can’t be recovered, unless you do not feel the mistake you have made, your beetalk account will be returned by the Beetalk party because of a mistake from Team Beetalk or their security bot error.  I had a tedious beetalk account experience. At first I was confused because the account suddenly logout itself, no longer from that I could log back into beetalk account, but access has been locked / prohibited with the information that the beetalk account has been on the ban. Confused a lot to Recover Permanently Banned BeeTalk Account.

Recover Permanently Banned BeeTalk Account

Honestly I was disappointed when I read a short message sent by Team Beetalk Indonesia automatically to the number I used to register beetalk. The contents of the short message are:

Account disabled for violation of User License Agreement. If you think this is wrong, please email to with your phone number.

The things that make me disappointed is there is no warning related to the violation that I did. Honestly, the last time I made a link (promotion) in beetalk buzz, promoting something there related to the download link that led to Playstore. 

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Reason Lead To Banning of BeeTalk Account:

1, At first I was suspicious because the Link Download I put in the comment on the beetalk post did not link / livelink (nge-link), from there I created a new link to the post instead of in the comment. 

2, The second thing that makes me very disappointed is, I just used a beetalk account and only few of my friends there. Exactly I forget how many of my friends in Beetalk. But had hundreds of contacts there. 

unban beetalk account

Quite a number in my opinion and there are also memories there. Starting from the sound recordings I made, photos / pictures, threads in forums that I created and much more others. 


If the account wants to be safe in social media, based on my own experience, you simply promote whatever it is through a private message, because several times (quite often) I do it safely. 

If your promotion is public, that is what endanger your account, because you will be considered spam, scam etc. 
Beetalk User License Agreement usually in the show when we first register beetalk account. I do not stay silent, because I feel what I’m doing is not so fatal. The first time promoting affiliate links publicly in beetalk. 

I only do one mistake and hope that my account will be returned by the beetalk by sending an email that has been suggested by the robot / bot beetalk. 

The contents of my email are: My account is on a ban for violating a license agreement I did not know before. Beetalk ID: xxxxxxxxx Registered mobile number: xxxxxxxx999 I used Beetalk and shared a fair link / link on Buzz only once. Please help to reactivate my Beetalk account, because from the start of creating a Beetalk account I never had a problem with a License Agreement or a warning about a violation. Thanks.

A few moments later, finally emails in reply and very surprising because the reply from Team Beetalk Indonesia does not match what I expect. The answer from Team Beetalk Indonesia is: 

Dear User.
Thank you for contacting us. Your BeeTalk account has been permanently disabled because the account has committed a serious violation and does not comply with the EULA / BeeTalk standard rules. 

I think the rules are so strictly exaggerated and rigid even less fair. We can survey many people who have been on the account banned feel very disappointed. The punishment without warning and also the nature of beetalk ban is permanent Not worth it! 

How To Recover Permanently Banned BeeTalk Account

1. Send a message via email to with a simple and clear sentence format. For example: Good morning Beetalk . My Beetalk account got banned suddenly need to recover, I want to turn it back on. Thanks.

2. Beetalk team will reply your message with more or less like this: Dear User, We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please send your Beetalk ID or mobile number that has been registered with your Beetalk account for our review. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

3. After you have sent your Beetalk ID or registered mobile number, you will receive an email reply like this: Dear User, Thank you for contacting us. Your Beetalk account we have disabled for violating one or more of the following terms:

  • Conducting commercial / promotional activities that violate the basic provisions of EULA BeeTalk. 
  • Perform any commercial / promotional activity that has been reported by some other Users as being annoying. 
  • Your profile / buzz contains commercial products (goods or services) / Certain company names that violate the basic provisions of EULA BeeTalk.


Please read the EULA / BeeTalk basic terms on the official beetalk site link below: .
If you want to get your account back, please refrain from committing such violations in the future. If you agree, please reply to this email by making the agreement not repeat it. Thank you for your attention & cooperation.

4. Reply with the promise not to repeat. Example message agreement not to repeat mistakes like this. Myself as beetalk application user promised not to repeat the error in the future. So this letter of agreement I make in a conscious state without any coercion from any party.

5. After a while, your message will be replied: Dear User, Your Beetalk account has been reactivated. Within 2 x 24 hours you are required to fix / remove your Profile / Buzz and BeeTalk usage activities containing the violation, and please use Beetalk positively . 
If one day you re-violate, then your account / phone number will be banned Permanently. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



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