Longest Snapchat Streak in 2023 | How To Increase it?

Do you know who made the longest snapchat streak in all over the world? Snapchat has 190 million users among those who make the longest snapchat streak? The below article will show you that the longest snapchat and solution to increase snapchat streak. Also, you can download and install snapchat for Windows & Mac OS.

Longest Snapchat Streak in 2019


Snapchat is an awesome application to communicate with your friends which are filled with fun and entertainment and this is a great application to share photos and videos with your friends also, you can take picture or video via Snapchat application. It is the best app to keep your memories alive and it will last forever. It has unique features and great response from users since it is released.

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Snapchat introduced the feature of “My Story” where you can upload photos, videos that can be accessible to your friends also you can recall the memories by viewing your photos in My story.

Snapchat Filters, Stickers

Every social media application has stickers and filters but the snapchat is very special in those cases. Stickers and feature personalized cartoons avatars can be used in a snap and messaging that makes your chat more interesting.

Snapchat has the lens feature which helps to allow users to add real-time effects that can be activated by pressing long on a face within a viewfinder.

Developer: Snap Inc.

Price: Free

Size: 52 MB

Snapchat Streak

If you’re new to this app then streak could be a new thing for you, Even you don’t have any idea about the number and the smile which is shown below your friends chat after days passed.

Snapchat streak helps to identify the bond between two friends who are used to communicate in snapchat application. It helps to indicate the streak with the help of Emoji. If you need to change the streak emoji to others, it is possible to change. Actually this concept was initially launched on 06th April 2015.

If somebody lying about the relationship in snapchat then you can easily identify the original bond and you can find how many days they are chatting and being together in snapchat.

Snapchat Strike Reward

For everything we need a reward to encourage ourselves, In those cases, the snapchat provides an award for the longest snapchat strike. If your snapchat strike gets 100 then you will receive a special emoji which will encourage us to do more snachat strike. Also if you are doing snap with your friends you have a chance to get unlock the trophies.

snapchat reward

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Longest Snap Streak in 2020

Now we gonna submit the longest snap streak in 2020 which is longest than any other snap streak. Also, this is the best feature which is not in any other application, by using the snap streak you can get to know about the bond between two friends.

Before that let’s see how to calculate the snapchat streak between two friends. It is easy to find out the snapchat streak.

How to Find out Snapchat Streak?

If you are using the snapchat and you used to chat with your friends, easily you can identify the snapchat streak. If two friends are snap each other at least in a day (24 hours) and if both of them are doing the same thing in next 5 or more days, a small type of flame icon will appear in the below chat of your friends and along with that number will appear that will represent the day counting. For example, if you and your friend are snap each other for 10 days, a flame icon will appear along with the number 10.

snapchat streak

Note: Snap includes images, videos, and other files, etc.

How To Increase Snapchat Streak?

If you are worried about the lowest streak with your friends then you can increase the streak by doing simple things.

It’s very difficult to do the same things daily to increase your snapchat streak so set the reminder to remind yourself and also remind your friends to snap back in return. By using the reminder is the best thing to increase your snachat strike and you will not forget to snap with your friends.

By snaping with your friends you will get the longest snapchat streak also hourglass icon will appear until your friends return snaping.

Note: You should share photos, videos, etc. A text message will not add in a count for snapchat streak.

Longest Snapchat Streak

Let’s see the longest snapchat streak in 2019 which is longest than any other streak and for those people, they get lots of rewards and trophies in snapchat.

  1. November 14th, 2019 Jordan and Brittany – 1640 days
  2. October 26th, 2019 Jake and Erin – 1638 days
  3.  25th, 2019 Mason and Kennadee – 1636 days
  4. November 14th, 2019 John and Meranda – 1631 days
  5. September 10th, 2019 Luke and Alex – 1621 days
  6. November 4th, 2019 Jacqui and Bex – 1611 days
  7. October 16th, 2019 Lily and Adelisa – 1608 days
  8. October 3rd, 2019 Lindsay and Trisha – 1600 days
  9. August 30th, 2019 Amy and Vanessa – 1599 days
  10. October 26th, 2019 Isabelle and Spiridon – 1599

Final Verdict

Snapchat is the best application to communicate with your friends and it’s really fun. Also, you can know about the relationship between you and your friends with the help of snapchat streak and we have submitted the longest snachat streak in all over the world. Also, we added some suggestions to increase your snapchat streak in the above article.

Just get higher snapchat streak by snaping with your friends and get rewards like special emoji and trophies.

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