The Pros and Cons of Using Essay Writing Services

Time works against us. This is a long-known fact that is not always taken into account by people, especially students. Sometimes it is not possible to write an academic paper in a good way, which leads to poor grades. In addition, not every student has the time, strength and motivation in order to master such a voluminous and painstaking work.

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However, now I can pay someone to write my paper cheap and you can do the same. In general, if you ever thought about ordering work at essay writing services, we will tell you the pros and cons of such a decision.

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Pros and Cons of Using Essay Writing Services


1. Getting Finished Paper in a Short Time (Almost Instantly).

The student does not need to reschedule the regime of the day in order to find free time to write a project. You just order a job and don’t worry about anything else. In the case of the acquisition of a finished project, the student does not need to pay much attention and time to the first “standard” stages of the implementation of educational paper: information search, systematization of data, implementation of the practical part, design, etc.

2. Large Selection of Topics

You can order a job that actually has any structure and assignment. You are not limited only by your ability to write on a particular topic, professionals working on such services can write essays on any topic.

3. You Can Ask to Write a Draft

This will give you the opportunity to read fragments from your essay, evaluate the quality of the text, the manner of presentation, the train of thought of the author, get acquainted with the content, etc. and if you don’t like, to ask the writer to redo it.

4. Originality

When you order a paper, writers must make it original. Before sending, they will check it on plagiarism checkers and you will get a job with 0% plagiarism. If you write the work yourself, then most likely you will not be able to write without copying from sites, and if the professor finds out about this, then you will have problems.


5. The Paper Will be Written Correctly

The project should be written spelling, stylistically and logically competently, and not everyone has the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary for this. However, professional writers will write you grammatically correct work with commas, dashes, and semi-colon where it is required.

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1. Style

Not all writers are familiar with the style your university requires. Each university for each specialty approves a format and guidelines for work in all disciplines. To get a good score, you need the work to be properly framed. To do this, study the methodological recommendations, check the design: structure, content, presentation of the material, errors, references and footnotes, list of references, etc. If flaws are identified, the paper will be sent for revision and may lose some score points until all flaws will be eliminated.

2. Lack of Warranty

If during the verification by the supervisor it turns out that the work does not meet the established requirements, further revision is necessary, then the student will have to do this on his/her own. When purchasing finished academic work, no guarantees or free adjustments are provided.

3. You Do Not Know What Your Work is About.

In order for your “trick” with the purchased academic work to be successful, you need to read it. If you do not even read the work you bought, the teacher can easily reveal you by asking a couple of questions about your paper.

4. You Lose the Opportunity to Gain Knowledge

If you write your written work yourself, then you will be able to thoroughly, in detail understand the topic under study. Perhaps the question studied in the work will be useful to you in the future (at the exam or at the future work).

5. You Can Get Scammed

There is a risk of running into a fraudster or simply not a reliable person who will spend all prepayment and break all deadlines. Also, you can avoid this by ordering a paper on a reliable site. It is simple, convenient and safe.

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6. Money

Obviously, when ordering a paper, you have to pay for it. The later you order the work and the less time you provide the writer for completing the paper. Because of the more expensive it will cost you. Therefore, here you need to decide whether you are ready to allocate a certain amount to order a paper or not.


Purchasing an academic paper at essay writing services has several advantages and disadvantages. A student can fix all the flaws in his/her own. But is he/she ready to buy a work written by someone and then modify it?. Of course, editing will take much less time than writing a project from scratch. So this option is suitable for students with a shortage of time or absence of a desire to do the research themselves. We have described all the pros and cons. It’s up to you to buy a paper or not to buy it.


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